Mike Pence’s Group Reaching Out to Latino Voters with Major Ad Campaign

The media has largely ignored the former Vice President Mike Pence. They have instead tried to draw attention to trivial matters to keep attention off of the terrible job that Joe Biden is doing as president. But the media had no choice but to report on Pence’s latest push to reach Latino voters with a […]

#My401K – The Hashtag That Will Cause You to Lose Sleep

There’s a new hashtag trending on Twitter – #My401k. It’s everyone talking about how much they have lost from their retirement accounts as a result of what has been going on with the inflation. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) helped to kick off the conversation by tweeting, “Your 401k misses President Trump.” That’s when people began […]

Wild and Wonderful in West Virginia for Mooney and Trump

Those who believe that former President Trump’s influence is waning better take a look at the election results in West Virginia. Trump still seems to have his hand on the helm of the GOP ship. Rep. Alex Mooney has won the GOP primary in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District by defeating Rep. David McKinley. With […]

How the FBI Freaked Out When Trump Accused Them of Wiretapping Him

The attorneys for Crooked Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussman released notes from the FBI in the Sussman case a few days ago. The attorneys released the FBI notes in hopes of exonerating Sussman, or at least in hopes of tricking the judge into dropping the charges. It didn’t work. And if anything, the notes […]

Sicko! Air Force Officer Caught Secretly Recording Kids Using the Bathroom at a Relatives House

Because of their educational degrees, military officers are awarded leadership roles. It’s their duty to influence enlisted troops by setting the example. It’s also them who must ultimately dole out the punishment when a lower-ranking member violates a military regulation or a civilian law for which they get punished twice. But what happens to the […]

January 6 Committee Loses Key Witness

As you know, the Democratic Party has been running quite the kangaroo circus in Washington. For months now, they’ve been “investigating” the events of January 6, 2021, when a protest took place on the Capitol grounds that turned into an incursion of the Capitol building itself. It has been alleged by those like House Speaker […]

Texas Governor Thinking About Using Wartime Power to Declare an Invasion at the Border

Governor Greg Abbott certainly does think outside of the box. He is publicly contemplating invoking wartime powers and declaring his state under “invasion” due to the immigration threat his citizens are facing. This would allow his state police force to gather up immigrants and send them back to Mexico. That authority is usually only reserved […]

Cost of Democrats Betrayal Hits Millions as Truth Comes Out regarding the True Cost of Their Actions

Alejandro Mayorkas is the criminal mastermind overseeing the southern border. He is Joe Biden’s Homeland Security chief and could not care about keeping the country safe from foreign invaders. The man thinks that the border issues directly result from Donald Trump’s failed policies. And he is not afraid to share his pointless opinion of a […]

Will We See a Biden/Trump Rematch in 2024?

Will the Biden administration and the Trump Team both continue to race against each other in a 2024 political game of chicken? Both men have indicated to people close to them that they are likely candidates in the next presidential election. And they both would like to run against each other and are confident that […]

Manchin for the Win as Republicans Cheer His Move on Energy

The cheers for Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia keep coming, but the sound is definitely coming from the right. There are only groans coming from the left. If you liked the news that Manchin appeared in a campaign ad for a Republican friend, you are going to love what the West Virginia senator […]

U.F.O. Briefings Have Begun on Capitol Hill…the Biden Administration Wasted Your Tax Dollars on Nonsense

U.S. national security agencies are skeptical. It’s difficult for them to accept the idea of little green men in souped-up U.F.O.s zipping around the universe. This isn’t quite the description that was used in a classified progress report to the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committee, but it may as well have been. The report’s […]

Manchin Drops Truth Bomb on Buttigieg About Electric Vehicles

Joe Manchin may be a registered Democrat, but he’s not signing up to all of the Democratic ideals. He’s willing to throw the BS card at anyone, regardless of what side of the political fence they’re on. And as Pete Buttigieg continues to push the idea of electric vehicles, Manchin has a few things to […]

2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique […]

Look What’s Happening in Areas with Lots of Gun Ownership

For decades the Democratic Party has tried to push the idea that firearms in the hands of the public are a terribly dangerous thing. And every time there is a shooting, whether it occurs in a school or shopping center, that belief is pressed upon yet again. Unsurprisingly, their goal has been to ban as […]

Ex-Boston Police Union Head Pleads Guilty to Raping Children for Years

The amount of abuse and harm that liberals perform towards people is beyond belief. And when it involves children, the acts of violence take on an entirely new form of abuse. Patrick Rose was the head of Boston’s police union. Over 30 years, the man raped several kids and committed unspeakable acts of sexual violence. […]

