Seven Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries

Seven Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries5 Signs You Have Clogged Arteries

( – Most of us don’t give a lot of thought to our arteries when we’re younger. The reality, though, is our arteries are responsible for supplying the entire body with oxygenated blood — and that’s a huge job. Arteries that are clogged prevent proper blood circulation and can lead to some really serious health […]

Why Coronavirus Affects Age Groups Differently

Why Coronavirus Affects Age Groups Differently

( – When it comes to the novel coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID-19, nobody is at a zero risk. People from every age range and every demographic are at some risk with this pathogen, but it does affect age groups differently. There are still many things we don’t know about this new virus, but […]

You Need a Nap (Here’s Why)

( – Napping is a habit most of us left behind in kindergarten, but if word got out how good it is for us, we might be ready to reclaim it as adults. Put that latte down and find out why a nap is one of the best things you can do for your body […]

Laughter Does THIS To You

Laughter Does THIS To You

( – Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? If you’ve ever questioned how healthy laughter really is for you, there’s good news — scientific evidence is backing up the fact that laughing provides many health benefits. Fifteen to 20 minutes of laughter a day can help you in a variety of […]

How Spicy Food Affects Your Life Span…

How Spicy Food Affects Your Life Span...

( – Many of us like to eat on the hot side. Some of our stomachs can stand it and some can’t. So, is eating hot and spicy food good or bad for us? I searched the Web for to learn more about the longevity effect of spicy food and I was most surprised by the answer. […]

5 Surprising Signs You Need More Water

5 Surprising Signs You Need More Water

( – There are obvious signs that you’re not getting enough water… like having a dry mouth. There are also 5 less obvious signs that can mean that you’re more chronically dehydrated and hurting your health without realizing it. Before getting into the signs of dehydration, though, it’s really important to make sure you don’t […]

Look Before You Cook: Is That Turkey Still Safe?

Look Before You Cook: Is That Turkey Still Safe?

( – During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be extending your trips to the grocery store. This may leave you trying to make do with what you have instead of going out to buy fresh foods — even if they’ve been in the fridge for a questionably long time. But how long is too long […]

10 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate – Our first instinct when we get home from the grocery store is to get everything put away so we can finally sit down and relax. Sometimes, depending on how stressful the shopping experience was, this means putting perishables in the fridge before throwing ourselves on the couch for a few minutes. The problem? […]

A Real Relationship Has These 3 Things

( – The health of any of our relationships is measured by how well we meet each other’s needs. According to Psychology Today, there are three universal relationship needs: Companionship Affection Emotional support If any one of these important keys are missing, the relationship may suffer. Meeting your partner’s emotional needs is of particular importance. […]

Lucky People Do These 8 Things

( – You’ve probably played the game… would you rather be lucky or good? Many people choose that they’d rather be good than lucky when they’re taking on a challenge because it sounds like they have more control. But, what if you learned that you can truly be both good and lucky? That would be […]

8 Things Happy People Don’t Do

Things Happy People Avoid

( – Our attitude, our resilience, adaptability and ultimately our happiness are all facing unprecedented challenges as we navigate through the Covid-19 crisis. Why is it important to be happy? Because our emotions are directly tied to the strength of our immune system, and right now, we need all the immunity we can muster. Happiness […]

How A Man Shows A Woman She’s Truly Loved

How A Man Shows A Woman She's Truly Loved

( – I’m married to a loving, caring, remarkable man. I was blessed to discover this relationship quite a bit past middle age, and I treasure that we found each other. We’re in awe at times that although we both experienced other marriages before, neither of us had felt truly loved until now. We wondered […]

3 Things Cardiologists Want You to Know

( – If you think good heart health means leading a boring life of constant focus on exercise and nutrition, think again. As it turns out, shaking things up with more focus on a couple of fun things could be the key to cardiovascular health. Don’t trade your fruit breakfast for cake just yet, because […]

Symptoms of 10 Hidden Health Conditions

Symptoms of 10 Hidden Health Conditions

( – Common illnesses tend to be just that – common, with the same signs and symptoms we’re usually really good at recognizing. Some illnesses, on the other hand, can be symptom-free in their early stages. And worse? Their symptoms might even mimic other conditions, leading you down a path of misdiagnosis and poor treatment. […]

These Vegetables May Prevent Weight Loss

( – Making the decision to clean up your diet is easy, but actually incorporating those critical changes into your eating habits can be tough. While increasing your vegetable intake is certainly healthier than eating processed foods, some of your favorite veggies may not be supporting your weight loss goals the way you’d hoped. Don’t […]

