Biden’s Excuse Train: Now Departing for ‘Polls Are Fake’ Station

The Biden campaign’s latest excuse for their shaky position in the 2024 election? They’re pointing fingers at the polls, calling them fake. It’s a stark reversal from their earlier stance, where they quickly highlighted survey results. But now, faced with numbers that don’t favor them, they’re on the attack.

The New York Times recently released a bombshell of battleground state polls, revealing Donald Trump leading by substantial margins in key swing states. This included Nevada, a state Biden had secured in the previous election, marking a significant shift in the political landscape.

The Biden-Harris team could have been more pleased. Reacting to MSNBC’s report on these numbers, they expressed disbelief at the idea of Trump having a double-digit lead in Nevada. It’s quite the shift from their previous reliance on polls they deemed favorable.

While it’s possible that Trump isn’t leading by 13 points in Nevada, that’s not the issue at hand. Dismissing polls you don’t like as ‘biased’ while championing those you do is a flawed approach. Remember ‘unscrewing’? It’s a failed tactic from the past, ironically associated with Republicans. We can’t cherry-pick polls; that’s not how unbiased analysis works, and it could have serious consequences for the Biden campaign.

While not every poll is gospel truth, we can’t cherry-pick to fit a narrative. Polling aggregates exist for a reason, and even those suggest Trump’s lead. The Biden camp can label certain polls as outliers. Still, the overall trend is clear: Trump is ahead, potentially in for an electoral landslide.

The desperation in Biden’s camp is palpable. They’re grasping at straws, blaming everyone but themselves for their predicament. Let’s face it: Biden’s decisions have consequences, and now he’s facing them. The public mood is sour, and no amount of “muh democracy” cries or references to January 6th can change that.

At this juncture, the blame game won’t save them. Americans are disillusioned, and Biden’s policies have only exacerbated that sentiment. Whether they accept it or not, the reality is staring them in the face: Trump’s in the lead, and the Biden camp is in turmoil.