Support Trump and Find Yourself Out of a Job

Anyone who has been a Trump supporter over the past four years knows that it can be dangerous to admit it out loud. For four years, we’ve read stories where angry liberals have pushed people wearing MAGA hats and yelled at people for wearing Trump-Pence gear. Now, as the political animosity between the two sides […]

Democrats File Lawsuit to PROHIBIT Scientific Transparency so They Can Push Through Their Climate Fantasies

The Democrats have been telling anyone who will listen to them that they are the party of science. That’s been one of their primary selling points over the past few months. They can’t stop treating the GOP like out of touch dinosaurs, while they claim to exist on the cutting edge of science. It’s gotten […]

Illegal Immigrants? Not During the Biden-Harris Administration

The word “illegal” doesn’t seem to take on the same definition when it comes to the liberals. The United States has strict rules when it comes to immigration. If you fail to follow those rules, you break the law. Therefore, you are doing something illegally. Most people, when they do something illegally, are punished. That’s […]

Free Speech Under Attack: Does Social Media Have Too Much Power?

Not since John D. Rockefeller and the Oil Trust of the early 1900s has one person or a collection of business interests have had so much influence on American government. Big Tech has invaded our lives, our pocketbooks, and our politics. Investigative organizations such as Project Veritas have documented Google’s manipulation of search engine algorithms […]

Financial Institutions Step into the Political Ring, Gloves Off

First, social media wanted to tell us what we could and couldn’t post. Then, Amazon decided that it wanted to ban a site that it didn’t like. Now, the financial institutions want to step into the political ring. Their gloves are off and they’re already swinging, too. Pro-Trump politicians and various political action committees are […]

Biden Gets the Second Dose of COVID Vaccine but Stands in the Way of Others

There’s a reason that things are done the way they are – to prepare for the unexpected. However, president-elect Joe Biden has decided that he wants to be dumb and greedy. He’s gotten his second dose of the COVID vaccine. However, he’s taken away the possibility of many others being able to get their second […]

(Video) Biden Promises to Help Small Businesses to Survive His COVID Lockdowns – But Only if They Are Owned by Minorities

Democrat governors and Republicans In Name Only (aka RINOs) were responsible for the draconian lockdowns that have laid waste to the American economy. To make matters even worse, Pelosi and McConnell spent the whole year arguing over whether Americans even deserved a stimulus payment for their troubles. They earned millions this year to sit around […]

ACLU Makes Shocking Push for Trump Amid Big Tech Censorship

President Donald Trump has found an unlikely ally in The American Civil Liberties Union who has spoken out against the censorship of the president on various digitally-based platforms. The president was locked out of several social media and interaction platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify. Some of the bans are permanent (like […]

A Weak Biden Means Strong and Dangerous Enemies…And They Know It

Joe Biden is by far the weakest person in history to ever be considered as a president-elect person. There is speculation that sickly man will not even make it to the White House, let alone the entire span of his upcoming term. The Democrats have made a mess of the country as they stole an […]

Michelle Obama ‘Goes High’ by Goading Big Tech Into Further Discrimination Against Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama is known to lauds the moral integrity of the party that advocates for abortion, illegal immigration, and the passing of weapons to terrorists. She’s held up as an icon of a movement that spread hatred and racism within the United States borders. All of which she did with perfectly toned […]

Trump Supporters Forced to Hide, as Armed Biden Supporters are Taking Over NYC’s Streets

Antifa has been terrorizing the country for some time now and now they are more emboldened than ever before. Now that they have been able to infiltrate peaceful protest after peaceful protest, it seems as if they are about to push things to a whole new level. These terrorists marched through the streets and shouted […]

The Dems Criticize Melania’s Fashion Choices but Look at Harris

The liberals have shown their true faces. As if we didn’t know already, they’re planning on holding Kamala Harris to much lower standards than they’ve held women of the Trump administration to. As the First Lady, Melania Trump was constantly criticized for her name-brand coats and bags, her presence of high heels, and her overall […]

Facial Recognition ‘Unmasks’ Infiltrators at Capitol Breach

Facial recognition software seems to have answered the question being asked by conservatives across the nation: were the supporters of President Donald Trump really behind the violent entry into the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. The nation’s capitol was inundated with what some are saying was a crowd of more than two million […]

Misinformation? Watch Who Really Broke the Capitol’s Windows (Video)

While the mainstream media narratives are quite different today, there are videos that prove what really took place at the Capitol yesterday. The stories about packs of conservatives overwhelming the police are simply not the truth and we have the video to prove it. They stopped one of the many Antifa thugs who happened to […]

Details of Veteran Shot At US Capitol And Final Words Leave More Questions Than Answers

Americans were shocked to learn that an unarmed woman had been fatally shot during the Washington D.C. protest on Wednesday. The woman, who has been identified as Ashli Babbit, was an Air Force vet from California, according to The New York Post. Babbitt, like many of the roughly two million demonstrators in Washington on Wednesday, was […]

