Trump Anxious To Debate Biden; Senile President Silent on the Matter

kovop /
kovop / shutterstock.comWith less than a year remaining before the next Presidential election, former President Trump is already acting as if he has won the ...Read More

AGs Call Out Biden for Plan That Would Ban Christians from Fostering Children

Pixel-Shot /
Pixel-Shot / shutterstock.comJust about anyone with a lick of sense knows that the liberal left, by way of the Biden administration, has waged war on Christianit ...Read More

Shocking: Ukrainian News Station Accidentally Publishes the Real Number of KIAs in the War

Dmytro Larin /
Dmytro Larin / shutterstock.comThe mainstream media has been gaslighting the American people about Joe Biden’s illegal proxy war against Russia, via Ukraine, for a ...Read More

School District Brings Back Segregation by Race

Clare Louise Jackson /
Clare Louise Jackson / shutterstock.comI think we can all agree that the United States of America has come a long way, as have most civilizations and cultures. And yet, th ...Read More

King Charles Invokes Medieval Law to Make Huge Profits

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.comMany would and have claimed that King Charles III is bringing England up to date, as his style of rule doesn’t follow the traditions ...Read More

Soldiers Punished for Biden’s Vax Mandate Sue for Billions

Sambulov Yevgeniy /
Sambulov Yevgeniy / shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate for the troops is likely to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. T ...Read More


AmeliAU /
AmeliAU / shutterstock.comEvery school kid learned the facts about the great dinosaur extinction. Around 66 million years ago, a giant asteroid struck the ear ...Read More

Climate Change Wiped Out Dinosaurs? We Didn’t Even Know They Drove SUVs 

Maria Raz /
Maria Raz / shutterstock.comHello, fellow Americans! What are you planning to spend all that extra money that Joe Biden saved you on Thanksgiving dinner costs t ...Read More

Watch: Liar Joe Biden Claims Thanksgiving was “Fourth Cheapest on Record”

Liudmyla Guniavaia /
Liudmyla Guniavaia / shutterstock.comCOVID-19’s pandemic might be over, but it’s led to a complete rethinking of state and federal health policies. And in New York, free ...Read More

State Allowed to Put Citizens in Indefinite Quarantine and Isolation

Blueee77 /
Blueee77 / shutterstock.comTechnoking Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship was launched for a second try on November 19th and, yet again, not quite successful. On that ...Read More

SpaceX Starship Gets Up for a Second Time and Yet Again Goes Rogue

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen / shutterstock.comFormer UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has done a great job on the campaign trail this year by reminding American voters of why they hate ...Read More

A 9-Year-Old Humiliates Nikki Haley on the Campaign Trail

Aaron of L.A. Photography /
Aaron of L.A. Photography / shutterstock.comLiberals have something to celebrate. Last week, one more terrifying threat to abortion rights was safely removed from the streets o ...Read More

Democrat Priorities on Full Display: 75-Year-Old Pro-Lifer Convicted as Violent DNC Rioters Remain Free 

EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics /
EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics / shutterstock.comWith Democratic President Joe Biden running for reelection, it’s become clear that the party of the left is a bit divided. And accor ...Read More

Gingrich’s Warning About Michelle Obama is Echoed by More and More

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.comWhile poll after poll shows that throwing support behind bumbling President Joe Biden is a losing strategy, Democrats continue to fi ...Read More

Ignore the Terrible Polls; Biden is Headed for 2024 Victory Anyway, According to Demented Dems 

BUTENKOV ALEKSEI / shutterstock.comThe flags people choose to fly can say a lot about a person. And for Speaker Mike Johnson, the flag outside his office has more than ...Read More

Liberals Freak Out Over Flag Outside Speaker Johnson’s Office

Billion Photos /
Billion Photos / shutterstock.comMortgage rates were in the two percent range while President Trump sat in the Oval Office. Since Biden took the reins, the rates hav ...Read More

Mortgage Rates are Dropping…Is This a Good Thing?

Courtesy of Nasa
Courtesy of NasaWoohoo! History has been made! Diversity, equity, and inclusion have triumphed once again! Take that, you MAGA-TARDS with your white ...Read More

Oops! Historic All-Female Space Walk Crew Drops Their Tool Bag in Space

Khosro /
Khosro / shutterstock.comThere are certain things that boys need to concern themselves with. Pads and tampons are not among those for one simple fact: they d ...Read More

Surprise! Oregon HS Boys Say No to Pads and Tampons

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