Hunter Biden Is Embracing His Inner Donald Trump With Arguments for Case Dismissal 

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As the walls close in on Hunter Biden, Americans hearing his defense strategies might think they have seen the movie already. The Biden legal team has filed nine motions for dismissal across two states, and the arguments might sound familiar to those following the cases of former President Donald Trump. 

To start with, Hunter claims that the Department of Justice is targeting him politically and without evidence. It’s called selective prosecution, and It’s an argument Trump tried to use multiple times and without success, despite clear indications that the DOJ has been historically weaponized against him at every stage of his presidency from his campaign throughout his term. In Trump’s case, not only were the indictments political in nature but also the judges and the prosecutors were rabidly anti-Trump, proving the true motivations behind the indictments. 

In addition, the whistleblower leak of Hunter’s team, the “whistleblower leak” proves the DOJ’s hostility and bias. It’s a similar argument to Trump’s attack on the individual who stepped forward to accuse him of an improper phone call with Ukraine, only for Hunter, the attack is against two heroic IRS agents who came forward with concerns regarding the coverup of massive tax fraud. 

Hunter is also challenging the appointment of the special counsel, claiming that special counsel David Weiss is an invalid appointee and that Congress had not appropriated funds for the investigation. Team Hunter notes that DOJ regulations instruct the attorney general to appoint a special counsel outside the government, but Weiss worked as a U.S. attorney for Delaware. In addition, they argue Weiss violated multiple agreements and rules while pursuing Hunter’s case. Trump’s defense team leveled these accusations at Jack Smith, whom they claim was working outside the constitutional requirements for the special counsel. 

The Biden legal defense team criticized the indictments, stating in a motion to dismiss that they were “loaded with allegations regarding Mr. Biden’s ‘extravagant lifestyle’ and characterizations of his personal choices and spending habits (during his deep addiction) in a way meant to depict Mr. Biden as irresponsible, frivolous, and otherwise of questionable character and integrity.” Trump could teach a class to Hunter about having “questionable character and integrity,” as each of his indictments categorize him, or his behavior, in just this manner. 

Similar to Trump, Hunter Biden has mocked the court proceedings. But Hunter added his unique spin by refusing to comply with subpoenas and appearing in hearings to which he wasn’t invited. He received a subpoena from House Republicans to provide testimony behind closed doors. Instead of complying, he insisted on a public hearing and refused to adhere to the subpoena. On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the day he was scheduled to appear for his testimony, he arrived at the Capitol and held a press conference instead, alleging that the Republicans’ inquiry was unfounded and politically driven. 

Hunter caused a stir again just a few weeks later, making an unexpected appearance at the Capitol on Friday, January 12, 2024. He arrived during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, which was deliberating articles of impeachment against his father, President Joe Biden. Although he wasn’t slated to testify, he said he intended to “defend his father and challenge his accusers.” 

Citing exhaustion from what he called a “witch hunt” and a “smear campaign” against his family, Hunter aimed to expose what he labeled as “lies and corruption” orchestrated by Republicans. He also sought to contest the evidence and witnesses before the House Judiciary Committee.  

Hunter’s sudden presence created chaos and confusion in the hearing room. Some Republicans insisted he be sworn in and questioned, while Democrats commended his “bravery and loyalty.” Hunter remained for about an hour, exchanging heated words with lawmakers. 

But Hunter Biden isn’t the only one with courtroom hypocrisy. It was shocking to see Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ aggressive, scornful, and disrespectful testimony at her hearing on February 15. After all, she condemned Trump multiple times for that exact behavior. While former President Donald Trump was widely criticized for such testimony in court, the heroic Willis’ behavior proved she is a talented lawyer. 

While Hunter and Trump try to use the same arguments for dismissal, it’s apparent that Hunter enjoys something that Trump never will – the complete protection of the U.S. government and the media.