The FTC Is Coming After Schools and Colleges That Scam U.S. Service Members and Veterans…the Practice Is Widespread

For their service to their country, active duty military members and veterans receive a slew of benefits. Many of them raised their right hands to specifically take advantage of what was not afforded to them in their civilian lives. A huge bell-ringer for troops past and present is the opportunity to advance themselves educationally through […]

Arizona Joins the Ranks of Border States Fighting to Keep People from Being Overrun by Biden’s Illegals

By Vic Hinterlang The entire southern border is a massive mess that Joe Biden deliberately set up to cover his failed policies and actions. His plan to overrun the southern border has led to the lives of millions of Americans being affected negatively. Residents living near the border fear for their lives because of […]

Teen Uses Illegal Weapon To Murder Attacker; Out on $25K Bond Same Day

By MemoryMan Wednesday saw the return of one of the worst things we seem to see every year, a school shooting. This time it was different though. This wasn’t someone who walked in and randomly opened fire. He didn’t use a semi-automatic rifle (NOT assault weapons). He didn’t pull a fire alarm to draw […]

NC’s First Black Lt. Gov Receiving Liberal Hate for Standing up to LGBT Agenda Being Taught in Public Schools

North Carolina is a state known for its brilliant minds. Tucked on the eastern seaboard somewhere around where the north meets the south, the research triangle is known for its advancements and critical research. In recent months, however, it’s also become known for its uncanny ability to lead the nation in aggressively liberal ideology that […]

Joe Biden Pays Terrorist Nation Even Though They Refuse to Help Fight ISIS

By Trent Inness Joe Biden’s dramatic pullout of Afghanistan was a complete disaster. His abandonment of the United States citizens and betrayal of the Afghan people marks him out as a coconspirator for terrorism. His hasty retreat opened the door for the Taliban to walk right back in and take over. And now that […]

How COVID and Tobacco Taxes Have Taken Out Small Tobacco Shops

Just before Christmas 2019 President Trump completely changed the landscape for tobacco use in our country by making the minimum buying age for tobacco products to 21. This effectively blocked out high school graduation traditions, as well as college traditions. First cigarette at 18? Nope. Congratulate the graduate with a premium hand-rolled cigar? Not going […]

Are We Really Talking About Population Control to Save the Planet

What lengths are we willing to go in order to save the planet? We’re already recycling. We’re reducing our carbon footprint. We’re even looking into cars that have zero emissions. However, are we actually willing to consider population control? We’re about to head into dangerous territory. Communist countries control populations. China started the One-Child Policy […]

Florida Cracking Down on Biden Supporting School Districts

The Florida education school board had once tried to adopt Joe Biden’s illegal mandate to keep parents from making choices that are best for their kids. Biden and his liberal thugs believe that they can raise kids better than those who pay all of their bills. But Ron DeSantis stepped in and protected the legal […]

It’s 1933 in Germany Again; Vaccinated Wearing Badges to Prove Status

Break out your heavy coats, hats, and wide ties; 1933 is here again in Germany!! Groups of people have designed pins for German citizens to wear proclaiming the vaccinated status for all to see. While these pieces of flair  may have a good intention behind them, the execution is nothing less than abysmal. These badges […]

Military Jails are Failing, But Let’s Cut the VA Budget

The Democrats love to spend billions…but only on projects that matter to them. You know the projects – climate change, helping foreign nations, and the list goes on. The problem is that they seem allergic to helping Americans – and that goes double for the military who have done everything they can to serve and […]

It’s 1933 in Germany Again; Vaccinated Wearing Badges To Prove Status

By Stanislav Samoylik Break out your heavy coats, hats, and wide ties; 1933 is here again in Germany! Groups of people have designed pins for German citizens to wear proclaiming the vaccinated status for all to see. While these pieces of flair may have a good intention behind them, the execution is nothing less […]

Biden Admin Refuses To Take Responsibility for Recent Russian Hacks on U.S. Gov’t…They’re Blaming Civilian Contractors

By Alexander Geiger It can never be said that Russian hackers are at it again, considering how they’ve never stopped. Their zero bullets approach to world domination is being fought by geeks in bottle-lensed glasses who are the absolute best in the world at what they do. In 2020 Russian hackers gave the U.S. […]

Hunter Biden Hobnobs with Celebrities at His Art Exhibit While Under Investigation

Hunter Biden came out of hiding and entertained some celebrities on Friday at his first art exhibition in Hollywood, California. This came right on the heels of some ethics concerns that remain about buyers potentially paying enormous prices for the art pieces done by the son of President Joe Biden. Some see this as a […]

Facebook Whistleblower Thinks She’s the Solution for Problems with Social Media Regulations

Frances Haugen testified before the Senate Commerce Committee yesterday, where she proclaimed that there needed to be more Government oversight to prevent the “harms” of Big Tech from influencing the American people. These include the ‘disinformation’ and ‘hate speech’ so many think run rampant on social media. She didn’t just stop there though. Instead, she […]

Delusional Biden Still Thinks 81 Million People Voted for Him

The Democratic Party has shown that it cannot handle negative responses. Every time one of their people is booed or confronted with an opposing view, the typical reaction people see is violence. The liberals will either lash out with their demonic tongue or will attack the person physically. And in the end, they will get […]

Fauci Goes from “Too Soon to Tell” to Encouraging a “Good Normal Christmas” in Record Time

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the situation with COVID-19 has always been fluid. Now Dr. Anthony Fauci has taken this to a whole new level. In the early days of the pandemic, the numbers would change daily by vast amounts. Recommendations for avoiding the virus were incredibly contradictory and depending on when you […]

Krysten Sinema Attacked with Her Pants Down…Literally!