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Caught Telling Other GOP Leaders Trump “Should Resign” Despite Telling Us He Never Said Such Things

As the never-ending saga of making former President Trump look bad continues, people like GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) are getting swept up in new and disturbing details surrounding the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol. As new testimony and audio recordings are coming out, the more we are finding out about that day and […]

2,000 Mules: Exposing the Truth Behind the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party has said from before the results poured in that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. We heard it from everyone – the media, Senator Chuck Schumer, and even Joe Biden. What we’re told isn’t always what we should believe, however. The 2020 presidential election was unique […]

Democrats Look the Other Way as Homeless Die at an Alarming Rate in California

Los Angeles County is a heavily Democratic-controlled county in California. The liberals have done a great job of raising taxes and the cost of living so ridiculous that no one can afford to live in the county. Their actions have led to a massive hike in the homeless population. The trouble brewing for the Democrats […]

Biden Hiding His Friends With Benefits To Protect Hunter

The more info that comes out on Hunter Biden, his laptop, his horrific business dealings across the globe because of his last name, and how he has used that influence to get what he wants, the more problems for President Biden to handle. As such he’s being forced to reconsider who the American people know […]

Environmentalist Cult Follower Set Himself on Fire Outside of Supreme Court

The insanity of the liberal left was on display outside of the Supreme Court as a man decided that he was going to light himself on fire. Wynn Bruce is the man that had been brainwashed into believing the world is going to end if mankind does not change their ways and stop burning gas […]

Farmers Left Out of Supply Chain Fight to Get Their Products to Their Buyers

The American farmer is the one person that the world depends on for its food. People from all over the world look forward to the fresh produce they grow each season. But the recent global leadership setup has done a lot to hurt farmers by not allowing them the means to ship their products worldwide. […]

Average Joe Not Pleasing the Right or the Left

President Biden has lost favor on both sides of the aisle. Critics on the left and on the right believe that he has been underwhelming in dealing with the very big challenges that face America today.  Both sides are warning the White House administration that they will pay a price in the November midterm elections.  […]

ISIS Warning of Increasing Attacks on Western Nations Amid Global Distractions

ISIS is planning to use the turbulence in the world to declare a new “global offensive” against its rivals. The terrorist group has told its supporters to begin looking for ways to avenge the death of their former leader who was killed earlier in the year by United States special forces in Syria. They also […]

EXPOSED: When Russia is Expected to Deploy Nuclear Weapons

The big question on the world’s mind is “Will Russian President Vladimir Putin use nuclear weapons in response to the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions against his country?” According to Russian foreign minister Andrei Kozyrev, Putin will only consider a nuclear strike if he feels an “existential threat” to his country or regime. Kozyrev […]

Criminals Are So Bold in Los Angeles That They Are Following People Home to Rob Them Blind

The Democrats have created an environment in California that is favorable for criminal activity. The push to defund police and limit what law enforcement can do has allowed wealthy residents to be robbed after being stalked by thieves. The parties responsible are the gangs that have made a roaring comeback ever since Joe Biden stepped […]

Another Democrat Caught Committing Financial Fraud

The state of New York cannot catch a break from the oppressive nature of the Democratic Party. From former governor Andrew Cuomo’s scandalous coverup of killing seniors with COVID-19 to his sexual misconduct, the state is riddled with corrupted politicians seeking dishonest gain. The latest Democrat to try and get away with corruption is none […]

Former Lawyer for Trump Working to Decertify 2020 Election

Think all the talk about decertifying the 2020 presidential election is over? It’s not. A former lawyer for Donald Trump, John Eastman, recently took a trip to Wisconsin to meet with the Republican leader of the state Assembly. Eastman, who is also one of the new targets of the House committee investigating the January 6 […]

What War?…the Jet-Setting Kids of Russia’s Elite

While Putin and his pals are murdering Ukrainians and railing against the evils of the Western world, their jet-setting spoiled offspring are oblivious to the horror and devastation their deep-pocketed dads are dishing out. They have no use for the trivial frivolities of the world’s working-class serfs who were placed on earth to serve their […]

Parents Keep Getting Kicked to the Curb in Democratic Areas

Parents are the ones who raise the kids, instill wholesome values into the kids, and make sure that they go into the world knowing right from wrong. Yet, in many liberal areas of the world, the government wants to get involved. They want to suddenly say that they have more rights over what a child […]

DeSantis: ‘Cold War’ with Georgia a Real Possibility

The Democrats are again looking for ways to separate themselves from the Republican Party and the rest of the country. Their beloved Stacey Abrams is running for the governor’s office in Georgia. Abrams is laced full of liberalism and forcing voting changes on people that would enable the Democrats to cheat at future elections. Her […]