Sen. Raphael Warnock Proclaims Republicans Are ‘Anti-American’

Michael Scott Milner/ American politicians have been slinging mud from one side to the other for years. Part of that comes not just from direct candidate-vs-candidate targeted attacks, but instead is widespread and targeted at a whole demographic all at once. Most recently in 2020 now President Biden told a radio host “You ain’t black” […]

Russia Sets the Stage for 21st Century Cuban Missile Crisis

Frederic Legrand – COMEO/ Thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden, the United States has become a laughing stock and a pushover over the last year. And nothing proves that more than recent foreign relationships with nations such as China and Russia. Russia, in particular, seems to think they can start making demands of the US […]

Kari Lake Wants to Lock Dr. Fauci Up

fongbeerredhot/ According to the political left, Dr. Anthony Fauci is the “most trusted man in America.” And yet, it seems fewer and fewer people actually think of him as anything close to trustworthy or even honest. In fact, if it were up to one up-and-coming politician, Dr. Fauci would be locked up. Enter former Fox […]

Supreme Court Upholds Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for 10,000 Health Care Workers

insta_photos/ The Supreme Court blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate for U.S. businesses with 100 or more employees. But in a 5-4 decision, the high court upheld the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) vaccine mandate. The five justices who voted in favor to uphold the CMS mandate were: Justices Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts, Sonia […]

President Biden Has Mask Induced Temper Tantrum

BiksuTong/ Since his first real captaining for the 2020 election, President Biden has picked ‘wearing a mask’ as the hill he would be happy to die on. The American people have been more than happy to oblige him in his request. As more and more people are ditching the masks because the Omicron variant is […]

Newsom’s Plan to Supercharge Immigration Crisis

Phil Pasquini/ At this point, it would be hard not to notice the immigration crisis taking over our country and its southern border with Mexico. And yet, according to leftist politicians like California’s Gavin Newsom, it seems that is exactly what they are doing. Newsom doesn’t only not think immigration is a problem right now, […]

What Biden Sees on Every Vacation to Delaware

BiksuTong/ As you have likely have noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden has an affinity for his homes in his home state of Delaware. And while it’s not all that uncommon for a president to want to vacation in their home away from home during their tenure in the White House, Biden seems to do it […]

He Stole $346 Million Intended for Disabled and Minority Veterans…He Only Got 28 Months Behind Bars…The Punk Deserves a Firing Squad

HTWE/ The US government favors service-disabled and minority veteran-owned businesses when it comes to awarding contracts for various services. Certain contracts are specially designated for these two groups only. But now and then an imposter comes along and pulls a fast one by falsely claiming their eligibility for tax money they aren’t rightfully or legally […]

AOC Ignores Her Favorite Guidelines and Ends Up With Virus

James Andrews1/ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a staunch socialist that agrees with Joe Biden on everything he does as long as it stays socialist centered. The pandemic mandates and other illegal actions that he has taken against the American people are not for their protection. The mandates are the mechanisms the Democrats need to control the […]

How SCOTUS Will Likely Rule on Biden’s Mandates

Alex Staroseltsev/ As I am sure you are well aware, Biden’s vaccine mandates, in their many forms, have come up against quite a bit of condemnation in recent months, with much of America believing they are not only freedom trampling but unconstitutional. And so far, more than a few federal and district judges have agreed, […]

Bioethics Professor Tells CNN That Unvaccinated Need To Be Punished

Nate Hovee/ CNN has been making external news as of late with their choices in guests as well as their massive push to the progressive left for how they cover their news. Somehow people still tune into them even after their debacles with people like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon. This inability to get people […]

DeSantis Tells How Liberal Politicians Could Make Him Rich

shutterstock_1374801932 (7) Gov. Ron DeSantis has become known as someone who is not bashful about doing what it takes to advocate for his residents of the sunshine state in whatever means necessary to fight off new variants as they are steadily being thrust upon the citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, Republican Gov. Ron […]

Nat’l Guard Troops at the Texas Border Have Become a Danger to Themselves…Suicides Have Become Commonplace…Where’s Biden

Hayk_Shalunts/ In the very near past, America was in an uproar over the situation at the US/Mexico border. Sides were chosen, battle lines were drawn, and social media exploded with ferocity such as never before experienced. But then newer stuff to get upset about came along and our focus, as is always the case, got […]

Biden Suffers Another Loss After Judge Rules Against Vaccine Mandate

WESTOCK PRODUCTIONS/ Joe Biden cannot seem to catch a break with any of his executive orders. The old man thinks that he can bypass Congress and issue laws that affect how the country operates. Biden is the one president that has abused his executive powers so much that no other president in history has ever […]

Prince Andrew Said Guiffre Can’t Sue His Pedophile Behind…a 2009 Court Document Says So…It’s a Bloody Misinterpretation, Mate

Mick Atkins/ For a guy who insists on maintaining his innocence, Prince Andrew is sure going through a lot of trouble to stay out of court. Identified as a one-time close associate of Jeffrey Epsteins, the royal prince denies having an affinity for female adolescents and he refutes all allegations of having ever set his […]

