Canadian Man Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Not Being Euthanized by His Government

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A disabled Canadian man is celebrating the first anniversary of not being killed by his own government after American Christians intervened to save his life. Amir Farsoud was nearly forced into homelessness a year ago after mass immigration destroyed the Canadian housing market and made it impossible for disabled and elderly people on fixed incomes to afford their rent. Farsoud was terrified at the thought of being homeless while also severely disabled, so when his doctors pressured him to opt for assisted suicide, he agreed. A year after he was supposed to have been murdered by the government, he’s glad he changed his mind.

Canada’s attempt to kill Farsoud for what seems like trivial reasons is far from an isolated incident. Ever since the so-called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program was first implemented, it has been abused to murder people from all walks of life who can otherwise live normal, healthy lives.

Farsoud has been disabled with a broken back for the past eight years. He can’t work, so he lives off of Ontario’s disability support system. It pays just $1,300 a month in assistance to disabled people. Unfortunately, ever since Canada’s leaders decided to open the country up to mass immigration from the Third World, the country has been thrown into a housing crisis just like the one that Americans are suffering through.

The average rent for a one-bedroom studio apartment in Ontario is now more than $2,500 a month. Farsoud’s $1,300 a month from public assistance is nowhere enough to pay to rent any existing apartment, let alone pay for utilities and food on top of that.

When Farsoud learned in 2022 that the rooming house where he was living was being placed back on the market (for the landlord to attract a higher-paying tenant), he spent four fruitless months trying to find a place that he could afford to live. A place like that simply no longer exists in Canada.

It became clear to Farsoud that he was going to be living on the street in a city where temperatures stay below freezing for 24 hours a day, for six or seven months out of the year. Considering the severity of his disability, he knew that meant freezing or starving to death. He agreed to let the government kill him since he figured he was going to die painfully anyway. The doctor who talked him into the MAID program listed “unbearable suffering” as the reason for authorizing Farsoud’s killing.

That started a 90-day countdown. Farsoud said it felt like he was a criminal waiting for his execution day.

His story gained some media attention last year from the BBC, and then the pro-life Christian news organization LifeSite News ran a story about him here in the US. That’s when a volunteer-created a GoFundMe page for him. American Christians quickly donated $60,000 and Farsoud was able to back out of the program.

A year later, he’s truly thankful that the government didn’t get to murder him.

The MAID program was sold to Canadian voters as a compassionate idea to help the terminally ill. Since its inception, however, it has been used as a culling mechanism to simply execute people for trivial reasons.

The program has killed dozens of adults with autism, simply because they felt lonely. People are routinely killed for things like depression or anxiety. MAID has been so overused by the medical community that it makes you wonder if there’s some financial incentive for killing as many people as possible. Are they harvesting people’s organs for the Chinese?