Pelosi Joins Coalition Against Biden

Asatur Yesayants /
Asatur Yesayants /

Since October 7, 2023, the day Gaza-based Hamas bombed Israel, factions of the Democratic Party have been increasingly at odds. And now, those divisions have just intensified.

As I’m sure you’re not surprised, much of this division has been caused by Biden’s so far steady support of longtime US ally, Israel, over Hamas, a known terrorist group. Of course, Biden has only half done that, all while not condemning the actions of Hamas.

So, really, neither side is happy with him.

However, the more left-leaning and Hamas-supporting side has grown increasingly unhappy with Biden since a recent Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip that is said to have killed seven aid workers.

In a letter to Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, 40 of the Democratic Party’s most left-leaning individuals came together to demand that the Biden administration delay a recently approved arms delivery to Israel and “any future offensive arms transfers until a full investigation into the airstrike is complete.”

Then, of course, should certain parties be found at fault or to have violated US or international law, the coalition demands that those individuals be “held accountable.”

Naturally, the arms transfers should be withheld until this happens. They should also be withheld should Israel “fail to sufficiently mitigate harm to innocent civilians in Gaza, including aid workers.”

Now, some of the signatures on the letter shouldn’t be surprising. You know, progressives and freedom haters like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Jamaal Bowman of the “squad.” Others include those such as Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky, Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern, and Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan, who led the initiative.

But it should also be noted that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was among the signers.

If you know much about Pelosi, you understand that her representation of moderate Democrats has largely facilitated her hold on power. But now, she’s siding with the most liberal of her party members.

Could this mean the party is shifting even more to the left? At present, it’s too early to tell. But it would explain why the Democrats are hemorrhaging voters like crazy.