Trump’s Stopping All TV Ads While Revamping Messaging

The Trump administration engages in all sorts of advertising schemes and we are sure that we are about to see a new one here very soon. It does not matter what problem you have. Whether you are struggling with unemployment or the coronavirus spread, the White House has one simple solution for you: hydroxy!

At the moment, Trump is putting a stop on all television ads. He’s going to take this time to find out more about the best ways to revamp his messaging. Brad Parscale has been relieved of his duties as campaign manager and Bill Stepien is taking over. As of late, Trump’s ads had been focused on Biden and his push to strip the police of their funding.

The ads hammered the former vice president for his recent messaging but they have not been as successful as Trump would like. Maybe the new campaign manager saw something that he did not see when he took a closer look at the numbers? It’s entirely possible. The data is not always positive when a sitting president is using their ads to take potshots at their competitor.

At first, this seemed like a wise plan. The country was tired of seeing their police officers being treated like common criminals. Why wouldn’t they enjoy ads that took direct aim at Joe Biden for encouraging that type of talk? We are not sure where they are getting the data from about these ads but private data is probably the culprit.

Until the campaign has been reviewed and fine tuned, Trump related ads are not going to be on the airwaves. There’s less than 100 days until the election, so we hope that they are coming up with a new plan and fast. Nothing has been booked for the month of August, given Biden a chance to control the airwaves until then.

There’s one clear pivot that could take place. Biden’s record may be attacked during the weeks to come. He’s got over 40 years of policies to go over and we are sure that there are no shortage of issues that can be presented to the American public. Instead of telling the world about Joe Biden’s harmful policies, the White House decided that they would rather focus on Hunter Biden’s malfeasance.

This is all well and good but no one really cares about Biden’s son and the trouble that he has gotten himself into. He’s been up to some shady dealings in Ukraine but that is not going to move the needle for someone who is on the fence about who to vote for. Biden’s rivals need to be focusing on the actual issues that he has caused.

The bill that he signed into law back in the 1990’s has been brought up by his rivals caused more harm to African-Americans than anything that anyone else has done. Sadly, Biden’s backers are buying into the newly woke persona that he is trying out and they are not about to start thinking for themselves now.

If progressives actually took the time to look over Biden’s record, they would realize that he is the last person that they need to be voting for. Everything that they claim to be against from a governing standpoint happened under his direct supervision. You’d think that this would matter to them but it hasn’t come up yet. Trump has plenty of time to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Trump saying he wants the presidential election to be moved up: “I wish we would move it up, okay? Move it up.”

— TPM Livewire (@TPMLiveWire) July 31, 2020

COVID-19 ads may also be part of the next wave of Trump advertisement. Their next decision needs to be a wise one. The anti Trump crowd can’t wait to pounce on their lack of COVID-19 related messaging and the pro Trump crowd is probably wondering why the deaths of over 150,000 Americans have been trivialized. We are waiting anxiously to find out more about the president’s messaging plan and he is someone who is definitely going to poke at Biden’s soft spots before too long.