Biased Attack Revealed As Media Forgets To Mention One Important Detail

Leonard Zhukovsky/ Ron DeSantis is no stranger to the liberal media. They have attacked him every chance they can get for the past two years. His break from the Democratic methods of handling the pandemic put the target on his back. And even when the liberals cannot find anything to pin on the man, they […]

Biden Abandoned Americans in Afghanistan but Was Willing To Evacuate Kids Instead

The Biden administration has only done one thing well in the past year, and that abandons American citizens and helps them destroy. After the president pulled out of Afghanistan, it was found that he purposely left Americans behind to hide or be killed by terrorists. His reluctance to wait and get everyone out turned the […]

GOP States Boosting Unemployment for Unvaxed Workers

FOTOGRIN/ Republican states are coming to the rescue of workers fired over their unwillingness to get the vaccine. At least five states have now passed legislation that will raise unemployment insurance for workers who lost their jobs for being unvaccinated. There are a number of states that are now considering similar protections for their workers.  […]

Dr. Fauci Wants Vaccination Requirement for Domestic Flights on the Table

M-Foto/ America’s “doctor” is at it again. Dr. Anthony Fauci declared this past weekend that he thinks vaccine requirements for domestic flights should still be on the table for discussion.  Fauci gave these thoughts on ABC’s “This Week.” He discussed the surge in cases of COVID-19 and focused on the fast-spreading Omicron variant. Jonathan Karl […]

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Gets Ousted for Demanding Accountability in Mid-East…Yet…He Remains Grateful…Oorah

Glynnis Jones/ Some people might say it’s what he gets for opening his mouth. Others might say the man now known as Mr. Scheller did the right thing. The former Marine Lt. Col. demanded accountability from every person past and present who had anything to do with America’s dispute in the mid-east. He wanted an […]

Joe Biden Back to Pleading With the Supreme Court To Allow His Mandate To Move Forward

BiksuTong/ Joe Biden is walking on dangerous ground with his illegal vaccine mandate. He believes he has the right to dictate what people can do with their health in times of medical distress. But the problem with his belief is that nowhere in the Constitution does it give the president the right to take away […]

Elon Musk Goes to War with Elizabeth Warren…and It’s Hilarious

Naresh111/ Elizabeth Warren likes to tout that she’s a capitalist…but that’s like touting that she’s a Native American, too. It’s just not true. Now, someone who is a true capitalist is Elon Musk – and he’s decided to go head to head with the senator in an epic Twitter battle. We’ve all seen the pricing […]

Governor Abbott Provides a Way for People To Report Secret Vaccine Mandate Abuses

stock_photo_world/ Joe Biden would love nothing more than to bind the hands of all those refusing to get the vaccine and following his illegal mandate. He wants people in the dark and unable to fight back against his insane policies. But some are fighting back and providing a way for the ordinary person to report […]

Florida Pulls Patriot Card and Requires All-Pro Sports To Sing the National Anthem

Evgeny Atamanenko/ The state of Florida is celebrating once again with a new bill that was passed that will require all-pro sporting events to begin with the National Anthem. The insanity of the Democrats trying to expel the anthem from public events has led to an anti-American sentiment within their party. The National Anthem is […]

Liberal Dems Ask Supreme Court if They Can Execute Boston Bomber…but They Want To Do It Nicely

Lane V. Erickson/ Despite a current moratorium preventing capital punishment, the House Oversight Committee has some questions for the Biden administration. Democrats argued that Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should have been executed along with the others when Donald Trump briefly lifted the moratorium at the end of his term. They’re claiming that a federal […]

Kamala Tries to Take Credit for Major Trump Accomplishment…

By Juli Hansen/ We all know that liberal politicians like Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as her boss, Joe Biden, don’t hold any affection for the administration preceding them in office. In fact, at nearly every turn, the pair, and more specifically, Biden, has made it a point to undo everything Donald J. Trump […]

Hillary Predicts ‘End of Democracy’ in 2024

Evan El-Amin/ Running off at the mouth is something Hillary Clinton is well known for. No matter the topic she has her opinion and likes to make it well known. These opinions are largely not in keeping with the American aesthetic and what the country wants to see happening. She also tends to bring things […]

Meet the “Doctor” Who Says Biden is Mentally Fit

RedhoodStudios/ Over the past couple of years, there has been a growing concern about Joe Biden’s mental understanding and abilities, basically ever since he announced a run for the White House. When his campaign began, it took little time for people to start noticing a trend of sorts. Biden seemed incapable of completing a speech […]

America’s Most Intolerable Students Are…

Evan El-Amin/ If you listen long to the voices of the political left, you’ll hear the undeniable accusation that their opposition, the right-wing, and anyone associated with them is racist, misogynistic, and completely intolerable to those who don’t look, act, think, or feel like they do. It’s been the basis for their argument these past […]

G7 Leaders Give Warning to Russia About ‘Severe Costs’ If There is a Military Advance Against Ukraine

Frederic Legrand – COMEO/ The Group of Seven (G7) nations are standing toe to toe against a Russian invasion of Ukraine. They have released a statement on Sunday warning that there will be “severe costs” if there is an attack in the future.  The unified statement has come from the G7 nations that include the […]

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