Out of Ideas for Defeating Trump, the Biden Campaign Turns to the Lincoln Project Groomers

Koshiro K / shutterstock.com
Koshiro K / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden’s campaign is in serious trouble, even if the candidate himself is wandering around in a daze and doesn’t know it. Biden doesn’t have a single accomplishment he can point to in his pitch to the voter. He can’t point to a single policy he’s enacted that has made the lives of Americans better. So, what’s a failing presidential campaign to do in that situation? It’s time to call in the big guns! The Biden campaign is now officially receiving consulting services from the Lincoln Project. Yes, that Lincoln Project. Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves!

For those who don’t remember the Lincoln Project, they were projected to be the big Trump-killing organization in 2020. Their ruthless tactics of running attack ads were sure to turn Republican voters against the Donald. We’ll come back to that in just a second.

The Lincoln Project was founded by a group of repulsively moderate RINOs named Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, and Reed Galen. The project was the brainchild of a guy named John Weaver, who was one of the late John McCain’s most trusted advisors and who worked on that barnburner of a John Kasich presidential campaign in 2016. The guy hated Donald Trump passionately, as you can imagine.

A huge scandal at the Lincoln Project broke out in 2020, however. It turned out that John Weaver had been selecting young men—some teenagers—to come and work at the Lincoln Project as interns. He was offering them a chance to get involved in politics. He was also sexually harassing the young men and making lurid requests of them in text messages. By the time that the dust settled, 21 young men had accused Weaver of sexual harassment and the Lincoln Project’s board had removed him from the organization he founded.

The Lincoln Project has been ridiculed as a “grooming” organization by conservatives ever since then. An analysis of the PAC’s efforts in 2020 showed that it failed to convince a single conservative voter to turn against Trump. A Democrat super PAC called Priorities USA paid for that analysis. They found that the more likes and re-posts a Lincoln Project ad received in the 2020 campaign season, the less likely it was to convince Republicans in battleground states to vote for Joe Biden.

So, the groomers at the Lincoln Project who utterly failed to help Joe Biden gain any new voters in 2020 are now advising the Biden 2024 campaign on how it can beat Trump. (Please, oh please, let them start bragging about the Biden economy!)

You might also remember the Lincoln Project from the 2021 gubernatorial race in Virginia. They paid a bunch of volunteers to dress up as “white supremacists” with tiki torches and hang out by Glenn Youngkin’s bus as if they were his supporters. One of the white supremacists was even a black guy! Remember this:

They should put out a greatest hits album.

It’s amazing how out of touch the Biden campaign is with the American people right now. A huge percentage of Americans believe that Joe Biden has some seriously dark secrets when it comes to small children. The only time that Biden ever becomes animated these days is when some poor toddler is unlucky enough to wander within 500 yards of him.

So, they decide to hire the “groomers” at the Lincoln Project to advise the Biden campaign. Yikes!

One Twitter/X user had the perfect suggestion for the campaign vehicle they should use: