Biden is Too Scared to Debate President Trump – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

When a Democrat loses an argument, they will turn to any form of violence to try and shame or discredit the opposing person. This kind of childish behavior is seen throughout the country right now as liberals march through the streets targeting people that oppose their views. They target them for vandalism and bodily harm […]

Why the Ellen DeGeneres Show is Coming to an Apocalyptic Ending

As a born and raised conservative Christian, I have to admit Ellen DeGeneres has always been something of a contradiction for me. Beyond what some might call my better judgment, I really like her. I mean, she is regularly doing good for others, and let’s face it, she’s just plain hilarious. Now, before you get […]

Biden is Told to Shut Up Forever…

During his 2020 presidential campaign, former vice president Joe Biden has made more mistakes than we can count. And no, I’m not just talking about simple blunders or gaffes, such as when he mistook his wife for his sister or when he couldn’t remember what state he was in. I’m talking about the ones that […]

Fed. Officers: ‘We Are Not Leaving The Building Unprotected’ Regarding Portland

It is the mark of every cowardly liberal to show a little force and then back off and let the other side win. If the liberals would show as much hatred towards violence that they have for conservatives, then crime would be a thing of the past. But the truth is that they love crime […]

Mail Fraud is Just the Beginning of Democratic Trouble

Voting by mail is a Democrat’s best friend. It allows them to devise ways of increasing their voting totals without having to publicly answer for their crimes unless they are caught. As liberal regions allow mail-in voting technological issues are popping up and fraud rings are being discovered. Dead people seem to come back from […]

Hannity: Democrats Have Been ‘125 Years of Swamp Failure’ (Watch)

The greatest failure found in America is not with the country or the people. It is found within the Democratic Party. All over the country, crime is on the rise in liberal controlled cities and states. There is not an end in sight. Democrats everywhere support and even praise the actions of anarchists and Black […]

Hey, Kids! Don’t Even Think About Learning About Trump in School

He’s not my president and he’s not going to be yours, either. This is the Dems’ way of thinking when it comes to educating students. They don’t want to admit that Trump has been the leader of the free world for the past four years, so they don’t want to teach students about Trump as […]

Even the NYT Finally Admits Mail-In Voting is A Disaster

Congratulations are to be made to Jamaal Bowman, who just won the congressional seat for District 16 in New York. He has recently unseated the incumbent, Representative Eliot Engel, by a whopping 16 points. The announcement was made official on Friday by the Associated Press, some three weeks after the election date. Yes, you read […]

By the Skin of His Teeth, Kanye is in with Illinois

Kanye West is determined to be the next president of the United States. However, his planning is not the best in the world. He’s showing up late to the party, and it means that his name isn’t going to be on every state’s ballot in November. Does that mean we won’t be able to have […]

Nation Wants Change Like it Did in 2016: Trump to Deliver

The American people have awoken to the threat that the Democrats have become to the sovereignty of the country. Their push to remake America in their image has not worked them in the past four years. Popular Democrats are now fighting for their lives as new and more experienced contenders are stepping up to the […]

Is it Over? Omar’s Opponent is Making Serious Strides

Kingdoms rise and fall. It’s a fact of history and life, and one that looks like will be happening very soon for the freshman congressional squad member Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Omar, who represents the states 5th District, has built her kingdom on the lies of the left that have allowed her to purport the […]

And Kanye’s Out…Or Is He?

It like it was just yesterday when we heard the news that billionaire rapper Kanye West was going to run for the United States Presidency. And in fact, it hasn’t been much longer than that. But nearly as soon as this all started, rumors began flying in that he was out. But is he really? […]

Former Coach Ends Jeff Sessions Career In Alabama

And that’s a wrap for Jeff Sessions. The once senator and former Attorney General has just been beaten in the Alabama GOP primary by former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville. And he lost by a lot. As the New York Times reported, Sessions lost 37% to 63%. Now, usually, a loss such as this, for […]

Cancel Culture Cancels Itself: Yellow Belly’s Faux Pas with a KKK-Inspired Beer Bottle

The cancel culture has proven they don’t get it. They’re so worried about jumping on the bandwagon to cancel things that they don’t understand what they’re doing once they get serious about something. Yellow Belly, a beer company, wanted to create a fun bottle design that celebrated all things progressive. In their ignorance to be […]

De Blasio Says the Demonstrators’ Calls for Social Justice Are Too Important to Stop

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is showing his true colors once again as he shutdowns the city of New York because of the spike in COVID-19 cases. De Blasio only cares about one thing, and that is himself. He hates his job and hates people, except those that protest and have violent actions. His support […]

These Liberal Elites Say It’s Their ‘Destiny’ to Save the US…Yes, Really!

