Trans Lobby Demolishes Freedom of Speech on TikTok


Wasn’t TikTok making the argument that it’s a free speech platform about five minutes ago when Congress was considering banning it? Looks like that’s over. A clothing brand that defends biological women’s rights in sports has had its advertisements permanently banned from TikTok so as not to offend the Hairy Men in Dresses Lobby. TikTok told the clothing brand XX-XY Athletics that the content of their ads “may be offensive” to some people.

It’s been said that if you want to know who runs your society, take a look at who you are not allowed to criticize. In 2024 America, there are few groups you could point to that are more coddled and shielded from legitimate criticism than the trans mafia. Millions of Americans are now cowed into submission to the point where they wouldn’t dare say a word against these deviant perverts for fear of losing their jobs.

XX-XY Athletics advocates for biological females only in girls’ sports and single-sex spaces for female athletes. That shouldn’t sound controversial to any normal, mentally healthy person. TikTok has suddenly decided, however, that this is a message so far beyond the pale that no one must hear it.

The platform removed all of XX-XY Athletics’ posts and advertisements without warning. Jennifer Sey, the owner of the company, says the only thing that TikTok told her was “Your account has been permanently suspended because it does not comply with our advertising policies.”

TikTok never mentioned what policy the company had violated. Notice how vicious these supposedly oppressed trans people are. XX-XY Athletics was given an immediate and permanent suspension, with no chance to explain themselves and no hope of somehow having their account reinstated. There’s no “three strikes” rule here. If you offend the Hairy Men in Dresses Lobby even once, they will destroy you.

The clothing brand launched earlier this year and has been represented by former collegiate swimming champions like Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan. They’re two of the very few women to publicly come forward and condemn this recent practice of allowing mediocre male athletes to steal all the sports trophies from women and girls.

Riley Gaines rose to prominence by speaking out about a male swimmer named Bill Thomas, who calls himself “Lia,” for invading women’s college swimming, crushing numerous records, and walking around the women’s locker rooms with an erect penis. Riley was able to take a much-deserved victory lap earlier this month when the Olympic committee ruled that Bill Thomas is not allowed to compete in Olympic women’s swimming events.

Gaines called it “a victory for women and girls everywhere.”

Ms. Gaines and fifteen other former female athletes filed a lawsuit against the NCAA back in March. They allege that the NCAA has violated the intent of Title IX and that the association is engaging in sex-based discrimination by allowing men to compete in women’s sports.

Fortunately for XX-XY Athletics, we do still have one free speech platform where it can deliver its message and sell its products. Here’s a recent Riley Gaines post on X (formerly Twitter) that highlights the common-sense message of the clothing brand: