Newsom Secretly Funds Close Supporters With Desirable Jobs Proving Democrats Rewards Faithful Followers

Gavin Newsom is another prime example of Democratic Governors going too far with actions that are COVID-19 related. Every liberal governor had taken it upon themselves to grab power during the pandemic months and then refuse to release their power when it was time to give it up. Newsom has come to the point where […]

Horrid Tales of Sexual and Physical Abuse Are Emerging From N.H. Youth Detention Facility. Over 150 Staff Members Are Accused

While the Catholic church has had more than its fair share of accusations and convictions in the arena of pedophilia, they haven’t been the only lecherous men with a long history of having a penchant for young underaged boys. The guys you’re about to be introduced to didn’t discriminate between boys and girls. In Concord, […]

The Dems Are Catering to Transgenders as They Kick God From the White House

Unless a person is well acquainted with, or perhaps related to, a transgender person, they probably have little understanding, and perhaps tolerance, of those who simply cannot live with God’s horrid mistake. It’s difficult for anyone who isn’t in the trenches with the issue to fully understand the biological or emotional reasons leading a person […]

UFO? Military Confirms It Wasn’t a Missile

It turns out that illegal aliens aren’t the only aliens that the U.S. has to worry about these days. The number of UFO sightings by what is deemed as “reliable” sources has been on the rise. Navy fighter pilots have reported sightings for quite a few years. Now, an American Airlines pilot called in a […]

White House Proclamation Trending as Biden Tears Down Crucial Trump Immigration Laws – Contradicting His Own Policies

President Joe Biden has once again made a move that has contradicted his own previous policies when it comes to a liberal pet project, and people are taking notice. The current president made a fuss and feud about how former President Donald Trump treated the COVID-19 outbreak. He claimed that the former president was reckless, […]

Liberal Elite Find They are Not Immune to Justice

Liberals everywhere have come to conclude that they are immune to the laws that they love to break. Many of them think that because of the size of the crowd that they will never get caught. They fail to realize that there are cameras everywhere, and it is next to impossible to commit violent acts […]

Biden’s Race Insanity on Display! School Board Claims Reopening Schools Is – Wait for It – Slavery

The school board hot mic moments are so funny and we cannot get enough of them. We may not agree with the contents of what was said here but that does not mean that we can’t laugh anyway. Those who love to laugh at the antics of southern California are sure to love this one. […]

What Ever Happened to Freedom of Speech Under Biden! Professor Suspended for Speaking out Against Reparations

St. Joseph’s University, a Jesuit institution, has decided to cave to the pressures of the liberal agenda that Biden is enacting. Gregory Manco is a math professor who got suspended from his post for a tweet. He decided to speak out against the idea of reparations in the United States and the liberal outrage mob […]

Missouri Gives Local Sheriffs’ the Right to Arrest Feds for Violating Crucial Citizens’ Rights

The truths that we hold to be self-evident are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All the others are put into place to protect, those. Freedom of speech? The pursuit of happiness. Freedom of assembly? Liberty. Right to bear arms? Protection of life. In fact, the entire constitution was put into place to circumvent […]

Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried Spits on Rush Limbaugh’s Grave

You know it when you see someone’s TRUE COLORS. Florida liberal Nikki Fried is using her perch as Florida Agricultural Commissioner to desecrate the memory of an American Patriot and master of the airwaves, Rush Limbaugh – may he rest in peace. FL Ag Commissioner Fried is jockeying for a run at the Florida governor’s […]

‘America First’ Is Literally Rejected

‘America first’ isn’t a difficult concept to grasp. It means that we put our country first. What is so wrong with the U.S. prioritizing itself before any other country? Literally every self-help book says that you have to put yourself first. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to […]

Biden’s War on Religious Freedom! Biden’s Nominee Squirms When Asked Questions About His Vicious Lawsuits Against Nuns ()Video)

This has been quite the story, as Joe Biden’s nominee Becerra continues to claim that there was never any attempt at suing nuns and forcing them to provide contraception coverage. He only sued the feds so that they could no longer protect them, there’s a difference! We are laying on the sarcasm pretty thick here, […]

Biden’s AG Pick Loves to Downplay Domestic Terror and Even Sides With It

Biden picks Merrick Garland for the position of Attorney General. The Democrats once considered him to be a chief choice for a Supreme Court position, but he just did not fit the mold. The man is proving to be more of a problem than he is a blessing to the idea of him serving in […]

Meghan Kelly Outs White House Press Secretary in Shocking Revelation About Psaki’s Press Conferences

Former Fox News anchor Meghan Kelly blasted Biden administration White House press secretary Jen Psaki over her recent interview where she refused to separate the administration from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo due to the recent discovery that he lied to citizens and lawmakers about some of the COVID death counts in assisted living facilities. […]

Biden’s Secret Gun Police Can be Arrested for Taking Guns From Private Citizens

Democrats love to cry about the need for gun control. Every time a person is publicly injured by one of the criminal followers, they take to the streets and protest demanding gun control. Instead of taking guns away from people, they should try and put the criminals back in jail. But that thought is beyond […]

Oh My God! Watch Biden Stumble Even With a Cheat Sheet During Interview Unable to Remember How Many Died of COVID in the US

Biden has enjoyed taking all kinds of cheap shots at President Trump since he was able to successfully swipe the election. The latest swipe took place during a remote White House that was held on behalf of essential workers who are black. White House domestic advisor Susan Rice co-hosted the event. At one point during […]

Former Beauty Queen and Wife of El Chapo Arrested at U.S. Airport on Drug Charges

When Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested in Mexico in 2016 and later extradited to the U.S. in 2017, the Mexico/U.S. drug underworld lost their kingpin. El Chapo’s cartel was a multibillion-dollar operation. El Chapo was arrested by Mexican authorities in 2015 but managed to miraculously escape. But this had not been the first time […]

Is There Hope for Virginia Schools Yet?

