Americans’ Top Concern is Bad News for the Biden

Gatot Adri /
Gatot Adri /

As you undoubtedly know, the US border is in chaos. And you aren’t the only one concerned about it. In fact, a new poll proves that it is now viewed as the most important problem America is currently facing by the majority of US citizens.

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s faulty administration, the borders of the US have been inundated with massive surges of illegal immigrants, crime, and a complete lack of resources. Additionally, crime nationwide has risen, as has drug use and human and sex trafficking.

Oh, and there are more and more records every day of illegals being given the homes, paychecks, and benefits that hardworking Americans deserve.

Needless to say, the public has taken notice and we don’t like what we are seeing. And this poll proves it.

According to the Gallup poll released on Tuesday, immigration concerns have now even surpassed “government” when it comes to what Americans worry about the most. It also tops all the economic issues we are seeing right now, and to be sure, there is a lot.

Per the results, 28 percent of Americans now consider immigration the most pressing of our time. In January, it was only at about 20 percent. It’s also higher than when immigration was last a major concern, back in July of 2019.

Now, of course, there are multiple reasons why more and more Americans are becoming concerned with immigration. For starters, the sheer number of illegal crossings reported by Customs and Border Protection, as well as Biden’s own Border Patrol, are staggering and growing each month.

And thanks to Republican leaders in southern border states like Florida and Texas, busloads of these illegal crossers have begun being shipped up north to Biden’s own backyard, making their presence all the more real and troublesome for people on both sides of the immigration argument.

Of course, the number of crimes being committed by illegals has also gone up, making most citizens even more concerned about our nation’s safety.

Considering all these things, Congress has finally begun to discuss the problems with immigration and propose a bevy of new laws and regulations that, if passed, might work to stem the flood of migrants. However, to work, those laws have to be passed, and so far, neither political party can agree on what should be done.

Meanwhile, Americans’ concern only grows.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans seem the most concerned, according to the poll. Gallup says 57 percent of Republicans see immigration as the most pressing. This drops to 37 percent for independents and lower than 10 percent for Democrats.

However, that doesn’t mean a growing number of progressives don’t see the border as a threat. In fact, a record high of 55 percent of all Americans now know the border, as is, as a threat to us. This includes 90 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of independents, and 29 percent of Democrats.

Additionally, another survey conducted by Monmouth University notes that for the first time, the majority of Americans now see the border to be enough of a problem that they are in favor of a border-wide wall.

That same survey also said that 80 percent of Americans now see current immigration policies as a “serious” problem. And 61 percent see Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy as a positive possible solution.

Needless to say, none of this is good news for Biden right now. He’s already trailing in the polls nationwide and has a slew of legal issues to worry about.

And now, polls show that one of his biggest failures is what the country as a whole is most concerned about. Those same issues are some of his biggest competitor’s (Donald Trump) strengths.

No wonder even his own party is looking to trade him in.