As if we didn’t have enough woke liberal elites sounding off about racial inequality and police brutality, here comes another couple who plan to make fighting systematic racism their “destiny.” Enter Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Now that the two have quite the royal family, at least for […]

Atlanta Mayor Mandates Masks Now That She’s Tested Positive

As it is now July, and the novel coronavirus has been found within our borders for at least seven months, it seems odd that some political leaders would just now be issuing personal protection gear mandates and executive orders on how to conduct yourselves in public. However, that is precisely what the mayor of Atlanta, […]

It is Time to Let COVID-19 Die and Get Back to Normal

COVID-19 certainly has drummed up a lot of fear with people. When it first showed up on the world’s stage, there was not a lot known about it. At least that is what the public was being told by the Democratic-controlled media. But since that fateful day, the people of America have learned that it […]

Statue of Black Abolitionist Torn Down and Dragged to the River–What do They Want?

The intolerant and extremely violent Black Lives Matter terrorist group promotes the value of African American lives over all else. Their mission is to stop police violence and to elevate African American people to that equal of everyone else. In many of their minds, they believe that they are still living in the oppressive 1800s. […]

Hilarious! Mexico Wants the Wall Now as the Tables Turn

Last year, when President Trump wanted to build a wall, Dems hated the idea. They felt it was inhumane and against immigration policy. Mexico hated it, too, because they didn’t want the Central Americans staying within their country. Now, suddenly, it’s okay to have a wall in place. It’s okay for one country to block […]

FL Sheriff Has Unconventional Plan for Violent Protesters

The protesters throughout Florida are getting increasingly more violent. The police cannot handle it all. Further, it seems that most of the protesters have a problem with the police. Clay County’s Sheriff, Darryl Daniels, warns that he will deputize all lawful gun owners if the protests continue to become too violent. The video showed on […]

Purposely Inviting the Infected, the Winner is Whoever Gets the Virus First

COVID-19 has changed a lot of how people today are transacting business. Some places will not let people in the doors until they have placed a mask over their mouths. Other businesses still have to limit the number of people that they can seat or serve. But with all of the hype and caution that […]

The Hard Truth: BLM is a Symbol of Hate

Black Lives Matter. It’s a movement, a phrase, and what’s tearing the country apart. It’s hard not to turn on the radio, TV, or go online without hearing about what BLM protesters have done most recently. They’ve held up signs, blocked traffic, murdered innocent people, destroyed public property, and defaced national monuments. BLM loves themselves. […]

Dementia Bound Biden Faces Reality

Joe Biden has been slipping in and out of sanity for the past few months. His recalling of past events and facts has been completely unreliable. He has had people such as Obama and others telling him what to say and how to act in front of people. And now it seems that Biden is […]

The Media’s New Rumor Regarding Another Pandemic Coming (Not from COVID-19)

The Democrats, China, and the laughable media are working hard to turn the world upside down. The Democrats brainwash people to see hatred and malice everywhere they look. The media pushes the liberal agenda so much that the brainwashed people act out in violence thinking the world is coming to an end. As COVID-19 pushes […]

DeSantis Signs Bill Giving $500M Raise in Teachers’ Salaries

The state of Florida is benefiting from the awesome leadership of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. He has paved the way for a model response to COVID-19 in dealing with the issue and reopening the state. He looks out for the people of Florida, no matter what their affiliation in life. And he does not stop […]

The Real Reason Why Texas Put the Brakes on Reopening

I don’t think anyone was shocked that the state of Texas was the first to reopen its doors and businesses after the novel Coronavirus seemed to lessen its hold on our nation. After all, Texas has pretty much operated as its own nation within a nation for most of its existence. However, Governor Greg Abbott […]

Democrats Pitch a Fit Over Trump’s Newest COVID-19 Response

The outbreak of COVID-19 will be the highlight of 2020 as the year moves along. It will be what most people will remember about this time in history. What they will also remember is the way that President Trump led the nation through this most difficult time. 2020 will also be the year that marks […]

UNHINGED: Pelosi is Now Blaming Floyd’s Murder on Republicans

Nancy Pelosi claims to be a politician of the people. However, her latest remarks have begun to show who she really is – someone determined to completely divide the country. She’s now accusing Senate Republicans of trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd’s death. Oh, so what one cop in Minneapolis did […]

Presidential Debate but with no Audience…What are the Democrats Up to?

There’s the need to find a location to host the next presidential debate, which will be between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Miami is considered to be high on the list of locations. However, the Miami mayor has been honest about the pandemic – and the area has become one of the latest hotspots in […]

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