How Much Extra Cash Americans Need for the Basics

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AF Branco / creators.comIf it hasn’t become clear, Bidenomics isn’t working. But just how much extra is it costing you? Well, to be clear that depends on the state and region you live in, as the cost of living in some areas is higher than others. However, on average, Americans just trying to make ends meet in 2023 […]

Unnecessary Use of a Taser: Atlanta Officer Takes Down Deacon

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bibiphoto / shutterstock.comWhile George Floyd may not have died as a result of the officer’s brutality, we all saw the video cam footage – there was unnecessary brutality. Police officers have to learn that there is a need to only use necessary force. Unfortunately, one officer in Atlanta didn’t seem to get that memo. Officer Kiran Kimbrough […]

For the First Time in History, an NBC News Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden

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RozenskiP / shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s support among his own voter base has crumbled so badly that not even NBC News can continue to gaslight its own viewers. For example, for the first time in history, an NBC News poll for November now shows that Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in a head-to-head 2024 matchup. That’s never happened […]

MMA Champ Conor McGregor Calls for Civil War in Ireland over Illegal Alien Murders

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Keith J Finks / shutterstock.comA notorious murder trial in Ireland just wrapped up, and the government’s response to it has UFC champion Conor McGregor calling for a civil war in his home country. Even though the illegal alien received life in prison for viciously murdering a young schoolteacher, the Irish government doesn’t want to do the one thing that […]

Pennsylvania School District Superintendent Got Massive Severance Package

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dizain / shutterstock.comThere’s quite a bit of drama happening within the Central Bucks School District of Pennsylvania. They approved a severance package of over $700,00 to Abram Lucabaugh, the superintendent who recently resigned. It’s not uncommon for school districts to approve severance packages for their employees after many years of service. However, $700k is quite a bit […]

Nikki Haley Suicide Bombs Her Own Campaign With the First Amendment

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Juli Hansen / shutterstock.comDespite trying to run a campaign to get on the GOP ticket for the 2024 Presidential election, Nikki Haley seems to be incredibly ignorant of the Constitution. Instead of learning the skills and tools that are necessary to be an effective commander-in-chief, she seems content with pushing a surprisingly liberal agenda. Her latest target for […]

Univision Throws Unexpected Latino Support Behind Trump 

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monticello / shutterstock.comDemocrats are facing a new challenge in their quest for national domination – the loss of support among Latino voters. It’s an alarming development for Democrats, who have spared no expense in welcoming what they perceived as their next voting base across the borders.  And nothing was quite as shocking as former President Donald Trump’s […]

Biden Regime Invited China to Inspect a Sensitive Nuclear Site

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evan_huang / shutterstock.comAs if we needed any further proof that Joe Biden is bought and paid for by China, his regime has extended an invitation to Chinese and Russian scientists to visit the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Nevada National Security Site. That’s America’s top-secret facility for testing nuclear weapons. Congress, of course, was never alerted about this […]

NYPD Hunts down Man Who Shot at Homeless Suspect Who Was Attacking a Woman
shutterstock.comA 49-year-old homeless thug named Matthew Roesch attacked a woman in Times Square in New York last week and tried to steal her belongings. The 40-year-old victim resisted the attack. As that was happening, 43-year-old John Rote decided to try to be a good Samaritan. That’s never a good idea in a city run by […]

FL Sheriffs Get a Positive Result to an AMBER Alert

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Rix Pix Photography / shutterstock.comOn November 6th a Pensacola, FL family had their worst nightmare come to life when a mother left her child inside her Jeep. Taking just a minute to step back inside their house, a stranger climbed inside and drove off. Quickly activating the AMBER alert, state officials now had people across the area on the […]

Ohio Makes Dead Babies Part of Their State Constitution

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Longfin Media / shutterstock.comNovember 7th saw a handful of states hold special elections. Among them was Ohio, and they had some radical agenda items on the ballot, with abortion at the forefront. Ever since Roe v Wade was overturned, OH, CO, and a handful of other states have been rushing to ensure abortions remain legal in their states. […]

Another Lawsuit to Kick Trump Off the Ballot in 2024 Hits a Brick Wall

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mark reinstein / shutterstock.comOne of the many lawsuits attempting to kick President Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot has hit another brick wall. The Minnesota Supreme Court heard arguments in a case to deny the president access to the state’s ballot next year. The plaintiffs are making the absurd argument—as they’ve tried in Florida, Colorado, and other states—that […]

Largest Illegal Caravan of the Year Heads Our Way

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Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.comBy now, you’ve heard all about the crisis at our southern border – how hundreds of thousands of migrants have made their way illegally into our nation. But the largest caravan of illegals yet is on its way, and even their leader blames Biden. According to the New York Post, there is a massive caravan […]

Lake Agrees: Biden Will Be Replaced

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AF Branco / creators.comIf you’ve been living anywhere besides under a rock the last couple of years, you know that Joe Biden has no real chance of winning the presidential election in 2024. And that’s precisely why Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake is pretty sure they will replace him at the last moment. She said as much on […]

It’s Time to Sanction Hamas…Ted Cruz Has a Plan

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lev radin / shutterstock.comThe number of Hamas is alarming, and they’re causing a significant amount of destruction in Israel and beyond right now. Women, babies…no one is safe from their wrath. If we were to listen to the Democrats, we should let them be. So what if they want to cause mass destruction? They are pro-Palestine and, therefore, […]