You Must Watch This! Father Speaks out Against Critical Race Theory and It Blows Our Mind

Now that critical race theory has become such a heated topic of discussion, many parents are doing their best to put a stop to it being taught in schools. This is the story of one father in Illinois who decided to take just such a stand. This father, who has his own weekend radio show, sounded off during a full district school board meeting.

Ty Smith believes that there are major flaws in critical race theory and we agree 100 percent. Parents are infuriated and this is only encouraging further divisions around the country. This is not what Biden promised us when he became president. He claimed that he would be uniting the nation.

Ty Smith does not agree. It will be interesting to see the mainstream media trying to sweep this under the rug. After all, they cannot wag their fingers and call him a white supremacist. As a black man, he is above that type of talk but they are not going to honestly engage with his comments. If a white man had said this, they would have been quicker to discuss it.

Smith shared a sad story about his days in elementary school. He and his friends were forced to eat last because he was on public assistance at the time. He did not take it well and he took out his frustrations on the friends of his who were not included in that group. Now that he is an adult with a totally different perspective, he feels as if he wronged his old friends.

“I’m mad at them for something that wasn’t even their fault… they weren’t looking down on me. They didn’t think they were better than me,” Ty said. “I’m the one that came up with those false perceptions of what my friends were. Not them,” the father continued. It is easy to see where he is coming from here.

According to him, critical race theory is all about “teaching kids to hate each other, how to dislike each other.” He does not believe that white people have an inherently better life than black people. It’s not something that he is interested in teaching children and that is something that he takes with utmost seriousness.

He’s drawing from his own personal experiences when he talks about these things. It’s not wishful thinking or anything along those lines. “How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?” Smith asked the crowd, to rapturous applause. These are the sorts of questions that the far left liberals cannot answer.

They are too busy trying to force people like Smith to advance their narratives but they have no interest in being victims. “No mom, no dad in the house. Worked my way through college, sat there and hustled my butt off to get through college,” he said. “Not one white person ever came to me and said ‘well, son, you know you’ll never be able to get anywhere because the black people,” Smith continued.

We could keep going but you understand where he is coming from. White liberals want to act like they are helping black people with this type of rhetoric but there are too many people out there on both sides of the fence who see through it. It’s a nice way for them to stroke their egos and feel like they are achieving something. We know better, though. Smith is a prime example of what happens when they are forced to consider actual human perspectives.

As more and more states ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools, we are sure that these stories are only going to become more and more commonplace. If you would like to see this man’s amazing speech for yourself, please be sure to check out the awesome video below. Kudos to Ty Smith for being willing to say what so many other people won’t at the moment.