“Protesters” in Chicago Open Fire on Police, Citizens Amid Widespread Violent Looting

Chicago was the site of widespread violence on Sunday night, as shots were fired outside of a Louis Vuitton store in the midst of a riot. At this moment, it is not clear if anyone was hit. No one knows which parties are responsible for the gunfire. Multiple live streams were taking place at the time and the shots could be heard on all of these broadcasts.

According to another live streamer who was on the scene at the time, a group of women were spotted with knives. They are said to have been threatening each other. The luxury store was one of the first targets for the looters but this was not the only location that was attacked. Gucci and Timberland were also under siege on Sunday night.

Vehicles were being set on fire and the city was vandalized. An officer involved shooting took place earlier in the day, causing a sizable amount of unrest. Allegedly, the suspect shot at the officers before the authorities returned fire. Once the shots were fired, Facebook decided to take down all of the live streams that were up.

At this time, we would like to remind readers that this story is still developing. We do not have all of the information at this time and we are more than happy to provide it as it becomes available. Chicago has been experiencing widespread social unrest for some time now and those who are still willing to turn a blind eye are part of the problem.

What stream?

— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) August 10, 2020

The liberals want everyone to think that these problems are more widespread than they actually are. In reality, the liberal cities are the ones that are suffering. When the authorities are actually given the chance to do their jobs, these issues are not going to have an opportunity to take place. This is what happens when the liberals get their way and the police are no longer allowed to keep cities under control.

The ‘defund the police’ movement is causing all sorts of unintended consequences. The same folks who believed that the violence would magically stop if the police were removed are all of of answers now. Even Minneapolis, the city that is indirectly responsible for the burgeoning movement, has been having second thoughts about their decision to disband their police force.

Lori Lightfoot is sure to claim that she has this all under control but she’s not the most trustworthy leader. She has been caught making a wide range of erroneous claims in the past but that has not stopped her from spreading more misinformation. If the social media platforms that are looking to remove Trump messages are still allowing her to speak openly, this is a major double standard.

G they getting active downtown Chicago 😩 as soon as the live cut off I heard gun shots 😫 pic.twitter.com/gNTSQt94Pc

— the boyfriend 🇩🇴🏁 (@_InkMyThoughts) August 10, 2020

We are anxious to see what happens next. It was only going to be a matter of time before an office related shooting took place in a major liberal city. The residents were not about to wait to see what all of the facts were before taking to the streets. In a way, this was incredibly predictable. How are the leaders of this city going to address what has taken place? What about President Trump?

#BREAKING: Stores looted and vehicles set on fire amid ongoing unrest in Chicago following officer involved shooting earlier in the day. pic.twitter.com/7tnuKAuogk

— UA News (@UrgentAlertNews) August 10, 2020

It won’t be surprising to see more federal agents dispatched in this city, especially if the violence continues today. The liberal media is going to lie and downplay the issues, that’s something that we are also predicting. They love to act as if they are so woke, blaming any violence that takes place on systemic issues that they do not even understand themselves.

Chicago pic.twitter.com/LI2PXeQSBZ

— boot licker viti (@selfdeclaredref) August 10, 2020

They say whatever they can because it sounds good and they let the rest of the pieces fall where they may. This comes as little consolation for the Chicago residents who are forced to endure the violence. In a world where liberal leaders are abandoning citizens at a shocking rate, the level of distrust between citizens and the authorities will only continue to grow.