North Carolina House Now Welcoming Debates About Medical Marijuana

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Brian Goodman / shutterstock.comOver 12 weeks have passed since the North Carolina Senate passed the bill paving the way for medical marijuana in the state. Now the House is ready to hear arguments about the “Compassionate Care Act” as it was the first bill filed in the NC Senate this session. They are taking this bill seriously too. […]

Report Proves Government Secret Hidden for 65 Years

There have been rumors pretty much since the existence of government that our leaders are keeping things from us – things we have the right to know about. But now, thanks to a new report, it looks as though the US federal government has indeed been hiding things. And one that could change everything. No, […]

Want To Lose F-35 Parts? Hire a DoD Contractor

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Michael Fitzsimmons / shutterstock.comAnyone who’s served has watched Department of Defense (DoD) contractors screw up everything under the sun and still maintain their contracts. They even typically get paid their bonuses without question or delay despite frequent problems. Now a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) illustrates how bad things can get. Just a single DoD […]

How to Be More of a Gourmet Chef (Hint: It’s About the Knives)

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Stock-Asso / shutterstock.comBeing a gourmet chef can ensure you have amazing meals to serve on a daily basis and on special occasions. Plenty of celebrity chefs will offer guidance on TV. And you can find yourself any good cookbook to follow. So, how do you take your cooking to the next level? It really comes down to […]

How to Stay Cool This Summer

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DimaBerlin / shutterstock.comStaying cool in the summer is an important part of staying healthy and avoiding heat-related illnesses. The hot weather can be dangerous, and it’s important to take steps to keep your body temperature down. This means wearing appropriate clothing, drinking plenty of water, and seeking shade when possible. It’s also important to recognize the signs […]

Be Inspired with a Class on Christianity

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Deemerwha studio / shutterstock.comChristianity is one of the world’s major religions and has had an immense impact on the development of civilization. It has shaped culture, laws, and values throughout history and continues to do so today. With its emphasis on love, forgiveness, and justice, Christianity has provided a moral compass for many people around the world. If […]

BLM Inspired Play in London Tells Ticket Buyers, Everyone Welcome but No Whites Allowed

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William Barton / shutterstock.comFor centuries now, the theater has been a form of artistic expression of ideas. From toxic relationships to war to civil rights, nothing has been off-topic or out of bounds to bring up in the context of a theatrical production. While the topic of segregation and racial justice has been on stage, it wasn’t until […]

Tips on Building (and Protecting) Your Retirement Savings

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comThe economy is in the toilet, which means you need to do everything you can to protect your retirement savings. After all, you want to be able to retire when you want to, right? Start saving early. The earlier you start saving for retirement, the more time your money has to grow. Even if you can […]

The Importance of Dog Harnesses to Stay within the Law

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eva_blanco / shutterstock.comDogs are an important part of the family, and keeping them safe should be a top priority for any pet owner. Harnessing your dog in the car is one of the best ways to ensure its safety when you are on the road. This article will discuss the benefits of using a dog harness while […]

Women’s College Swim Champ Dares Congress to Define the Word ‘Woman’

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Stefan Malloch / shutterstock.comCongress has decided to tackle one of the biggest mysteries of the modern age, by defining what a “woman” is. As we were all assured by Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson Brown (or is it Brown Jackson), it’s impossible to define what a woman is, unless you are a biologist. Congress feels it’s important enough […]