Ted Cruz Lays into Conservative Majority Supreme Court In Official Letter Posted To Twitter

Texas Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz called out the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday for not rushing to hear the matter of challenging the election results in the swing state of Pennsylvania. Cruz, who has had not only an illustrious career in politics, but served as Texas Solicitor General for five […]

The Numbers Tell a Different Story Than What the Media is Claiming on Fraud

The problem with facts is that they can be interpreted differently by people with two completely different worldviews. In order to keep facts from being interpreted differently, they must be based on math, and they cannot have any kind of questionable opinions attached to them. So, these facts become an accurate picture of events that […]

Body Bags? That’s the Way Activists Expect to See COVID Relief from the GOP

Why is it that the activists of late don’t know that it’s easier to catch flies with honey? It seems that no one knows how to be patient or even to be civilized. They’re bombarding GOP senators with body bags on the front stoops of their homes. Angry protesters want to see some kind of […]

The Results Are in…the Biggest Threat to America Is We the People

You know you’re doing something right if you have enemies. How many times have you heard this old and still true adage? The obvious problem here is that your enemies also believe themselves to be on the right side of whatever the dispute might be. Even more so than Russia or Communist China, American’s now […]

Forced Vaccine Before Work is the New Reality

The liberals have lied all along about the need for wearing a mask. They have tried to undermine the rollout of a vaccine for the virus. They have the need to control everything. And now it seems that they want to control the when and how the vaccine is supposed to be rolled out. The […]

Biden Campaign Begins Setting the Stage for Harris Takeover With Report Their Figurehead Is Already in Specialists Care

Former Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly still assembling his dream team of cabinet members that he hopes will assist him if he is inaugurated on Jan. 20, but it appears as if many conservatives fear and nightmare might be in the works instead. Though many on the right have stuck to their guns and […]

How Hollywood is Changing “It’s a Wonderful Life”

If you’re like most Americans, the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” has been viewed in your home at least once (possibly multiple times) every year during the holiday season. The iconic character of George Bailey and his beloved family and small-town epitomizes the Christmas spirit and what family, faith, and tradition is all about. […]

Don’t Be Stupid, Georgia: Republicans Need to Vote in the Jan. 5 Runoff Election

Don’t be stupid, Georgia. There’s plenty enough stupid in the United States already. You need to VOTE in the upcoming January 5, 2021 runoff elections. The balance of the U.S. Senate is at stake and so is the future of America. Georgia Republicans are furious that President Trump looks like he lost the state in […]

China Paying Millions to U.S. Media to Push Socialist Policies

There is absolutely no doubt that communist China hates the United States. They do not like the influence of freedom that spills over into their country. And they certainly do not like the fact that America keeps their filthy plans in check and puts a stop to those plans before they can hurt people. They […]

Obama Tries to Relive the Past But Who Cares?

Barack Obama is a perfect example of a man that can twist any story. He can manipulate facts and statistics to make himself look like a hero. He can spin a story in favor of any person. He is just like the serpent that twisted the truth just enough to cause Eve to slip into […]

Stunning Liberal Hypocrisy: White ‘Anti-Racism’ Fraudster Paid More Than Black Woman for Same Job

We all know about the case of Pocahontas — or as some say, Fauxcahontas — and Massachusetts U.S. Senator and faculty lounge socialist Elizabeth Warren. Lizzy Warren claimed to be Native American in her application to teach at Harvard, invoking minority privilege. Remember that next time Elizabeth Warren hectors and lectures the American people on […]

Yes, Virginia, There Will Still Be Santa in the Pandemic

Kids have had a tough go of things throughout the pandemic. They’ve been schooled virtually, they’ve been distanced from their friends, and their birthday parties have been reduced to neighborhood drive-bys. Kids and parents alike are desperate for a sense of normalcy. With Christmas just around the corner, millions of kids are going to be […]

Surprise! A Corrupt Family Brings in a Corrupt Cabinet

Corruption shows up on everything that Joe Biden touches. Despite claims that the former VP was helping his son and brother get rich with all sorts of back-alley deals, Democrats still voted for him. Their whole “vote blue no matter who” worked – and now they have to deal with the corruption that comes with […]

Newsom Spent $15,000 on COVID “Super-Spreader” Dinner at French Laundry

The San Francisco Chronicle issued a recent report about California governor The San Francisco Chronicle issued a recent report about California governor Gavin Newsom’s reign of terror. It is even worse than you would expect. He and his wife have decided that the COVID regulations that he has passed do not actually apply to them. […]

He’s Weak! That’s What China Has to Say About Biden

Joe Biden hasn’t even made it into the White House and China has already chosen to come forward to talk trash. The relationship between the United States and China has been slowly falling apart. China has been maintaining that relations will improve nearly instantly once Biden heads into the White House. However, this is not […]

