Trump Allies Looking for Hostile Roadblocks to Second Term Agenda

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If you listen to Team Biden, “Democracy is at stake.” And for once, Biden isn’t lying, nor is he exaggerating. Democracy is at stake in 2024, and Trump’s allies are looking to remove potential roadblocks that seek to prevent him from moving his agenda forward if he wins a second term. A Trump victory would mean that Americans are looking for conservative values in government, and the attempts by the Biden administration to thwart a Trump presidency also thwart the will of the people who elected him and, of course, the very Democracy that Biden claims to protect. 

Players from both teams are gearing up for Trump 2.0. Panicked liberals have begun a roadmap of obstacles, intending to cripple Trump should he earn the presidency. These roadblocks are an astonishing overreach and a panic-driven attempt by an increasingly desperate Democrat party to hang on to power long after they have been defeated. 

These obstacles include keying up legal battles for multiple scenarios, passing rules that block Trump’s ability to eliminate conservatively hostile governmental employees, and placing barriers that will make it harder for Trump to move forward with plans to stop illegal immigrants. 

Democrats, without even a hint of irony, claim these measures are vital to “save democracy.” To them, blocking a potential presidential winner from enacting the policies that earned him the victory will keep democracy “safe.” 

But it’s a slippery slope. Actions have consequences, and Trump plans to address Democratic obstructionism head-on. It’s hard to know where it might all end. 

Trump has taken heat for his vow to surround himself with people who will help him right the sinking ship. The Biden administration is suggesting that, somehow, this is an “authoritarian” measure. Imagine that: a president who wants to surround himself with like-minded people to help ensure a productive presidency. Unheard of, according to Biden. 

To that end, Trump allies are investigating federal employees who might try to circumvent his agenda. And for Democrats, whose alphabet agencies recently yanked a security clearance for an employee after learning he supported Trump, this is somehow a step too far. 

Former Republican aide Tom Jones and the American Accountability Foundation are compiling a list of the top one hundred government workers whose past actions suggest they would not work alongside Trump. The Foundation is poring over social media posts, writings, commentary, and backgrounds of federal employees to compile the list, which they plan to publish on a website later this summer. A $100,000 Heritage Foundation grant funded the movement. 

Policy director at the American Federation of Government Employees, Jacquelin Simon, said the Heritage Foundation’s praise for exposing “anti-American bad actors” is “shocking.” It was less shocking when the Biden administration targeted parents, Catholics, MAGA Trump supporters, peaceful protestors, citizens concerned about election integrity, and gun owners as “domestic terrorists.” 

The truth is far simpler. Trump’s first term was riddled with opposition from the left and his party. He could not act on many of his promises to voters and spent most of the term fighting illegitimate legal battles. It’s a hard lesson he will not repeat in a second term. 

Heritage stated it would support the American Accountability Foundation’s efforts by funding its research, reports, and educational activities. These efforts aim to inform Congress, a future conservative administration, and the public about anti-democratic individuals embedded in the government. 

It’s a hard road. The AAF will run out of paper long before it runs out of corrupt, power-hungry, anti-Trump government employees. 

Heritage President Kevin Roberts said the federal government has been “weaponized” because of a “deep state of entrenched Leftist bureaucrats.” He expressed pride in supporting the American Accountability Foundation’s efforts to hold the government accountable and remove “problematic individuals.” 

The Biden administration, seeing the writing on the wall, has already tried to circumvent the move. In January 2021, Biden revoked Trump’s Schedule F executive order, which was established to reclassify certain employees to make hiring and firing them easier. A 2022 Government Accountability Office report found that agencies think a future administration could bring it back. 

Since then, the Biden administration has implemented a rule to make it more difficult to fire workers. The regulation can be reversed, but the process would be time-consuming and subject to legal challenges. 

As the group quietly seeks to root out the deep state and create a more transparent government, Democrats are right to be concerned. True Democracy needs sunlight to thrive, and the left must stay in the shadows to “fundamentally change” America.