Texas AG Gives the Lowdown on Border Crisis

The Biden administration may be willing to ignore a border crisis in Texas. However, Ken Paxton is Texas’ Attorney General – and he’ll set the record straight for anyone who will listen.

It’s “as bad as it’s ever been” is how Paxton answers the questions about illegal immigration under the Biden administration.

The problem is bad – and the federal government doesn’t even want to deal with it. They don’t even want to discuss it.

This brings us to one of the biggest problems, as Paxton shares. Federal law enforcement officers may be dealing with migration and border security but they have been told by their superiors not to discuss their professional observations.

No matter what’s being seen, the federal government isn’t talking about their observations. They’re also not releasing any plans as to how to improve the situation.

Ahh, but that’s another problem. Paxton shares that transnational criminal cartels are actually benefiting from the nonaction of the Biden administration.

The longer the problem goes on, the longer the criminal cartels can operate. Biden and his band of merry liberals are incentivizing drug trafficking and human smuggling.

Paxton explains, “The cartels are the primary beneficiaries of this, because they’re making money off of almost every single person that comes through, who are charged thousands of dollars.”

What’s worse is that Biden is actually choosing to reallocate funds away from border security. Rather than securing the border and ending the flow of migrants, he’s spending the money taking care of migrants.

Migrants who break immigration laws are being treated better than they would be in their home country. Minors are being given access to healthcare, food, and accommodations. Some individuals and families are being put up in hotels. Some are even being given stimulus money to help them secure housing.

Border Patrol has become a group of glorified babysitters. They have to take care of everyone being allowed into the country instead of turning them away. And it’s become harder since the liberals insist on rolling out the red carpet and inviting everyone in.

Paxton warns that this is a very dangerous game of allowing migrants into the country. There are plenty of better ways to do it so that the cartels aren’t benefiting every step of the way.

This begs the question of the bigger problem: If Kamala Harris has been identifying root causes of migration, why has she not stumbled upon this issue? And if she has identified this issue, why are she and the rest of the Biden administration not racing to correct it?

Perhaps the real answer is that the Biden administration is looking to help the criminal organizations benefit from all of the illegal immigration. After all, they have invited every one of the migrants into the country. They are being given access to our economy, our schools, and our citizens.

Human trafficking is seen each and every day at the border. People pay the cartels to get into the U.S. And, along with so many migrants is drugs. The level of drug smuggling is considerable. It will lead to crime and addiction.

That’s what the Biden administration has turned the border into – a gateway for illegal immigrants and drugs. It has become clear that they do not care about American citizens. They’ll use crime and addiction to fuel their real solution – socialism. If everyone just bans together to support the government, they’ll make everything better.

And since many Americans are smart enough not to fall for the promise of socialism, they’ll buy loyalty from illegal immigrants. And as soon as those immigrants are given a pathway to citizenship, they’ll have all of the liberals needed to ensure that the Democratic Party remains in power indefinitely.

Paxton has already seen the problem. Now, we need to protect the border from the illegal immigrants before we lose the country and our democracy.