China Turns Churches to Propaganda Centers

In China, the only one who can occupy the heavens is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There is no room for God and religious beliefs, which would only compete with and undermine the CCP’s “preachings” (read: propaganda) and dictates regarding how the people of China should live their lives and OBEY the corrupt communist regime […]

President Trump Still Protecting Americans as He Bans Russia From Flying Over the Country

President Donald Trump is still the man in charge. Joe Biden may be acting like he is the man of the hour, but he is nothing more than a pathetic puppet in reality. The president promised to make America safe and secure, and that is precisely what he has accomplished in the past four years. […]

Space Command Explores Locations While Dems Look to Ax It

Space Force was agreed upon by Republicans and Democrats. However, it was more part of a deal so that the Democrats could get their way in a few other issues – including allowing federal workers 12 weeks of paid time off to handle family emergencies, as well as the birth or adoption of a child. […]

A Sign of the Times? Minority Engagement Dramatically Expanded GOP’s Base

Now that President Trump has forever changed the Republican party, it is time to take a step back and take stock of things. The face and base of the party do not look the same way that they did four years ago. Now, the party is far more diverse than anyone would be willing to […]

Citizens Rebel Against Newsom Telling Him to Mask His Own Face

The only reason that COVID-19 is not disappearing from the country is that the power-hungry Democrats will not let it die. In every county and state where a Democrat sits on the throne of power, there has been a liberal induced lockdown put in place. It did not take long for the fearful leaders to […]

Americans Fighting Back Against Anti-Turkey Leftists That Want to Kill the Holidays

Rational Americans no longer support the second round of lockdowns that health officials once praised. The dumb liberals tried their best to brainwash and misinform the country regarding the truth behind COVID-19. All of their efforts failed to get the fearful results they were hoping for. They wanted all Americans to embrace another set of […]

Mandatory Gun Buybacks? Yeah, What Does That Look Like?

“We’re coming for your guns.” Remember that? It was one of the most infamous lines of the Democratic primaries. Beto O’Rourke was one of the loudest to say that he would come for guns. Just because he didn’t win the Democratic primaries doesn’t mean that the idea is off the table. In fact, it’s probably […]

Shocker! Sheriffs Aren’t Enforcing Coronavirus Curfews

Some of the curfews being thrown out by Democratic governors are ridiculous. And the sheriff departments know it better than anyone else. So, will some of Governor Newsom’s latest coronavirus curfew regulations be enforced by the police? Absolutely not. They don’t want to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals just to humor the governor. Quite a […]

BREAKING: Press Secretary Announces When the President Will Concede

President Donald Trump has made a point to not concede the election, despite the news media calling it in favor of his opponent, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, in the aftermath of historically close vote tallies across the nation. The president has taken a page from former President George W. Bush’s book in his persistence […]

BOOM! Democrats Now Agree with Republicans on Election Fraud

At a very divisive time in the history of the United States, the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the media is lying to us. One of the big issues that conflicting information is streaming from is whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden actually won the election, the way […]

NY AG Opens Another Probe into Trump and Ivanka’s Taxes

New York State Attorney General Letitia James might be many things, but a promise-breaker isn’t one of them. She ran for the position on the promise that she would do everything in her power to ruin President Donald Trump and his. And I have to say, she’s been pretty much focused on that and that […]

Could We See Another Trump in DC Soon?

Trump has always been a powerful last name. It opens doors – and while the Dems are celebrating that they have been able to get rid of one Trump, another one may be showing up a lot sooner than they had anticipated. Donald Trump isn’t the only one who has had political aspirations. Lara Trump, […]

GOP Wins Key Statehouses, Crushing the Radical Left’s Attempt to Transform America Into A Communist Country

Whether or not Geriatric Joe Biden won the White House, down-ballot races across the country show good news for Republicans. In the run-up to the 2020 election, the Fake News Media blared gloom and doom. They predicted a historic wipeout of the Republican Party and a bell-ringing nationwide rejection of President Trump and everyone in […]

Democrats Running Scared as Evidence is Piled High

The liberals are running for cover as the evidence of their criminal deed comes to the surface. They have a long list of crimes that they are going to have to answer for as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell take aim at finding those responsible. The Democrats stepped into a circle with socialists and communists […]

Leave it to the Military Kids: A New Way to Talk to Dad During Deployment

Deployment is hard. Kids miss the parent who is deployed and there’s not a lot of resources to communicate. Especially when the parent deploys to Afghanistan, Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East, coordinating Skype or Facetime calls are nearly impossible. Combine that with spotty internet connectivity on the military bases and it becomes […]

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