Will Trump’s Conviction Lead to a GOP Takeover of the Senate?

a katz / shutterstock.com
a katz / shutterstock.com

The unintended consequences of last week’s conviction of President Donald Trump in a Manhattan courtroom continue to slap the Democrat Party in the face—a slap that they richly deserve.

It’s just now starting to dawn on vulnerable House and Senate Democrats that they’re going to have to face the voters for their actions or inaction this November. For many of the moderate and at-risk Democrat Senators, it suddenly means that maybe they shouldn’t have sat on their hands for the past two years as Joe Biden abolished civil rights and the rule of law in this country.

The illegal persecution of President Trump to help Joe Biden in an election is now the dominant political storyline of 2024. Gas and groceries may be unaffordable for most Americans, but no one wants to live in a country where you only have civil liberties if you belong to the correct political party. Illegal immigration rates are horrible, but no one wants to live in a Third World Banana Republic where the legal system will persecute you for your political beliefs.

The fact that this is now the story of 2024 is bad news for endangered Democrat incumbents, like Senators Sherrod Brown in Ohio, John Tester in Montana, Bob Casey in Pennsylvania, and Jacky Rosen in Nevada. For the past three years, not one of those Senators has uttered a peep in opposition to Joe Biden turning the Justice Department and the FBI into his own personal Gestapo.

From the FBI’s attempted assassination raid at Mar-a-Lago to last week’s joke of a “guilty” verdict in a trial that never described an actual crime committed by Donald Trump, those Senators sat on their hands the whole time and pretended this was all normal. Every vulnerable Democrat in a close race is now going to be pressured to take a stance on the political persecution of Donald Trump—but it’s too late!

If they endorse the illegal tactics of the Soros-funded prosecutors like Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis, they will alienate all but the most hardcore, leftwing voters in their home states. If they suddenly oppose the Trump lawfare cases at this point, they risk a collapse of support from their own party.

It’s a nice corner they’ve painted themselves into. Republicans should press the advantage with relentless attack ads between now and November.

Sherrod Brown’s opponent was the first out of the gate to deploy this tactic. GOP challenger Bernie Moreno has called on Brown to rescind Joe Biden’s endorsement of his campaign and to condemn the fake Manhattan verdict against President Trump. He even goes so far as to call Brown a coward for sitting silently on this issue. Don’t the voters of Ohio deserve to know whether Brown supports or opposes the political witch hunt against Donald Trump?

It’s probably also a good time to start reminding the voters that every incumbent Democrat in the Senate voted for HR 1 back in 2021. That would have abolished the Electoral College, banned Voter ID in the US, and made ballot harvesting mandatory in all 50 states. The Democrats also sat silently as leftwing activists threatened Supreme Court justices in their homes. Senate leader Chuck Schumer even threatened the justices directly and they said nothing.

All these threads can easily be tied together into a single question for the voters this November. Do you want to live in the same country that grew up in, where everyone was treated fairly and equally, or do you want to live in a country where all your rights are abolished if you don’t share the worldview of Joe Biden?