Tired All The Time? – This Could Be Why…

Going To Bed Late Could Be Killing You

( – Sure, I’m healthy, but I’ve still been pretty tired almost every day — even after a good night’s sleep. I finally had it, so I went in search of answers. I had to first eliminate the possibility that I had a medical condition that might be causing it, so off to my family […]

What Your Sleep Position Says About You

( – We’re sure you’ve heard that your body language can reveal a lot about your personality. We all seem to have our own unique set of mannerisms. But did you know the positions we sleep in are just as telling? What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality? Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director […]

This Vitamin may Reduce Severity of COVID-19 Infections

This Vitamin may Reduce Severity of COVID-19 Infections

( – Are you looking for ways to boost your immunity and strengthen your body against illnesses? Especially now, with COVID-19 circulating, it’s a good idea to do what we can to bolster our health. Vitamin D might help reduce the severity of the coronavirus if you do become infected. Here’s how. The Research Being […]

Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

( – We live in a culture where it’s totally acceptable to go from spending time outside and then walking into our homes with our shoes still on our feet. Consider this… every surface, everything that you stepped on when you were outside is now going onto your hard floors and carpets. The problem isn’t […]

6 Unexpected Benefits of Green Tea

6 Super Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

( – During this difficult time in history with the Coronavirus as a threat, we particularly need all the things that are good for us that we can get. One of those things to add to our list is easy to find, easy to make and delicious to drink! Green Tea! It’s easy to overlook […]

These 6 Foods Can Cause Grey Hair

Turning Gray Can Also Mean This... – Grey hair… I thought only our genetics were to blame. Who would have thought that there were foods that also contribute to grey hair? I should have known. Our environment and what we eat and drink affects our health, so it makes sense that certain foods could also influence whether or not we […]

6 Types of Toxic Friends to Avoid

6 Toxic Friends to Avoid

( – Having friends can help keep us active and give us people to reach out to in times of joy and sorrow. But in some cases, friendship can actually be bad for our health. When we stay friends with toxic people, we give but we don’t end up getting enough positive benefits from the […]

37% of Americans Have This Dangerous Metabolic Syndrome

37% of Americans Have This Dangerous Metabolic Syndrome

( – Our bodies are amazing and adaptable creations of biology. Still, over 37% of all adult Americans are currently suffering from Metabolic Syndrome. What is it, what are the risk factors, and how can we mitigate our risks? What Is Metabolic Syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is defined by a group of five different health issues […]

What Does It Mean If My Poop Turns This Color?

What Does It Mean If My Poop Turns This Color?

( – Your poop says a lot about your health. Poop of a certain color can mean you have a serious medical condition, or it could mean that you ate something that changed the natural hue of your stool. Or, it could mean nothing at all. The truth is, normal stool comes in a wide […]

How to Regain a Sense of Happiness After Difficult Times

How to Regain Happiness After Difficult Times

( – Happiness is precious. We all live a somewhat tumultuous life where both good and bad things happen. When those difficult times hit, we weather them as best we can and eventually strive to regain a sense of happiness. Sometimes it seems hard to do. I scoured the web for some answers of what […]

6 Foods That Contain More Protein Than Steak

6 Foods That Contain More Protein Than Steak

( – Meat eaters and Vegetarians alike require a variety of healthy, alternative ways to add protein to their diet. Protein is a vital component of every cell in the human body and since your body can’t store this macronutrient, it relies on the protein you consume everyday, to stay healthy and functioning properly. Nutritionists […]

Danger! OTC Medicines You Should Never Take Together

( – Over the counter (OTC) medications are a blessing when you’re too busy to go to the doctor and just want to treat a symptom, but because they’re so easy to get, you may not be thinking about drug interactions. The pharmacist warns us about these when we fill prescriptions, but most of us […]

7 Worst Bedtime Snacks

7 Worst Bedtime Snacks

( – Sometimes we end up eating really late and still want to get to sleep within a couple of hours. Or, sometimes we eat really early and need a little snack before retiring. Either way, the choice of food to eat before going to sleep can have a major impact on both the quantity […]

Which Color Sunglasses Lenses Should You Choose?

What Color Sunglasses Lenses Should You Choose?

( – Sunglasses are a great way to shield your eyes from the sun and protect them from UV rays, but you may have noticed their lenses come in different colors. Believe it or not, you can’t judge the level of UV protection by the color of the lenses, since the UV protection used on […]

Back Pain Relief

( – Back pain can put a damper on anyone’s plans. It doesn’t matter if your pain is from an injury or from natural wear and tear. Exercise strengthens muscles, which increases back support and improves posture and flexibility, all of which can improve back function and relieve pain. The Right Kind of Exercise We […]

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