Ex-CNN Reporter is ‘Haunted’ Over Dinner She Had with ‘Closeted’ Trump Supporters

Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.com
Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.com

A former CNN reporter had to run for her fainting couch recently when she discovered—much to her existential dread—that some of her successful, college-educated friends are secretTrump supporters. Imagine the horror! While it’s unclear why Michelle Kosinski chose to make a lengthy Twitter/X thread about this recent dinner party, it is funny to read. It also gives us some nice insights into the minds of liberals who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Kosinski sets up her tale of dread by describing the group gathered for a dinner party:

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a few couples, friends of friends, all American.  All were well-educated and successful in careers. They seemed great!  On the surface.  For like an hour.But slowly, over a few drinks, they began to let slip their true MAGA natures….

Wow! That sounds just like the plot of that dumb Jordan Peele horror movie, where you find out that everyone is a SECRET RACIST as the story drags on.

She soon discovered to her horror that some of these Ivy League-educated couples did not want their children attending an Ivy League school. Apparently, Kosinski has not turned on a television recently to see how these schools have exploded with pro-Palestinian protests. She just couldn’t fathom parents not wanting their kids to attend these communist indoctrination centers that are wearing the names of formerly prestigious institutions like skinsuits.

Kosinski was then horrified when one of the husbands made finger quotes in the air while describing “climate change.”

Gasp! Eek!

Again, these are otherwise smart people,” she lamented. Not scientists, clearly.  But educated.

Because as liberals know, only scientists and journalists canspeak intelligently about the fake non-problem of global warming.

And the dude took seething umbrage when my friend mentioned the damage Trump had done and vowed to continue to do.

All the damage that Trump has done to the environment? Maybe she should Google what Joe Biden did to the Klamath River in California last year. How many species of fish went extinct there because of Biden’s efforts to save the weather? Plus, has she paid her own power bill recently?

Not to worry. Kosinski then shut the other guests up when they realized that she had FACTS on her side about how great Joe Biden’s economy is. Take that, Trumpers!

As it went on, my friends and I realized we were surrounded by otherwise carefully closeted MAGAts,” wrote Kosinski.

For those who don’t know, “MAGAts” is pronounced “maggots,” which is how the party of tolerance and civility views all Trump supporters.

It’s funny how the extremist or just wrong beliefs can’t help but leak out, even when you least expect them, and from people you least expect. They are out there,” warned Kosinski.

Even though she somehow managed to survive an evening in the presence of people who disagreed with her politically, Kosinski still bears the scars of the encounter. They’re on the inside. You can’t see the scars but take her word for it—they are there.

This dinner continues to haunt me,” concludes Kosinski. “They all seemed so… normal.

Yeah. That’s how they get you every time!

For those having trouble remembering who Michelle Kosinski is, she is perhaps most famous for her fake news reporting when she was at NBC News years ago. One of her most famous incidents was reporting on flooding in New Jersey.

As you take this little trip down memory lane with Michelle Kosinski, don’t forget that she is an expert on global warming—unlike you!