Civil Rights Leader Leaves Geraldo Rivera Stunned After Rude ‘Ghetto’ Question Goes Awry

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera found himself put in his place late last week when he was sparring with civil rights attorney Leo Terrell who made sure Rivera knew he went too far when discussing the city of St. Louis. According to a report in The Western Journal, the men appeared on Thursday’s edition of “America’s […]

Biden Wants Trust as He Tells the World He Will Obey the Rules

Joe Biden is a man that has to redefine the words that he has to use in order to make himself sound intelligent. His liberal push to have the Democratic Party engage in changing the rules and moving forward with partisan-sided things. Liberals have the audacity to change things to make them fit their agenda. […]

Must See! CNN Executive Admits on Camera Their Coverage Was All Propaganda Designed to Take Trump Out

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe had a very interesting sit down with Sean Hannity yesterday. He was there to speak about the aftermath of his searing CNN expose’. Their top director has been caught on video admitting that they were working overtime to remove Trump. They wanted the mean orange man gone and they did not […]

Biden’s Army of Thugs Attack and Burn Down Portland Police Station With Officers Inside

The City of Roses used to be a city of peace. Now, it has become a city that will never stop burning. The rioters are making sure of it. The rule of law means nothing to these people. The warm weather is here, so you know the vandals and rioters are going to be out […]

Whitmer Pauses the Economy in Michigan to Argue with Science…Again

It’s hard to argue with science. Well, unless you’re a Democratic governor set to destroy the economy. Once again, Gretchen Whitmer has decided to make the residents of Michigan miserable. Rather than pay attention to the recommendations of the CDC and look at the success that many Republican states have had with opening everything up, […]

Criminal Media: Failed Late-Night Host Tries to Laugh Off Hunter Biden’s Crimes

Corruption is hilarious! No one ever asked Johnny Carson to be a journalist, never mind a crusading investigative reporter committed to the Truth and Justice (capitalized, of course). But no one ever asked Mr. Carson to cover up crimes, either. The de facto court jesters in the American media are no longer in the business […]

Must See! Watch This Man Hand It to CNN Over Their Complicit Reporting Killing His Neighborhood

A CNN reporter in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was at the epicenter of the riots and you won’t be able to believe what was said to them. Sara Sidner is one of their many far-left activists that they employ and she was cussed out in front of the whole world. “As you can see, y’all be […]

And the Democrat Propaganda Machine Continues to Attack Georgia’s Fair Election Laws

Since this law was passed, the Democrats have been on the warpath. They have decided that it is time to go on a public relations rampage and we are getting tired of it. This story serves as an insane microcosm of the awfulness that is currently going on. There are two possibilities in this particular […]

Biden’s Shocking Statement About the Constitution Confirms Conservatives’ Fears

President Joe Biden made a statement on Thursday about gun control that made conservatives’ blood run cold when he said that “no amendment is absolute,” while maintaining that “nothing” he is recommending “impinges” on the Second Amendment. “Today we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health […]

This Just In: Science Identifies Only Two Sexes Exist

Sex: Male or Female. Those are the only two bubbles that should exist on any form. For most, it’s a clear answer. Identify your sex. If you listen to the liberals long enough, you’ll have yourself questioning just how many genders exist. There have been more and more arguments rising to say that there are […]

Iowa Standing up to Biden’s Insane Child Abuse at the Border, Refuses to Take In Biden’s Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds received a request from the Biden administration about her willingness to house minors that are unaccompanied. As the border crisis continues to worsen, Biden is left to find solutions that are imperfect at best. The illegal immigrants are now being moved further into the country, which is a recipe for disaster. […]

We Knew This Was Coming! After Denying Students the Right to Learn in Person They Now Want to Suspend Testing

Pandemic learning loss among students is a major issue that needs to be taken care of but the liberals have the perfect solution for that. Some educators have decided that the best way to address this problem is by not addressing it at all. Instead of testing the children for learning loss, they simply won’t […]

Abbott’s Proof of Mishandling of Border Crisis Speaks to Devastating Biden Admin Policy

According to a recent report by Fox News, the new administration’s handling of the migrant crisis has led to an increase in sexual assaults on children being detained for illegal border crossings. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is demanding that the White House step in and shut down the San Antonio housing facility for migrant children. Abbott […]

Biden’s a Liar Liar Pants Caught Fire as Psaki Tries To Use Fire Extinguisher to Save His Pants (Video)

Joe Biden is the joke that will be told for years to come. He is a pen-happy man who is circumventing the Constitutional described way as to how laws are to be made. It is evident that he does not trust the legislature to write bills that he can sign, even though they are members […]

Nearly Half of All New US COVID Cases Come from Just 5 States

According to the political left, it knows exactly what this nation needs. More federal government control, fewer guns, and more masks. But that’s not exactly what scientifically proven data suggests. Take the only slightly less controversial of the three, mask mandates, for example. If Biden’s administration and those leading his ever-increasing move to the left […]

