Germany to Ban Driving on Weekends to Battle the Fake Problem of Global Warming

Birgit Reitz-Hofmann /
Birgit Reitz-Hofmann /

If Germany does not amend its Net Zero legislation before July, the nation’s Transport Minister is warning that he will be forced to ban all citizens from driving on the weekends. The global warming lunatics in Germany’s Parliament are trying to meet the World Economic Forum’s goals of “carbon neutrality” by 2030, and it has been a disaster for Germany’s economy. It’s quite a pickle since all the politicians in Germany believe they’re going to die from sunlight if they don’t meet those emissions targets.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing is a member of the minority Free Democratic Party in Germany. He’s lobbying to change the country’s global warming laws to allow the transport sector to emit more carbon. If that doesn’t happen before July 1st, Wissing warns that all cars will have to be forced off the roads on the weekends to accommodate the government’s junk science. (Only he doesn’t call it junk science—he’s a true believer in the weather cult.)

The Greens in Germany’s parliament are dead set against changing the emissions targets for anyone because they truly fear our solar system’s life-giving sun.

According to the Telegraph, “The Greens accused Mr Wissing of stirring up unfounded fears at a time when German enthusiasm for climate-friendly legislation is at a low ebb during the cost of living crisis.”

Enthusiasm for climate-friendly legislation is at a low ebb during the cost-of-living crisis? Gee, what do you suppose has caused the cost-of-living crisis in Germany?

First, the country de-industrialized to meet its Nut Zero targets. They’ve shut down most of the nation’s manufacturing businesses that were deemed “polluters,” costing many thousands of jobs in the process. Then, the world’s biggest eco-terrorist Joe Biden blew up the Nord Stream pipeline that was providing the continent with cheap and efficient natural gas.

Voila! A cost-of-living crisis!

Can you imagine the damage it’s going to do to Germany’s economy if they ban everyone from driving on the weekends? This is probably not a good time to invest in any hotels or restaurants in Germany.

It seems like this would also be a good time to remind the German people that global warming is completely fake. It’s not a real problem. The idea that the molecule of life—carbon—is somehow going to end life on earth is scientifically absurd on its face. Global warming is fake. It’s as fake as unicorns, the Tooth Fairy, and that weird body double that they keep trying to pass off as “Joe Biden.”

Every single doomsday prophecy that the high priests of the Nut Zero cult have made since 1979 has turned out not to be true. Another problem with the so-called Net Zero targets that the WEF wants every nation (including America) to impose on its citizens is that it is scientifically impossible to meet any of the targets with existing technology. The people pushing this garbage know that, and they know that if nations are as gullible as Germany, the laws will end up crushing the little people. That’s the real goal.

The best possible thing that could happen to Germany right now would be for the government to fail to amend its anti-carbon law. If they ban people from driving on the weekends, that might finally spur the German people to start protesting the weather weirdoes in their government. We’ve seen how effective the farmer protests have been in France, the Netherlands, and other places in Europe (because of the exact same laws). Maybe if German farmers start spraying their members of parliament with manure, they’ll finally realize that very few voters care about Nut Zero.