Seattle’s Mayor Finally Stands Up to CHOP, Arrests Made

CHOP has been running rampant in the city of Seattle for weeks. During that time,...

Why Is Race Inequality Rampant in Democrat Run States and Cities?

The Washington Post is asking the titular question and quite frankly, we are here for

Rashida Tlaib Gets Schooled by Detroit Police Chief, Says She’s ‘Totally Inaccurate’

Rashida Tlaib has been an outspoken member of the Democratic Party. As one of the freshmen women in “The Squad” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she ...Read More


“Pistol-Packing Businesswoman” Ousts GOP Incumbent

In recent years, the state of Colorado has been slowly drifting more to the political...

Must See: Seattle Residents Finally Speak up After Chop Terrorists Finally Removed

The Seattle police have finally been given the authorization to end the charade that is

Hilarious: ‘Sleepy Joe’ Can’t Wait to Test His ‘Cognitive Ability’ with Trump (We Can’t Wait Either!)

It’s all anyone can talk about – Joe Biden’s mental state. He mumbles. He gets confused on dates. And he talks about absolute nonsense. Biden is ve ...Read More

The Hard Truth: BLM is a Symbol of Hate

Black Lives Matter. It’s a movement, a phrase, and what’s tearing the country apart. It’s hard not to turn on the radio, TV, or go online without h ...Read More

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