Michigan Wants Residents to Pick Illegals Up at the Airport, Find Them Housing and More

Zolak / shutterstock.com
Zolak / shutterstock.com

As usual, the Biden administration isn’t taking responsibility for the messes it has created. And while that doesn’t mean it’s now your responsibility to take care of it, that’s precisely what some Democratic leaders are asking of you.

Case and point comes to us from Michigan, where they recently asked residents to volunteer to “sponsor” refugees and illegal immigrants.

Now, the use of the word sponsor here doesn’t mean what it does in Massachusetts, where Democratic Governor Kim Reynolds also wants her residents to sponsor illegals. In the latter state, sponsor equates to host, as is literally having an illegal family come live with you for a while.

In Michigan, however, the meaning is different.

“Sponsors are expected to provide support to newly arrived refugees for 90 days through acts such as greeting refugee newcomers at the airport, securing and preparing initial housing, enrolling children in school, and helping adults find employment.”

So, as you can tell, Michigan isn’t asking anyone to house illegals themselves, but they do want you to help find them housing, oh, and schools, and jobs, and be their friend…

In short, they want you to be their social workers and help clean up a mess they no doubt had a hand in making. After all, Biden wouldn’t have been able to get away with all these open border policies this long if he didn’t have liberal people and states backing him up.

Only now that those policies have made a complete mess of things, its anyone’s responsibility but Biden’s, right?

Let’s just say that I don’t imagine people lining up to “sponsor” illegals anytime soon.

In states all over the US, people have seen elderly American vets kicked out of nursing homes, children ousted from schools and community centers, and numerous benefits taken from the needy – and all so those who really shouldn’t be here anyway can have what we’ve worked so hard for.