Trump Vows to Ban All Taxes on Service Industry Tips

J.J. Gouin /
J.J. Gouin /

President Donald Trump made a bombshell announcement during his latest high-energy rally in Las Vegas, NV. He says that one of the first things he’s going to do when he gets back in office is end all taxes on the tips paid to service industry workers. It was one of the most popular proposals he made in the entire speech. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is not even hiding the fact that he plans to slap all American workers with $5 trillion in new taxes immediately next year. If Biden is reelected, he even plans to impose the first “White Tax” in American history, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Other than the income tax itself, taxes on service industry tips are one of the most obnoxious policies that politicians have ever foisted on the American people. In many states, restaurant workers can be paid far below minimum wage if they receive tips. In 18 states, servers can be paid as little as $2.13 an hour as their base pay.

They’re required to report their tips to the IRS if they earn more than $30 in a month. They have to report all their tips to the IRS on a quarterly basis. Think of all the misery it causes you when you file your taxes once a year. Waiters and waitresses get to do that four times a year.

President Trump says that his tax cut, which he plans to implement “very quickly,” will apply to all service industry tipped jobs. We assume that includes not only restaurant workers, but also porters, bellboys, blackjack dealers in Vegas, and even drivers for services like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash.

Congress will hate the idea because they never saw an American’s tax dollars that they were not ready, willing, and able to spend on Ukraine, abortions, or some transgender nonsense. Joe Biden is unlikely to steal the idea either since he enjoys the economic rape that he has unleashed on the people for the past three-plus years.

When you realize that inflation is a hidden tax on the wealth of all Americans, we have actually sustained the biggest tax increases in American history under Biden. Skyrocketing gas, groceries, and energy bills are tax hikes that no one can escape from. Not that Biden hasn’t raised real taxes since he’s been in office as well. Many independent contractors noticed that their taxes went up in 2023, even if they made less money than the year before.

This will only get worse if Joe Biden is granted a second term. On top of the inflation, he plans to implement $5 trillion in new tax increases. Families with children and small businesses will be the hardest hit. On top of all that, Biden says he plans to let the Trump tax cuts expire next year.

Biden’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) means that white Americans will also be paying higher taxes than minorities. He plans to institute taxes on white families because they are more likely to own their own homes, stock portfolios, or retirement plans. This sounds insane, but Biden’s proposals are already in the works at the Treasury Department.

Eliminating the taxes on tips is a brilliant move by Donald Trump. It will no doubt peel off young voters in the 18 to 30 age bracket, who are more likely to have service industry jobs. Donald Trump continues to be the champion of working Americans, while Joe Biden offers American families nothing but economic destruction.