Leftists Freak Over Trump’s Plan to Execute Child Traffickers

Eakachai Leesin / shutterstock.com
Eakachai Leesin / shutterstock.com

After Donald Trump retakes the White House this November, his allies say he plans to expand the use of the federal death penalty to include a couple of new categories. One is for drug traffickers since more than 100,000 Americans a year are now being poisoned to death by the cartels selling Chinese-made fentanyl. The other category would be pedophiles and child sex traffickers. Leftists have mostly been silent about the prospect of executing drug dealers. However, they seem oddly worried about Trump’s plans to execute child molesters. Why do you suppose that is?

Leftists are worried about this because they know that Donald Trump is serious. A lot of people have forgotten, but during his last six months in the White House, Trump had 13 federal Death Row prisoners executed. That was the highest number of federal executions in a single year since 1896. There had been a moratorium on federal executions in place since 2003. Trump ended that moratorium with a bang. (Or should we say he ended it with a “zap?”)

As soon as the unelected Joe Biden was installed in the White House, the moratorium was put back in place. Now, there are 40 heinous federal Death Row prisoners sitting around in jail, and justice is being denied to the families of their victims once again.

The Huffington Post has gotten especially huffy about the fact that Trump wants to execute pedophiles. The outlet published an article last week claiming that Trump will hold an execution spree starting next year. (Just like Hitler!)

The reporter bemoans the fact that Trump has openly “fantasized” about executing pedophiles and child traffickers. What a coincidence! Nearly every parent in America fantasizes about the same thing! This is why many of Trump’s policies are referred to as “populism.”

Last year, the pro-Trump group called Project 2025 released a huge document that explains the policy goals of a second Trump term in office. One of the first things Trump plans to do, according to the document, is immediately execute the remaining 40 federal Death Row prisoners that Joe Biden is coddling. If you read about the crimes these monsters were convicted of committing, you’d be tempted to write letters to all 40 of them to let them know what’s going to happen next January.

The document also states that a Trump Department of Justice would seek to expand the death penalty to horrible crimes involving violence and child sexual abuse. Trump’s logic in expanding the use of the death penalty is sound.

He has noted in the past that countries that do not have drug problems hold a quick trial and execution. Potential drug dealers get the message. There’s been an explosion of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking going on ever since Joe Biden threw our southern border wide open.

The current federal penalty for child trafficking is 15 years to life, but when was the last time you heard of a child trafficker getting life in prison? Has that ever happened?

Pedophiles in America serve shorter sentences than peaceful January 6 protesters. If you talk to any probation officers, pedophiles are irredeemable. There’s something mentally wrong with them, and they will always reoffend at the first opportunity. It’s simply not worth letting them out of jail to roam around looking for their next victim.

In the meantime, what’s with this bizarre defense of pedophiles by the left? Child sexual abuse does lifelong emotional damage to the child. People should be more concerned with protecting children than with protecting the lives of child molesters—but that’s the Democrat Party for you in 2024.