Shocker! Study Proves Puberty Blockers Cause Child IQs to Plummet

Dmitry Demidovich /
Dmitry Demidovich /

One of the leading neuropsychologists in Europe is being branded as a hateful villain after her research proved that puberty blockers can significantly lower the IQs of children being gender transitioned. Professor Sallie Baxendale from University College London was scolded by research journals for using terms like male and female when she tried to publish her research. Multiple research journals rejected her study and refused to publish it after she scientifically proved that puberty blockers can lower a child’s IQ by as much as 15 points.

To date, there has been very little research into the safety and efficacy of giving children these life-altering drugs. For even daring to do a study on the effects of puberty blockers, Professor Baxendale’s objectivity and motives were called into question. Why would someone want to study that? She was also accused of “pre-existing skepticism” of transitioning children because she used gender-specific language to describe boys and girls.

Of the 16 research studies on the subject that Professor Baxendale was able to find, 11 of them were conducted on animals. Eight of the studies were conducted on a single herd of sheep that were given puberty blockers. The remaining five studies conducted on humans were not very thorough.

Three different research journals chewed Baxendale out, called her names, and refused to publish the detailed study that she conducted. She was finally able to publish the research in the peer-reviewed journal Acta Paediatrica. She says the negative reactions to this study are like nothing she has ever experienced in 30 years of professional work.

Perhaps the swarm-and-attack viciousness of the rainbow mafia is the reason why there has been so little research into this topic. Getting sidetracked by the awful way that Baxendale was treated for doing this research, however, loses sight of the more important fact.

Puberty blockers have a huge, negative impact on children’s intelligence.

Losing 15 IQ points is not a small thing. That’s an entire standard deviation. If an intelligent child were to lose 15 IQ points, they’d still have average intelligence. But since most humans have average intelligence, losing those 15 points would turn a normal kid into a dumb one. A child with a lower IQ could be plunged into the mentally retarded category.

It’s a big deal. Losing 15 IQ points would have a dramatic effect on your problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities. You could end up like Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA)! Well. Maybe not that dumb. It would depend on your starting IQ.

The fact that Professor Baxendale is being attacked so vigorously for publishing this research says a lot. The motives of the people who are willing to give these life-altering drugs to children—and we’re including their idiot parents in that statement—are purely evil. Why wouldn’t you want to determine whether halting a child’s growth would impact the development of their brain in any way? What kind of a person would think experimenting on children in this way, with a lack of scientific data to back anything up, is a good idea?

Here’s just one example of what happened to a child in Baxendale’s study. A girl who started puberty blockers at age 11 lost 15 IQ points in verbal comprehension by the time she was 14. She lost about 10 points in working memory IQ and global IQ. She lost about 5 IQ points in perceptual reasoning and mental processing speed. But at least she didn’t start growing breasts!

This is pure evil. Every parent needs to hear about this research. Puberty blockers cause brain damage in children. Maybe that explains a lot about the whole transgender movement.