Why Farmer’s Markets are Key to Our Economy (and Our Future)

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AYA images / shutterstock.comFarmer’s markets play a crucial role in supporting and stimulating the economy in various ways. Consider these reasons on your way to the large grocery store, and you may do a U-turn. Local Economic Growth The average American family dinner travels more than 2,500 miles from farm to plate. There’s no need to wait for […]

Leftist News Outlet Decried Pinnacle Jet As Waste of Money Despite Its Minimal Setbacks and Massive Achievements

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Mike Mareen / shutterstock.comAfter a major malfunction of an F-35 fighter jet, the liberal left wasted no time coming after the project and calling it a failure and a waste of money. At the helm of the attack was Hayes Brown of MSNBC. Armed with his International Studies degree, he believes his opinions of the project are that […]

George Soros Pays $5.5 Million to ‘TikTok Army’ to Bash Conservatives

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Luiza Kamalova / shutterstock.comGeorge Soros is paying millions of dollars to an army of Generation Z ‘TikTokers’ to bash conservatives—especially Donald Trump—while praising Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election. We have a tendency to pooh-pooh tactics like this on the right, but we shouldn’t. George Soros obviously knows it makes an impact on young voters, otherwise, he […]

DOJ Caught Hiding Biden’s Relationship With “Spy Chief of China”

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blue tiger eye / shutterstock.comOfficials are finally done looking into the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s shameful investigation and prosecution of CEFC China Energy Co. boss and infamous Biden family associate Patrick Ho. A formal inquiry into the procedure found some “irregularities,” including clear-cut attempts to cover up the relationship between this Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-connected man and the Biden […]

Border Patrol is Finally Allowed to Do Its Job

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Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.comWe all know Democratic President Joe Biden has done a piss poor job of either securing our national borders or keeping Americans safe. Thankfully, the Border Patrol is occasionally allowed to do its job and actually protect those Biden promised to. Take, for example, their recent takedown of known and convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante, an […]

Biden Thinks Climate Change Is a Bigger Risk Than Nuclear War

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DuckStudio / shutterstock.comSpeaking in Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 10th, President Biden once again brought up the Democrat’s favorite money laundering operation, climate change. In his eyes, this is the biggest threat to the country as well as the whole globe. Telling attendees. “The only existential threat humanity faces even more frightening than a — than a nuclear […]

Tony Dungy Corrects CNN on What it Looks Like When an Athlete Prays

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PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / shutterstock.com19-year-old Coco Gauff won the US Open on Saturday night. She became only the second 19-year-old to ever accomplish this after Serena Williams did it in 2001. After her victory, Gauff got down on her knees, clasped her hands together, closed her eyes, and bowed her head. ESPN was completely baffled by what she was […]

We Still Have Good People out There; Woman Pulls Man From Burning Car

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Photo Spirit . shutterstock.comYou read that right. Dennis Brown was sitting in a rental car in a Dallas, Texas neighborhood when it suddenly caught fire. Paralyzed from the waist down due to a gunshot at 22, he was trapped in the vehicle when suddenly Tammi Arrington sprang to his rescue. A resident of Mississippi, Arrington was sitting on […]

Some Things Are Scarier Than Biden: Harris Says She’s Ready to Step Up

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Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.comWith President Joe Biden facing low polling numbers, disastrous policy decisions, and a seemingly endless selection of bumbles, fumbles, and verbal missteps, it’s easy to forget who is next in line should he ultimately prove unable to complete his term. But Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t forgotten and has indicated she is “ready” to assume […]

Quick-Thinking Hero Truck Driver Rescues 15 Trafficked Children

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Drazen Zigic / shutterstock.comA truck driver who is only identified by his first name of Michael is being praised as a hero after he helped rescue 15 trafficked children in New Mexico. Michael was stopped at a rest stop on I-10 when he noticed a disturbing scene unfolding in front of him. He placed a phone call to […]

Should Be Exciting: Dementia Joe Plans to Call Stroke Victim Mitch McConnell to Chat

shutterstock.comSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has now frozen up twice in the last month while taking questions from the press. This isn’t all that unusual in the assisted living home formerly known as the “US Senate.” From Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) embarrassing the nation with his attempts to speak a coherent sentence to Sen. […]

Musk Already Taking X From a Town Forum to Being THIS

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Angga Budhiyanto / shutterstock.comLess than a year after the Elon Musk deal to buy Twitter was completed, he is going back on his word in a way that is damning to our First Amendment. Initially promising to keep the outlet as a free space, a corner of the internet where it was almost like a town square. By […]

Trump Rival Now Within Margin of Error of Trump in Key Race

shutterstock.comSo Trump didn’t participate in the debate? No matter, he’s still gaining ground nationally. However, a key state race win might be more questionable for the 45th president now. According to a Citizens Awareness Project/Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted on Thursday, Trump is still in the lead. However, it noted that when it comes to […]

Shokin’s Explosive Interview is More Bad News for Biden 

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Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.comWhile the mainstream media has been working overtime to convince the American people that there was “nothing to see” regarding the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, Shokin himself may disagree.  In a recent FoxNews interview, the disgraced prosecutor made it clear in no uncertain terms that Hunter and his father, President Joe Biden, […]

One Out of Three People Believe COVID Vaccine Causes Sudden Deaths and that Ivermectin Was an Effective Treatment 

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Mongkolchon Akesin / shutterstock.comThe Kaiser Family Foundation released the startling results of a recent poll, drawing national attention to the potential risks of COVID vaccines even as the Biden administration is readying America for the next “pandemic.”  In findings that the mainstream media quickly denounced as a “widespread belief in misinformation,” it was found that one out of […]