Colorado Town Tells Denver They Are on Their Own With the Illegals

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Located between Denver and Colorado Springs, the small mountain town of Monument is a rural municipality. Seeing the “big city” problems Denver is suffering at the hands of their self-imposed Sanctuary City designation, the town has decided it still wants no part of that problem. A unanimous vote by their city council affirmed their status as a non-sanctuary city as they were concerned Denver might try to drop their overload of illegals on smaller municipalities.

On Fox and Friends’ February 21st broadcast, Mayor Mitch LaKind said, “The goal is to make sure that Denver knows that we will not be accepting any busloads of migrants into our community. The main reason is that we don’t have a budget that matches theirs, and we won’t utilize taxpayer funds for the support of what they’ve decided to take on themselves as a self-declared sanctuary city.”

Just the day before, Denver’s Democratic Mayor Mike Johnston told NBC’s Meet the Press Now that the city had taken in 40k illegals since 2023, and now they just can’t take more. Warning that they may need to turn away busloads of illegals, he cautioned that the city has a finite level of housing and jobs, and they had reached the maximum capacity.

LaKind also added that if illegals came there anyway, “The town administration and police force will work with federal agencies to have them picked up and brought to wherever they would need to be held.” As the topic of the President’s treatment of the situation came up, he was quick to point out that the President could reverse his course on immigration, but has refused to.