Amnesty for illegal immigrants via a 3.5 trillion-dollar reconciliation bill is bound to be a touchy subject. As Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) found out Sunday, young Democrats will not stand for it. Chasing her into a bathroom with cries of “We need to hold you accountable!” and “We can get you out of office if you […]

Former Chinese Detective Reveals Torture Techniques Used on Two-Million Uygur Muslims in Communist China Concentration Camps

A Chinese man who is currently exiled in Europe confirmed what the Chinese government has denied for years. As a former detective, the man known only as Jiang has first-hand information regarding the abuses inflicted on Uygur Muslims in his native country by government forces who keep them confined in slave camps.  In the past […]

Biden Blames Trump for Current Need to Raise the Debt Ceiling

As you have likely heard all about, congressional Democrats are trying to push through two rather massive spending bills, which, of course, they claim are necessary to the country’s needs right now. One is a whopping $3.5 trillion to be spent on what you might call “human infrastructure.” It includes things like requiring banks to […]

AOC Wants To Spend Big Without Checking the Account Balance First

AOC Wants To Spend Big Without Checking the Account Balance First The drama queen herself is back in the public’s eye, trying to make it seem like she is fighting for the people. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez once had a Green New Deal that had a price tag of trillions of dollars. And now she is trying […]

Lib Teachers in N.C. County Try To Cancel U.S. History of Racism…the Republican School Board Offered Them a Choice

Who would agree that the truth is no longer the truth? Who would also agree that no matter how badly a person wishes something would have been different, the course of history cannot and should not be changed? if humanity is to ever learn from its previous mistakes, it can’t simply cancel them. They won’t […]

Liberal Fraud Continues To Be Exposed in Arizona As Fight Rages On

The battle for election integrity continues around the country. People have angered at the live fraud that the Democrats engaged within 2020 to rig the election geared to put Joe Biden in the White House. They went through great pains to hide their methods so they would not be discovered. The media also joined in […]

Arkansas Introduces Bill to Gut Mandates

As you well know, Democratic President Joe Biden has recently put out an unconstitutional and liberty violating mandate requiring all companies with 100 or employees nationwide to force vaccines. But while some states like liberal New York and California have eagerly accepted the loss of freedom, others like Arkansas are pushing back a bit. In […]

U.S. General Mark Milley Is Sweating Mortars As Lawmakers from Both Sides Take Turns Tag-Teaming His Treasonous Actions

Things aren’t going so well for Top U.S. General Mark Milley who right about now wishes he’d have gone into the insurance business like his dear old dad. Donkeys and Elephants alike are stomping all over the decorated military leader as he’s attempting to stutter through a barrage of questions he’s having difficulty answering. The […]

Biden Likely to Break Key Campaign Promise About Taxes and the Middle Class

There is a new report from Congress’s nonpartisan scorekeeper for tax policy which reveals that the Democrats’ pending tax bill will raise taxes on the middle class. If this is true, it will certainly break one of President Biden’s key campaign promises. If the Democrats get their pending $3.5 trillion social welfare bill passed, it […]

White House Attempt to Keep Press from Asking Officials Anything not Pre-Approved has Jen Psaki Squirming as Journalists Push Back

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is hardly any journalist professed favorite Biden administration official, but she’s in particularly hot water in the last few days since the administration has begun to block reports from asking questions, not just of President Joe Biden (the reason for which seemed painfully obvious) but of other dignitaries as […]

Florida Sheriff Encourages Armed Homeowners to Shoot a Suspect

Welcome to America. If you have a gun, you’re welcome to use it – as long as you do so in a responsible manner. In Florida, that includes not only defending your home but also helping out the sheriffs in town. Sheriff Leeper has issued out a public warning about a murderer on the loose […]

Florida’s Governor DeSantis Delivers Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration Over Border Policy

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida is once again willing to go toe to toe with President Biden’s administration. He filed a lawsuit against the White House administration on Tuesday on behalf of his state claiming that the “ideological” Biden White House is pursuing a “destructive and illegal” catch-and-release border policy. He believes this policy […]

Biden Left Trump’s Strict Immigration Policies in Effect While Inviting More Migrants To Come…He’s Losing Support Left and Right

Joe Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of immigration. While liberals are cheering on the hordes of hungry Haitian refugees living in squalor at the US/Mexico border, conservatives would just as soon send the entire lot of them packing.  Biden stood tall and proud when he embraced immigration with […]

God Hater Claims She Knows What God Wants From the Faithful

The Democrats are a party that wants to remove God from America. For decades they have pushed to remove him from the school system, politics, and society. The pandemic allowed them to shut down churches and limit how they operate.  All of which was defeated in courts across the country. But now, their new attempt […]

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