Biden Quits on Another American Industry and Makes Us More Vulnerable to China

Bannasak Krodkeaw /
Bannasak Krodkeaw /

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, people across the globe learned just how dangerous it can be to rely on companies from other nations to handle the production of our goods. As people suddenly found themselves unable to get personal protective equipment (PPE) due to much of it being made overseas, then-President Trump pulled out all the stops to fix that.

A factory for United Safety Technology (UST) had a groundbreaking in March 2022 and is still sitting unfinished and unused. The factory was built to make rubber nitrile gloves, and the federal government gave them around $100 million to get things going. Located in Baltimore County, Maryland, the state-of-the-art factory was once owned by Bethlehem Steel and had set a target of $350 million in public and private funding. Estimated to create 2,000 new jobs, its leaders said manufacturing within the Sparrows Point area would be restored within a year.

UST officials claim they need more money from the feds. With China leading the way in glove manufacturing due to Biden’s refusal to support the PPE industry, they cannot secure funding for the building and to start production.

Another company in Virginia named Blue Star NBR had been given $123 million during the pandemic to construct a top-notch rubber factory and produce their own rubber gloves. Since that funding was given, Bidenflation has sent costs soaring. CEO Scott Maier claims they need an additional $60 million to connect the utilities and another $170 million to build the glove factory – something he says they never got funding to do.

In May of 2023, the Biden administration told him the contract was up, and he would need to win a new one or get private funds.

Joe Biden is bound and determined to ensure the American people are left with no other options but socialism. Destroying any hope of the US having an efficient PPE industry is shameful, and it is going to cost the American people dearly. We’ve already had one shining example of why no self-reliance is a horrible idea.