California Officials Sue City After Voters Approve Voter ID at the Ballot Box

Rob Crandall /
Rob Crandall /

Uh oh! The voters of Huntington Beach, CA, engaged in democracy recently! If there’s one thing that the Democrat Party that enjoys hegemonic control of California cannot stand, it’s voters getting what they actually want. A majority, 53%, of the voters in Huntington Beach agreed to amend their city charter to require voter ID in all elections, starting in 2026. That gave state Attorney General Rob Bonta the vapors, so he filed a lawsuit this week to crush the voters in Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach, which is nicknamed “Surf City USA,” has a population of about 200,000 people. It sits in Orange County, which is one of the many red counties in the state. The voters there clearly want voter ID in their elections, and they made their voices heard in the most recent city election this year.

You might think, why does it matter so much to the Democrats? This is just one little coastal city in a state with 39 million people (plus 10 million illegal aliens). Let them have voter ID and move on.

The Democrats cannot allow even one city in California to have safe and secure elections, however. By requiring voter ID, Huntington Beach would have exposed just how fraudulent the entire election system in California really is.

California has three decidedly blue population centers. Those are the counties that surround the cities of Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The other 55 counties in California are red or purple. Because Democrats control the election apparatus in those three population centers, they can and do rig every statewide election. Until a future Republican presidential administration sends in the Justice Department to arrest and prosecute the fraudsters, California will never have fair or accurate election results again.

This is not an exaggeration. When you subtract the estimated 5 to 6 million illegal aliens that California allows to cast fraudulent ballots in every election, Donald Trump won California in both 2016 and 2020. He’ll win the state again in 2024, but the Democrats insert so many fake, fraudulent, and ineligible ballots into the system that Joe Biden will “win.”

That’s why they cannot allow Huntington Beach to impose a simple election integrity measure like voter ID. As soon as one city has a clean election, the voters will see how different the results are compared to the last three decades. The mask would finally come off.

Attorney General Bonta is using all the typical excuses to try to crush the voters of Huntington Beach with this lawsuit. He claims that poor people, blacks, the young, and the elderly are all too stupid to get an ID, and therefore, they wouldn’t be able to vote. Bonta is asking the courts to block Huntington Beach from imposing voter ID, which a majority of the voters are in favor of.

“The right to freely cast your vote is the foundation of our democracy, and Huntington Beach’s voter ID policy flies in the face of this principle,” said Bonta when announcing his lawsuit to overturn the will of the voters.

Bonta’s logical flaw is that a majority of voters passed voter ID in Huntington Beach when voter ID was not required. Many of the people that Bonta deems as too stupid to get an ID voted in favor of voter ID.

The Huntington Beach city attorney says he plans to fight back against Bonta’s lawsuit.

“The people of Huntington Beach have made their voices clear on this issue,” said Michael Gates.

One thing is clear from this fight—the modern Democrat Party isn’t even vaguely interested in real democracy.