Joe Biden Stations Green Berets in Taiwan to Provoke China into World War III

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In one of the most naked acts of aggression against any foreign country yet, Joe Biden has permanently stationed US Army Green Berets in Taiwan. This is the first time in history that American troops have been stationed permanently on the hotly contested island. It’s a needlessly aggressive act, no doubt designed to lure China into invading Taiwan, thus kicking off a second front in a World War III conflict that the United States has no hope of winning against China, Russia, Iran, and additional countries that will no doubt join the alliance against Biden.

Ever since the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY 2023 went into effect, the unelected Biden regime has been stationing American “military advisors” in Taiwan. Just in case the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) missed the point, the Biden regime has made sure to publish the fact that these American sitting ducks are stationed in the cities of Kinmen and Penghu. The US forces are conducting joint training exercises with Taiwanese special forces units.

The American troops that Joe Biden has placed deliberately in harm’s way are training the Taiwanese on the use of the Black Hornet Nano drone, a high-tech surveillance drone that costs $195,000 to make. The Taiwanese Aviation and Special Forces Command has struck a deal to buy these drones from the US. So, once again, military contractors and American politicians are getting filthy, stinking rich while Joe Biden provokes another war that he expects your sons and daughters to go fight.

The 2023 NDAA specifically called for teams of Green Berets from the 1st Special Forces Group, 2nd Battalion, Alpha Company to be permanently stationed at Taiwan’s 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion and Airborne Special Service Company bases. We cannot stress enough what a departure this is from all past interactions between the US and Taiwanese forces. Whenever civilian or military forces have gone to Taiwan in the past, it has been done for extremely short stints and in secrecy. Whenever the Taiwanese have participated in joint training exercises with the US, it’s been somewhere other than Taiwan.

Permanently stationing troops in Taiwan is a “red line” for China. Not that Joe Biden has any problem crossing those when his handlers tell him to. Having Ukraine join NATO was a “red line” for Russia, so Biden sent Kamala Harris to Europe to announce that they wanted Ukraine to join NATO. How did that work out?

It appears that Joe Biden’s Deep State handlers are trying to directly provoke a war with China at this point. They know they cannot defeat the groundswell of support for President Donald Trump in the November election, so this is their version of hitting the panic button. Start World War III with China and Russia, and then cancel the elections because we’re in the middle of a war. To “save democracy,” naturally.

Much like the NATO agreement, America’s joint defense pact with Taiwan is a post-World War II agreement that has long since outlived its usefulness or original purpose. Taiwan and mainland China are the same people. They share a common language and a common history. One of the two main political parties in Taiwan wants to reunify with the mainland peacefully. It’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Deliberately provoking a war with China, right as America has depleted its offensive materiel in Ukraine to dangerously low levels, is a recipe for losing a major war. Once Joe Biden gets American troops deliberately killed in Taiwan through this provocative act, he will tell us that it is a necessity to go to war with China. Let’s hope that China’s leaders don’t take the bait.