Sen. Rand Paul Warns of ‘War in the Streets’ Because of Sham Trump Verdict

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele /

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is warning that the Democrat Party’s destruction of the justice system and the rule of law in America could lead to “war in the streets.” The Biden regime and the Democrats have been so eager to prevent Americans from voting for Donald Trump this November that they just staged a Soviet-style show trial to convict him of a crime that doesn’t exist. Sen. Paul worries that the fallout from these reckless actions is going to be far bigger than Donald Trump—and he’s right.

“I worry about strife,” said Sen. Paul on Fox Business. “I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them.”

Paul also pointed out the obvious and dangerous double standard when it comes to the Department of Justice’s unwillingness to charge Democrats with crimes. Hillary Clinton had an illegal, off-the-books server hidden in her house in Chappaquiddick. She used to illegally hide all her correspondence as Obama’s Secretary of State for four years, even as she leveraged the job into big international payouts for the Clinton Foundation.

Despite deleting 30,000 emails before the FBI could examine them—which is the definition of evidence tampering—Clinton ultimately paid an $8,000 fine over the illegal server. The FBI politely came to her house at her convenience and neglected to take any notes when they interviewed her. Contrast that with how Donald Trump has been treated by the “justice” system.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton and the DNC used the Perkins Coie law firm to hide $2 million in campaign payments to Fusion GPS in 2016. That money was paid to a foreign spy to fabricate the Russia collusion hoax, which the FBI in turn used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and members of Donald Trump’s family.

The creation of the Russia dossier was a dirty election trick and a campaign event. Yet it was labeled as a “legal expense” when Clinton paid for it. Then, when it was exposed that her campaign had paid for the creation of the dossier, she lied about it for months.

If the outlines of this sound familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what Alvin Bragg just convicted Donald Trump of in his kangaroo court show trial in Manhattan. The difference, of course, is that the Federal Election Commission looked at the Trump case years ago and said there was no campaign finance violation. When the Trump Organization paid Michael Cohen off in the scheme that he had hatched to blackmail a presidential candidate with Stormy Daniels, it really was a “legal expense”, and no campaign funds were used.

On the other hand, the FEC ruled that Hillary Clinton violated campaign finance rules by using donor funds from her campaign and shielding them from the public by labeling them “legal expenses” with Perkins Coie. The Clinton campaign and the DNC ultimately paid a $113,000 fine for breaking campaign finance laws.

Hillary Clinton didn’t end up facing more than 130 years in prison for breaking that law, which is what Trump is now facing at his sentencing hearing on July 11th. The double standard is so glaring that this simply cannot continue.

Sen. Rand Paul is right. Either the justice system in this country needs to be applied equally to everyone, or it will ultimately tear the country apart. The Biden regime has been rabidly hunting down peaceful January 6 protesters and pro-lifers for more than three years now and twisting the law into novel theories to jail them. If this continues, it will eventually lead to “war in the streets,” as Sen. Paul is warning.