Report: Voters in Joe Biden’s Hometown Overwhelmingly Support Donald Trump

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

Joe Biden appears to be poised to lose the 2024 election in his hometown of Scranton, PA this year. The Daily Mail sent a crew of reporters to Scranton to measure support for the 2024 election. What they found in the town was almost universal support for Donald Trump. Even though Biden is a criminal politician who got rich by running an international bribery scheme, he often likes to claim that he’s “Joe from Scranton” as if he has working-class roots.

The team of reporters spoke with 25 different Scrantonites from different parts of the former coal mining town. Only one person would sheepishly admit that they plan to vote for Joe Biden. Another one said he plans to vote for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. That was the only support they could find for Biden.

The Biden campaign even pandered to Scranton last month, dragging their geriatric candidate to his “hometown” that he hasn’t lived in for 71 years. Like all Biden campaign events, it was highly publicized and sparsely attended.

The residents were not shy about their reasons for planning to vote against Biden. A man who lives two doors down from Joe Biden’s childhood home said his life was better with Donald Trump in the White House. Gas and groceries have skyrocketed because of Biden’s policies, and on top of that, he’s making less money than he did when Trump was in office. It’s a sentiment shared by hundreds of millions of Americans.

“No on Joe. He has to go,” said a nurse in Downtown Scranton who spoke to the Daily Mail.

One person cited mass immigration as his reason for opposing Biden, but for everyone else, it was the economy.

“You can compare the two realistically now,” said a Scrantonite named Sean. “Everything was better, groceries, gas, everything was better under Trump.”

The results are very similar to what the New York Post found in Scranton last year. The City Council renamed a street as “Biden Street,” so the Post asked residents there what they thought about it. What they found was near-universal loathing for the man who supposedly got 81 million votes in 2020.

Several people referred to renaming the former Spruce Street as Biden Street as a “waste of money” and a stupid idea. One small business owner remarked that the city will probably have to change the name back if Joe Biden gets indicted.

“You want to name something after someone?” he asked. “Wait till they’re dead.”

The Post also found that many local residents and businesses were still using “Spruce Street” as their address, as a form of protest to the renaming. One business owner said that he’s lost customers because of the name change. People refuse to shop on a street named after such a hated public figure.

Biden’s age, his obvious severe mental incompetence, and the crippling of the American economy were all cited as reasons why the people of Scranton hate Biden. He enjoyed a 60% approval rating in the town back in 2020, but today that has dwindled to just 47%. That’s if you believe the polls. Based on what news outlets are finding in Scranton, the true level of support for Joe Biden could actually be much lower.

These reports continue the string of bad news for the Biden regime, which feels its grip on power over Americans weakening every day. It’s increasingly looking like Donald Trump will be able to win the 2024 election beyond the margin of Democrats cheating.