NY AG Rushing to Crucify Colorado Baker for His Latest Refusal of a LGBTQ Order

Ruth Black / shutterstock.com
Ruth Black / shutterstock.com

Liberal New York Attorney General Letitia James is once again speaking out of turn, and about issues that do not pertain to New York state. In a tweet on X/Twitter, James tried presenting her slanted view of the “facts” of a case.

“Masterpiece Cakeshop, a Colorado bakery, refused to make a customer a cake when they found out it was to celebrate her transition. This bakery has discriminated against LGBTQ+ people before, and I’m urging the Colorado Supreme Court to stop this transphobic discrimination. It’s not complicated: denying services to someone simply because of who they are is discrimination, and it’s illegal. I will always fight to protect the rights of our LGBTQ+ community and any community that faces discrimination or hate or any kind [sic].”

Jack Phillips, owner, and proprietor of Masterpiece Cakeshop has a long-standing history of refusing to bake cakes due to his religious views. Divorce, obscene language or artwork, ones infused with alcohol, and same-sex weddings have all been the types of cakes he would not make. Made famous when he refused a same-sex cake years ago, the US Supreme Court has already backed his decision with a 7-2 vote in 2018.

This latest attack on Phillips doesn’t seem to leave him surprised, and he has no shortage of allies in his corner. People who support his decision to exercise his rights and keep righteous with God while serving the people of Denver. Many emphasized that this is exactly what the meaning of free speech is. Punishing people for refusing to say what you want them to is wrong. Even if the woke mob says, you need to accept and follow along with their every whim.

James trying to speak up here is a gross overstepping of her bounds. With the Supreme Court already ruling in his favor on a similar case, they aren’t likely to suddenly change course for someone transitioning. This persecution by going after services from someone they know won’t provide them is disgusting. As this is a sexually based and charged case, one could argue that these attacks are a form of sexual assault. After all, they are assaulting Phillips with threats and rhetoric for his refusal to play along with their transition.