The CIA and the UK Are the Ones That Benefited from Assassinating Alexei Navalny

BreizhAtao /
BreizhAtao /

We often criticize the political left for taking advantage of tragic deaths. Anytime a mass shooting happens, they’re immediately calling for the Second Amendment to be overturned before the bodies are cold. Some Republicans in Congress are often just as bad, however. As soon as the news broke that Russian “opposition leader” Alexei Navalny had died in prison over the weekend, GOP Senators were calling to send a gajillion taxpayer dollars to the very best, handsomest, most amazing-est leader in the whole wide world—Volodymyr “Midget Hitler” Zelensky.

How about if we pause for a second and take a breath before looting the treasury to the benefit of the Ukrainians once again?

Whenever the Deep State tries to sway public opinion through events like this, you always have to pause and ask that age-old question: Cui bono? Who benefits?

Just a few days ago, Vladimir Putin was riding high on a global surge of public popularity. His interview with Tucker Carlson has been viewed by 205 million people worldwide—and that’s just on Twitter/X. By showing the world the other side of the Ukraine conflict, and the fact that Vladimir Putin is not actually “Literally the Next Hitler,” the interview was a game-changer in terms of geopolitics.

The mainstream media, which is run entirely by the CIA, wants you to believe that Putin’s very next thought after that huge public relations victory was, “I should murder some guy now!”

Even if that were true, we’d appreciate it if American politicians wouldn’t try to play the moral superiority card against Russia right now. More than a thousand of our fellow citizens were imprisoned for questioning Joe Biden’s fake “election” and the regime is now trying to put Donald Trump in prison for 700 years. The political persecution of Donald Trump by the American Deep State is now entering its ninth straight year. How’s Julian Assange doing these days, by the way?

Who was this Alexei Navalny guy, anyway? The media would appreciate it if you stop reading right now and just take their word that Navalny was a “freedom fighter” and a “political opposition leader” in Russia. That’s not true.

Navalny was originally arrested because he was caught planning a color revolution in Russia with Britain’s MI6. Navalny committed treason against his own government. He was caught on video while talking with a British spy named James William Thomas Ford. Navalny was negotiating with Western intelligence for tens of millions of dollars from unnamed billionaires, one of whom has a name that probably rhymes with “Bloros.”

Navalny asks for the cash so that he can foment “mass protests, civil initiatives, propaganda, establishing contacts with elites”—all to overthrow the democratically-elected Russian government and Vladimir Putin. The Russian government threw Navalny in jail for plotting treason, murder, and sedition. You don’t get to call yourself a “political opposition leader” when you are working to stage a coup against a legitimately elected government.

If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Navalny went to jail because he was a spy working against his government on behalf of the CIA and the UK. They’re the ones who benefit from Alexei Navalny’s death all of a sudden. He’d outlived his usefulness.

Doctors, by the way, have released Navalny’s autopsy. They say that he died from a blood clot after being double-vaxed and double-boosted with the Pfizer shot. Okay, if the new story that the bloodthirsty neocons are trying to tell us is that Putin murdered Navalny with the COVID-19 shot, we’d be willing to listen.