Why is it that the liberal states are the only ones stomping their feet? Why do they have issues with sending kids back into classrooms? A virtual setting isn’t getting the job done. Kids are struggling in many ways. They’re struggling with their education, their socialization, and even their mental health. It seems that Pete […]

Amsterdam’s Famed Canal Street Windows Unintentionally Make Their Debut In S. Korea…Sort Of…Oops

When staying at a swanky hotel, whether on vacation, honeymooning, or just having a romantic rendezvous with someone else’s spouse, privacy is expected as part of the package. This was the assumption shared by some of the guests at an upscale overly priced resort hotel in South Korea. A spanking new five-star property on the […]

Maybe We Should All Move to North Dakota! State Passes Common Sense Law Banning Mask Mandates as “Diabolical Silliness”

The North Dakota House of Representatives has made a landmark decision that many citizens across the country will be applauding. Future mask mandates are now going to be illegal in this state. The vote passed by a count of 50-44. The bill is now making its way to the state Senate and we have very […]

China is Flooding the U.S. With Deadly Drugs Through Mexico

A day doesn’t go by where China isn’t actively waging war against the United States. China is hacking private businesses and stealing intellectual property. China is infiltrating top American universities and siphoning off research and development sponsored by the U.S. federal government and paid for by American taxpayers. And, of course, China also exports deadly […]

Venezuela’s Socialist Hell is a Lesson for Americans

Democratic politicians and many Americans have recently espoused the idea of socialism. Seventy percent of Millennials now say they would vote for a Socialist candidate. Some of them already have.   Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took office in 2019 as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Despite years of anti-socialist rhetoric in this nation, […]

New Mexico Democrat Governor Splurges on Tax Payer Funds and Then Calls You a Criminal

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is a Democrat, of course. As it turns out, she’s made quite the mess for herself and we have absolutely no sympathy. Like many Democrat governors, she likes to dip into taxpayer funds to pay for her own expenses. Alcohol, groceries, top tier beef, you name it, she bought […]

DeBlasio Wanted to Punish Kids Over His Trump Hatred but Then Had to Reverse Course as Parents Revolted

If you recall, warnings went sent out last month about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his crazy plots to ruin all things Trump. The Trump organization has a number of contacts with the city that he is looking to destroy. There are two skating rinks, a golf course and a Central Park […]

Twelve-Year-Old Proves Why It is Imperative We Maintain Gun Freedom

As Americans once again face a Democrat in the White House and contemplate possible gun unconstitutional control regulations, we’re left with the daunting task of describing to the so-called “ bleeding hearts” who are iconically emotional in their reasoning, why guns should be present in American homes. For the cases where the constitution and world […]

This Quiz in NY Is No Joke: The 8 White Identities…Where Do You Rank?

Why can’t white people be white people and black people be black people? Nope. Liberals now want to demand that we all take a test to determine where on the spectrum our white identity lies. Author Barnor Hesse, a professor of African American Studies at Northwestern University, has established a list of “The 8 White […]

Mental Biden Makes Claims that Make No Sense

Joe Biden and his well-hidden mental state are beyond words at this point in his existence. Biden’s mental ability has declined to the point that it is verifiably recognizable by the American voter. The part that is just starting to come to the surface is that the Democratic Party hid the state of his health […]

Wow! Biden’s Admin Is Now Complaining That the GOP Is Holding “Follow the Science” Against Them

Dave Weigel at the Washington Post wrote an interesting piece recently that bears discussing. If you haven’t seen the piece, it’s entitled “Republicans unite around a message — schools should reopen, and Democrats are to blame.” The piece isn’t necessarily interesting because of what is said within. It’s fairly boilerplate stuff. It’s the sort of […]

Liberal Media Claims 13 Federal Death Row Inmates Suffered Unjustly During Their Executions

The only way to emotionally survive the job of a prison executioner is to call things what they aren’t. To soften the reality of what just transpired at their hands, knowing the entire time, they were only doing what was required of their job. If they hadn’t done it someone else would have. In the […]

COVID Incompetence or Sinister Plot? Biden Admin Flip Flops on School Openings Under Pressure of Unions and His Progressive Puppet Masters

When Dr. Fauci visited CBS This Morning recently, he continued to add to the confusion when it comes to school re-openings. While teachers and their unions are continuing to hold out for full vaccinations, the Biden administration is not standing in solidarity. “And probably, most of the teachers would agree with that,” he said during […]

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