Good News: WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty Rejected

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The World Health Organization’s (WHO) plan to establish a global government to rule over every aspect of people’s lives has gone down in flames. The WHO has been trying to negotiate a global “pandemic treaty” ever since the COVID debacle. The treaty would have (conveniently) given an unelected and unaccountable body of bureaucrats in the WHO total control over every nation’s laws and national responses whenever another pandemic comes along.

Talks for the treaty finally fell apart during behind-closed-doors meetings in Switzerland a few days ago. Too many countries recognized the fact that they would be completely surrendering their national sovereignty to a bunch of globalist foreigners if the treaty came to fruition.

While we haven’t seen a full draft of the treaty proposal yet, we do know some of the things that were in it thanks to leaks published in the British press. One of the requirements would be for countries like the United States to “donate” 20% of our nation’s personal protective equipment (PPE) to the WHO whenever there is a pandemic. The WHO would then divvy up the stolen PPE to poor countries of its choosing.

The treaty would also have prohibited signatory nations from enacting any laws that contradict what the WHO says to do in a pandemic. If the WHO decides that everyone on earth needs to take an experimental mRNA gene serum that’s known to cause cancer and sudden death, then everyone has to take it. Congress could not pass any law that contradicts that.

The same would go for mask mandates, vaccine passports, or any other dumb and tyrannical idea that the WHO could dream up. Fortunately, it’s not going to happen now.

Although Joe Biden would probably have signed the treaty, it is now officially dead in the water. Too many countries recognized the threat that the WHO posed to their sovereignty, and they backed out. That’s great news for the world!