China Loses It on WHO for Showing That COVID Is Their Fault

How dare the World Health Organization share that China may have been responsible for COVID-19. China is in an uproar because of the way in which the origins report was critiqued for having factual errors. An advisory committee member published a letter to claim that the WHO’s COVID-19 origins report contained a significant number of […]

China Moving In for the Kill as They Surround Taiwan With Their Military

China learned months ago that they could get away with murder because Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office. They know that the old man will not do what Donald Trump did to keep them from torturing other countries around them. Biden owes the Chinese millions of dollars in loans he took from them […]

Don’t Hold Your Breathe Waiting for Our Troops to Leave Afghanistan…Biden and His Fellow Hawks Are Being Wishy-Washy

Former President Donald Trump made every effort to end America’s participation in a decades-long war, which based on middle-east history, will never stop whether our troops are there or not. He ordered the complete withdrawal of America’s fighting forces from Afghanistan to be completed by May 1, but this is not going to happen. Complete […]

California Puts Transgenders to the Test While Risking Natural-Born Females

Felons in California are about to be put to the ultimate test. The problem is that the state is putting natural-born females at risk. As of January 1, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is to house, search, and refer to inmates based on their preferred gender identity. There’s no need for hormone therapy […]

Biden’s People Admits that Donald Trump’s Wall is What is Needed to Stop Illegals

The Democratic voters realize for the first time that they made a massive mistake voting for crazy Joe Biden. They are wishing that they would have thought through the border wall issue better and what would happen if Biden were to mess with the growing economy. The insane president destroyed jobs and made a mess […]

There is No Limit to the Level of Lunacy That San Francisco is Willing to Accept

California’s school districts continue to defy all logic and rationale as they refuse to reopen schools and try to rename their schools to remove all traces of lighter-skinned people from their ranks. The events of decades ago are repeating themselves in society today. Except this time around, the lighter-skinned people are being targeted by Democrats […]

Air Force Adds Robot Dogs Since Liberals Don’t Like Human Security

There’s not enough diversity in the military anymore. And there are too many extremists. What are we to do? Someone needs to protect us! Liberals on Capitol Hill love to complain about our military, yet they have no problem keeping National Guard troops there months past when it was necessary. Since the liberals are afraid […]

Expectant Mother’s Rejoice After Dads Required to Financially Support Pregnancy in Utah

The Democrats love their ability to tell women that it is just fine to murder their unborn child. The liberal teachings on life have poisoned millions into believing that life begins after the baby is born. But science teaches that life begins at conception, and there is nothing that can change that fact. There is […]

Democrats Caught in Lie Over DeSantis Interview

Ron DeSantis is the next most extraordinary person to make his way into the realm of politics. His presence is enough to shake up any room full of liberals because he represents a class of people that stands for freedom and a significant reduction in federal control that the Democrats are trying to take for […]

Trump Infuriates Liberals With Easter Message Threatening Everything Biden Is Trying to Build

Former President Donald Trump once again flexed his leadership muscle on Easter when he reiterated his disgust with those who are standing against the Georgia election reform bill proposed by Republicans. “Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country,” Trump wrote, according to The […]

Zuckerberg Outed: Americans Discover Personal Details About Facebook’s CEO He Was Desperate to Keep Quiet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the victim of what appears to be a personal data hack just days ago. The social media giant’s founder and chief executive has been a polarizing figure in recent years as contention over the effects that his decisions have had on the election system, have only gained momentum. According to Business […]

Don’t Mess With Arizona Kids: Watch Concerned Parents Slam School Board For Proposed Woke Equity Guide for Elementary Schoolers

The local school board in Arizona has found out what Arizona parents think about their plan to indoctrinate children with critical race theory, according to a report in The Daily Wire. The Parents of children attending Litchfield Elementary School District in Arizona are putting up a fight against the district’s “equity plan” that is part of […]

Biden’s Vow to Fix the Southern Border Crises Was a Campaign Lie…It’s Out-of-Control And Kids Are Paying the Price

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden received great pleasure in wagging his arthritic finger in Donald Trump’s face over his handling of our nations’ ever-increasing border crisis. With all of the labored breath he could muster, Biden claimed this to be his top priority if elected. But as more and more unaccompanied migrant children are […]

Shocker! Biden Lied About Tax Hikes

Americans have quickly learned that what President Biden says and does are two different things. Many voted for him anticipating a moderate who would do what was best for the country. However, he’s easily swayed by the liberals who seem insistent on destroying the country. When Biden talked about taxes throughout his presidential campaign, he […]

The Spending Queen’s Lust for Money Will Be Her Undoing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been relatively silent the past few months. The stress of Washington is starting to show up on her long and saddened-looking face. It is fairly straightforward that she has had to spend some time getting over her favorite president as he was replaced with a mental case named Joe Biden. Ocasio-Cortez misses […]

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