Amazon Censored Vaccine Books at Biden Administration’s Request 


Every time Americans think they understand the depths of the Biden administration’s war on free speech, another level is revealed. This time, online retail giant Amazon is implicated. 

Internal emails from Amazon, revealed by House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, show that the company created a “Do Not Promote” category for vaccine-related books after receiving orders from the Biden administration in March 2021. 

The emails indicate that the White House’s dissatisfaction with “anti-vax” books prompted the creation of this category, which effectively made these books less visible on Amazon’s site.  

“Under the guise of combatting ‘anti-vaccine’ misinformation, Amazon censored everything from picture books for children to books criticizing Big Pharma,” House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) posted on social media. 

At least 43 censored book titles were on the list, including books that questioned the connection between big pharma and the vaccines. All of the books in question shared one similarity – they questioned the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

One seemingly innocuous children’s book, “What Are Vaccines?” encouraged kids to be friends with other kids despite their vaccine status. This book flew directly in the face of the Biden administration’s desire to divide Americans and, as such, must be hidden on Amazon.  

Books circulating for over a decade were classified under Amazon’s Biden-directed “Do Not Promote” category. “The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child” was released in 2007 but found itself on the hit list. Author Dr. Robert Sears said he wasn’t surprised his book made the cut. 

Sears told He told that the government attempted to suppress honest and open discussions about the controversial topic of childhood vaccines. However, he added that he believes the effort was unsuccessful as more parents are now questioning the CDC vaccine schedule and considering raising their children without vaccines. 

Sears argues that his book had no political motivation or bias. He explained that most mainstream doctors and vaccine policymakers want people to believe there is no controversy, asserting that the CDC vaccine schedule is safe and effective, with no need for questioning or additional information. Therefore, they see no necessity for vaccine books, making his book controversial simply by existing. 

In contrast, his readers think there is nothing controversial about the book. They view it as straightforward, objective information that helps parents understand the pros and cons of vaccination and enables them to make informed decisions, which Sears believes is a fundamental right for all parents. 

In 2016, author Neil Miller published “Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers.” The book included the summaries of hundreds of National Library of Medicine studies regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. Miller says his book was simple research with no political motivations and was angered that Amazon added it to the “Do Not Promote” list. Miller called the Biden administration’s interference with published research materials and scientific literature a “modern-day book burning.” 

Miller suggests that if Amazon is censoring his book under pressure from the Biden administration, it reflects an attempt to dictate the narrative on vaccine safety. He argues that his book offers an alternative perspective to mainstream views and contains nothing to fear. Miller suggested that his book should be embraced for providing information that empowers individuals to make better-informed decisions about their healthcare. 

Sears notes that vaccines have become completely politicized, placing the blame directly on Democrats. He said that states that passed vaccine mandates, including those for children, have “Democratic supermajorities.” He pointed out that “my body, my choice” falls short for parents looking for autonomy in making medical decisions for their kids. 

Committee Chairman Jim Jordan says Amazon’s “Do Not Promote List” is another example of unconstitutional government censorship. “Whether you agree with this speech or not, free speech is free speech, and the Biden Administration pressured private companies to censor constitutionally protected speech.” 

Since January 2023, Jordan has led an investigation into government overreach through the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. The committee has found multiple instances of federal surveillance of bank records, governmental pressure to censor opposing viewpoints online by big tech firms like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and multiple whistleblower allegations of ongoing censorship efforts by the Biden administration. 

But this is the “democracy” that Biden and his cronies wish to “protect.” It’s only democracy if you agree with the dictator in charge.