Biden to Sanction Georgian Government for Passing Exact Same Law as America Has on the Books

Savanevich Viktar /
Savanevich Viktar /

The Biden White House and George Soros are pitching a huge joint conniption fit after the parliament in Georgia passed a new law impacting foreign lobbyists. Under the new law, any individual or entity that earns more than 20% of their income from foreign sources to lobby Georgian politicians must register with the government or face a $9,500 fine. The response to the law has been completely over the top. Joe Biden is threatening to sanction individual members of the Georgian Parliament.

George Soros, who is exactly the type of dirty meddling foreigner the law is designed to expose, launched a massive series of protests against the law in Georgia. Does this law even sound like that big a deal? More than 200,000 people took to the streets in Tbilisi to protest its passage. You’d think the cops had killed an unarmed black drug dealer or something.

Meanwhile, the Biden White House has already drafted a document outlining sanctions they plan to issue against Georgian politicians who voted for the bill. The White House accuses the ruling Georgian Dream Party of taking an “increasingly illiberal turn.”

Oh, no! What’s next? Banning Pride flags?!

Biden has accused Georgia’s ruling party of attacking “Western democracy promotion organizations” while embracing closer ties with Russia. Have any of the morons in the White House ever looked at a map?

Why would Georgia possibly want to have closer ties with Russia than it does with the United States? Can anyone help solve this mystery? Could it possibly be since Russia shares a border with Georgia and therefore is a lot closer to the country than the United States?

This would be like France complaining that America has closer relations with Mexico than we do with France. Duh! They’re literally right next door to us!

Biden now plans to sanction Georgian politicians in favor of the foreign agents registration law for “undermining or injuring democracy.” If you’ve been paying attention for the past three and a half years, that phrase is code for anything that Joe Biden doesn’t like. If you wear a MAGA hat to the store, you’re “undermining democracy.” If you post a meme on Facebook of Joe Biden pooping his pants, you’re “undermining democracy.”

What’s this really about?

Joe Biden has Georgia crawling with CIA agents right now, who are foreign agents as far as the Georgian government is concerned. The CIA is trying to grease enough palms to convince the Georgian government to provoke Russia. If Georgia manages to annoy Vladimir Putin to the point where he sends troops in, the clowns running the Biden State Department would then point and say, “Look at how aggressive Putin is! He plans to take over all of Europe JUST LIKE HITLER!”

Then Biden would try to sucker NATO into directly attacking Russia. The CIA has even labeled the Georgian bill as a “pro-Russia law,” which doesn’t even make any sense.

Here’s the most ironic thing of all about the bill that the Biden regime claims is “undermining democracy” in Georgia. We’ve had that exact same law on the books here in the US since 1938. It’s called the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). It’s the same law that the Department of Justice used to send Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, Paul Manafort, to prison.

There’s nothing anti-democratic about other countries passing laws governing foreign lobbying rules. We have the same law here, and somehow, our democracy has not been toppled despite having FARA in effect for the past 80 years or so. These people are such clowns.