Watch Senator Hawley Expose Sally Yates’ Fisa Lies

Republican Senator Josh Hawley decided to excoriate Sally Yates for her repeated lies, as the former acting Attorney General has played a key role in FISA related abuses. These are the court abuses that led to the Russian collusion investigation that did not actually lead anywhere. Yates thought that she could continuously gave Hawley the runaround but those days have finally ended.

Hawley was furious because of her continuous claims of ignorance. She wanted the nation to think that she had nothing to do with these abuses but she was the one approving FISA applications. Hawley was not content to rip Yates, though. He also took direct aim at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

President Donald Trump was subjected to these investigations, even though they never turned up any evidence that could link him to the Russians in a credible manner. Yates is now claiming that she never would have signed off on the FISA applications if she was more aware. She says that she did not know that they did not meet the necessary standards.

“I seem to detect a pattern here. Ms. Yates, she testifies she had no idea what her deputy was doing as he facilitates contact between political party opposition research and the FBI. She has no idea that these applications that signed materially mislead a federal court, just as [Rod] Rosenstein said he had no idea.

Nobody appears to know anything in this government and yet somehow a federal court was deliberately and systemically misled so severely that they now say they can’t trust anything the FBI did. If this does not call for a cleaning of house at DOJ and the FBI, I don’t know what is,” said Hawley.

His strong words did not fall on deaf ears and if you would like to watch this hearing yourself, video has been provided. Hawley is not letting the Obama administration off the hook either. He wants them to take responsibility for their actions. The FISA Court and the FBI have experienced unprecedented abuse.

Hawley is especially disappointed by the fact that many of the parties who are responsible for the abuse are still on the government payroll. This is widespread corruption at its worst and no one is doing anything about it. The Durham report is being put together right now and the Obama administration members who participated in this farce should be sweating bullets right now.

Nobody from the Obama Administration wants to take any responsibility for the historic abuse of the FBI and the FISA Court during 2016 & after. And many of the people who facilitated this abuse are STILL on payroll at FBI & DOJ. This is corruption

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) August 5, 2020

Once the report is released, the lid may be blown off for good. It took almost four years for the full extent of the Democrats’ malfeasance to be exposed but we are happy to see the persistence. Republicans like Hawley have been trying their best to put a stop to the corruption but their pleas typically fall on deaf ears. Sally Yates and her cronies were banking on that disconnect continuing.

If the parties who are responsible are going to be kept on the payroll of the US government, this sends a bad message to the rest of the country. They should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not given a free pass to continue persecuting Republicans for imaginary offenses. The consequences for signing a FISA application under false pretenses should be dire but everyone who was involved has been able to skate by so far.

Ignorance cannot be used as a defense and Yates needs to give it up before it is too late. Maybe if she is willing to start cooperating now and talk about her co-conspirators, she’ll be given a lighter sentence. This is how everyone should be thinking at the moment, even the Obama family. Joe Biden was undoubtedly involved, too.

It would be funny to watch the Democrats have to scramble for a new candidate during the latter stages of Biden’s campaign. On the other hand, they might actually choose someone who can walk and chew gum at the same time. We’re not sure where we stand on that one, all jokes aside.