Oh, Joe: Biden’s So Delirious That He’s Waging a War Over School Choice

Zipcodes often define the education that a child gets in the United States. Live in...

Trump’s Stopping All TV Ads While Revamping Messaging

The Trump administration engages in all sorts of advertising schemes and we are sure that

New Jersey Ruins Kanye’s Birthday Party

There’s nothing worse than balloons popping at a birthday party. Kanye West promised the country that if he wins, it’s a party for everyone. It’s w ...Read More


Two Women ‘Protesters’ Arrested in Attack on State Senator, Who They Are Is Alarming

It is bad enough that people are destroying the historical foundations of the United States...

Dems’ New Normal: Pro-Life Protesters in DC Arrested for Supporting All Lives Matter

Washington, DC has a pretty clear policy when it comes to writing on their public

Massive Support to Fund Police and Democrats are Stunned

Defunding of the police in Seattle is not sitting well with the millions of people that actually support the police. The minority of police haters ...Read More

Biden is Too Scared to Debate President Trump – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

When a Democrat loses an argument, they will turn to any form of violence to try and shame or discredit the opposing person. This kind of childish ...Read More

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