Voting Fraud Again? Democrat Counties in Georgia Stop Counting to Allow Fraudulent Votes to Be Brought In

A Georgia county that leans Democrat decided that they were going to call it quits for the night during the vote-counting process yesterday. The two Republican candidates were not given the chance to hold onto their slim leads. They were behind the Democrats for much of the evening and then just as they rally, they […]

Vandalizing a Senator’s Home – Not the Best Way to Be Heard

Dealing with liberals is often like dealing with toddlers. You let them have their temper tantrum, but you don’t give in to their demands. They’re overtired. They don’t know what’s best for them. So, you let them stomp their feet and, then, you put them down for a nap. Now, if that toddler gets so […]

The Democrat’s Purge Is Starting! Progressives Campaign to Force Breyer to Retire

This is the sort of story that brings a certain phrase. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Biden has managed to gain a narrow Senate majority, so the progressives are already dreaming about all of the spoils that they can enjoy. They are also scarred by late Justice Ruth […]

Over 26,000 Buffalo Bills Fans Sign Petition to Keep Cuomo From Attending the Teams Playoff Game

You know America is in trouble when politics enters into the sport of football, but thanks to the NFL’s left-leaning activism, it has. But fans of New York’s team, the Buffalo Bills, have had enough of the nonsense. In a recent petition signed by over 26,000 fans, they have asked the team to ban New […]

Grocery Store Pharmacy Caught Giving Out COVID-19 Vaccines?

If you listen to the media, they’ll tell you that it’s too difficult to get vaccines. They’ll complain that the distribution is slow and that the only way to get the shots is to visit hospitals and doctor’s offices. Oh, and the vaccines are only going to frontline workers and those who are at high […]

Kamala Harris Appearing to Plagiarize MLK With Story About Demanding Equality

Kamala Harris has been criticized for a story she told that appears to have been lifted from Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Daily Wire reported that Twitter became abuzz on Monday with an accusation that Harris told a story that was recounted in an early October Elle interview where she seemed to be the […]

AOC Doesn’t Want to Say Goodbye to Trump, She Wants to Impeach Him

Donald Trump will stop being the President of the United States in less than 30 days. The Democrats won. Joe Biden will be the new president and Kamala Harris will be the new vice president. Within the next few weeks, there’s a lot of work to be done in Congress. Issues need to be discussed, […]

Amen and Awomen Isn’t Politically Correct, It’s Just Dumb

How is it that Democrats continue to get dumber…and we as a society allow it to keep happening? Representative Emanuel Cleaver decided to conclude the opening prayer for the 177th Congress with “Amen and Awomen.” Was that a joke? Absolutely not. This was his attempt at showing that he’s inclusive. The problem with changing words so […]

Liars! Democrats Fail to Distribute Vaccine

The nasty Democrats have laughed at the idea that a vaccine could be developed and distributed in less than a year. The wisdom of President Trump paved the way for the dream to become a reality. And now that the vaccine is being sent around the country, the Democrats have to swallow their arrogant pride […]

China and WHO Threaten That the Worst is Yet to Come

The world is being lied to by communist China and the World Health Organization. Both of these corrupt groups laughed and cheered as the China virus spread around the world. Both of these groups lied about the virus to the extent that it was blatantly obvious. But now that the COVID-19 virus is set to […]

Newsom Shows He’s a Horrible Governor as Super Spreader Events Occur Under His Nose

Newsom may think that he’s in charge, but it’s obvious that Californians don’t respect him. He’s lost all ability to lead his people. Now, instead of listening to his regulations, they’ve laughed in his face with parties of epic proportions. Governor Gavin Newsom is all about closing down businesses and requiring people to follow a […]

Portland Mayor Promises to Finally Do His Job After Extreme Violence–Believe Him?

Being a mayor is a hard job. It’s why it’s important that citizens look at the qualifications of an individual before filling in the circle of just any name on the ballot. Ted Wheeler, the mayor in Portland, has proven time and again that he’s in way over his head. Wheeler grew up in Oregon. […]

Is This Who’ve We Become? Watch a Young Woman React to a Delivery Woman’s Mask Slipping

2020 was filled with mask related hysteria and 2021 promises to be no different. Once you take a closer look at this video, you will see just how insane things have become. The lockdowns have had such a horrific impact on American society as a whole. How can they be healthy? According to sources, the […]

Funeral Homes in California Can No Longer Accept Dead Bodies…They’re Already Overflowing

Even as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out to the most susceptible, the forest is still thick with trees. Each new day sees a higher hospitalization and death toll than the previous one. In some locations, hospitals have already reached, or are close to reaching, their capacities. Gift shops have been converted to makeshift […]

Voting for Pelosi Worth Risking the Lives of Many?

It’s one thing to support your political party and something completely different to not care who you hurt in the process. Representative Gwen Moore decided that she was going to vote for Pelosi on the House floor, even if she did announce that she tested positive for the coronavirus. The Democrats seem to be ready […]

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