Liberal Pop Star Gives Out Birth Control to Fans

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Tinseltown /

Fabled Disney star Olivia Rodrigo is no stranger to controversy or selling out her name or image simply to turn a quick buck. Announcing her pledge of kicking ticket money to the “Fund 4 Good” initiative back in February, her antics at her St Louis, MO show went above and beyond funding.

Photos from the show provided evidence of her handing out info on getting funding to visit abortion providers, as well as multiple packs of Plan B, condoms, as well as other pro-abortion materials. Calling this her “GUTS” tour, Rodrigo has been using her platform to push for women to have access to sinful birth control, as well as the cardinal sin of abortion. Donating a portion of her ticket sales to the National Network of Abortion Funds, Rodrigo has ensured abortion and sex-based merchants have ample booth opportunities at her shows.

Currently, Missouri does not allow for abortion except in dire medical circumstances. The steps taken by Rodrigo at her show seem to have toed the line, with many claiming she was certainly over it. Her decision to provide such devices to her fans signals just how little she cares about the sanctity of life, the laws states are making about abortions, or the rights of states to choose what is best for them.

As famous as working for Disney made Rodrigo, this stunt could be what keeps her in the liberal-run mainstream media spotlight for some time. More than a feel-good story or even triumphing over adversity, they love a well-executed pro-abortion PR stunt like this. Thankfully, though, she’ll be taking this filth parade over to Europe soon enough.