The Ignorance! Lightfoot Won’t Admit That Her Inaction Caused Chicago Violence to Explode (Video)

A reporter decided to point out the obvious to Lori Lightfoot recently and she was displeased, to say the least. All they did was make a true statement about the state of affairs in Chicago. They wanted to know why Lightfoot was willing to remain inactive. She allowed violent rooters to ransack her city but she did nothing about it.

Call us crazy but that’s probably a mayor’s job, right? Looters pillaged the city over the weekend and spent hours terrorizing all sorts of high end goods. Police officers were also attacked, in a wanton display of disrespect for authority. You would think that Lightfoot would be apologetic about the orgy of violence that is responsible for creating but nothing could be further from the truth.

As always, she cannot wait to pass the buck to the next person. Rioters have been looting Chicago for days now, all because of the death of a suspect who is alleged to have shot at the police first. The Magnificent Mile was the site of some of the more brazen thefts, as looters were broadcasting for the world to see. They were rubbing their ill gotten gains in everyone’s faces and this is why Lightfoot is being taken to task.

Her steadfast refusals when it comes to taking responsibility for the violence are bewildering. Does she realize what she is up against here? There are forces that are more powerful than anything we could have ever imagined. “Don’t bait us! Don’t bait us!” she yelled, totally unaware of how ridiculous she looks.

Lori Lightfoot snaps at a reporter for pointing out that looters took advantage of the lack of consequences seen in riots after George Floyd’s death:

“Don’t bait us!”

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) August 10, 2020

It’s the sort of clip that you will have to watch to truly appreciate. Lightfoot has lost her mind entirely and no one seems to be willing to help her find it. George Floyd’s death is being as an excuse to attack police officers and steal high end goods. This simple fact may be lost on the mayor but the reporters that she speaks with on a daily basis are not going to let her forget it.

If this mayor wants to get people back on her side, she should probably start talking more sensibly. What is she going to do when the businesses that are being destroyed finally decide to start packing up and leaving the city entirely? The Chicago economy is already struggling enough as it is but now there are people who are actively rooting for the destruction of major businesses.

President Trump even tried to help Lightfoot with her clear and obvious problem but he was rebuffed. She wasn’t even prepared to quietly turn down his help, either. Lightfoot had to make a public show out of turning down the assistance from the federal police and now she’s got an unholy mess on her hands. Maybe she should have been ready to accept the help that the president was willing to offer?

We probably wouldn’t have let our city fall into ruin like these but that’s the Lightfoot way. She would rather pretend that nothing is wrong until something truly terrible happens. At that point, she points the finger at any reporter with the audacity to ask her the appropriate questions. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps unfolding over and over again. Chicago residents deserve better than this mayor, that is for sure.

Why should anyone be forced to endure a mayor who goes out of their way to make excuses for the folks who are tearing the streets up? She claimed that the city did not need any of the help that Trump was prepared to offer them but we would love to see a poll that is taken of all the city’s residents.

It’s easy to see why many of them would have disagreed with her assessment on the matter, especially the business owners who are being asked to stand down. They are the ones who are being affected the most by her political chicanery.