Why the Mainstream Media Won’t Report on the Worst Mass Shooting in the US This Year

The 3300 block of Dubois Place in Southeast Washington, D.C. was riddled with gunfire in the middle of the night over the weekend. We are still looking for answers. Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this shooting? Sustained gunfire breaks up a massive party and there’s no one talking about it. A 17 year old male is dead, a police officer is clinging to life and twenty others have been shot.

The police officer was off duty at the time and was merely trying to provide the crowd with some help. Meanwhile, those who do not live in the D.C. area are not even being told about what is going on. Unless you caught the story on one of their local news channels, you were probably unaware until right now.

The 17 year old male was identified. His name is Christopher Brown and he has a 1 year old son. Sadly, he also has a child on the way. “I really don’t understand how my child’s life is gone. 17, my oldest, I have five boys. Just an innocent king’s life is taken for whatever the reason,” said the teen’s mother.

As you may have expected, the young man’s family has not taken the news well. They are just like the rest of the country, searching for answers that are not readily apparent. With the amount of gunfire that erupted at this party, it is a wonder that only one resident was killed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded officer during their recovery process as well.

20 people were struck, making this the year’s worst mass shooting. We have tried our best to locate a larger shooting but this year has been somewhat quiet in this regard. With everyone stuck inside, the type of gathering that would lead to such a catastrophic event has not taken place as often. That’s why this story should have been big news.

It’s strange to think about now, especially since we are in the COVID-19 age, but outlets used to focus on mass shootings like these on a daily basis. It felt like we could barely turn on the television without seeing word of another shooting. Now that the media’s focus has drifted elsewhere, it’s time to ask some serious questions about their current priorities.

The mainstream media now has bigger fish to fry and so they have moved on. Gone are the days of reading the scare tactic headlines about a country that has been lost to gun violence. We even checked CNN to see if they would be talking about it and while there is a chance that we have missed their coverage, we did not see a single thing.

They’ve placed an article on their website, so we can’t say that they are ignoring it entirely. It does feel like they are paying lip service to a major tragedy, though. When you head to the NBC News website, there is no mention at all. The same goes for MSNBC but we cannot say that we are surprised there.

ABC News offers a duplicate of the local news story but little else in terms of coverage. It’s insane to think that this story is going to slip through the cracks entirely. There are people who are responsible for covering these types of stories for a living and they have not mentioned it once. It’s baffling but not entirely without precedent.

December of 2017 was a similarly strange time. The Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans was shot up during a video shoot gone wrong and it was the third largest mass shooting of that year. However, there are still many who have never even heard about the shooting and it received very little coverage outside of the local papers in the region.

The mainstream media simply does not care when black people shoot other black people, despite all of their woke posturing. If white people are shot, it’s a national tragedy. If black people are shot? It’s just “local news”.