Oh the Irony! Hillary Claims Trump Won’t Accept Election Results If He Loses

Hillary Clinton has yet to shut up since losing the 2016 election. That’s not a hot take or a joke, those are just the facts. She can’t accept defeat and it’s causing her to say all kinds of awful things. Now, she is peddling one of the more common leftist conspiracy theories that is making the rounds at the moment. They all seem to sincerely believe that Trump will “refuse” to leave the White House if he loses the 2020 election.

Clinton has been saying this for months now, so why switch up now? We’re so close to the finish line. She’s got less than zero self awareness and we cannot understand why people keep sticking a microphone in her face. Clinton’s bitterness knows no party boundary, either. When she’s not crying about Trump, she’s still carping about Bernie Sanders.

Since her defeat in 2016, she’s become even more insane (if that was even possible to begin with). It’s like she’s permanently trapped in that fateful moment when the election was called for Trump. We are not experts when it comes to the world of psychology but it’s pretty easy to see that Hillary is engaging in some good old fashioned projecting.

She’s not willing to let it go and now she is assuming that Trump will follow the same pattern. Mind you, the Democrats were the ones who were peddling the conspiracy theory about Trump refusing to live in the White House. Now, the same folks who are saying that Trump didn’t think the White House was a nice place to live are claiming that he will actively refuse to leave.

The Democrats have put together so many insane narratives over these past few years, we are having a tough time keeping track of them all. While Hillary was never given the chance to be dragged from the White House kicking and screaming, she wouldn’t even give her supporters the courtesy of a proper concession speech.

This is common practice and losing candidates always take the time to thank their supporters for everything that they have done. Hillary was unable to control her emotions that night. She contacted Trump directly, conceded and went to bed without offering any form of public address. It took her a whole day to muster up the courage to offer a speech.

I fear Republican sabotage of the USPS, including slowing mail delivery, is a Trump strategy to make voting by mail more difficult this fall. Request your ballots and return them as early as you can. https://t.co/LZONq8EPKE

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 4, 2020

The left loves Hillary’s conspiracy theories and they are falling for the “Trump won’t leave” prediction hook, line and sinker. Democratic pundits and military officers are backing her up, too. The conversation might seem crazy but it is not going anywhere between now and Election Day. As for Trump himself, he has said that he will leave willingly as long as he believes that the loss is legitimate.

Trump admitted this morning that he is sabotaging the USPS to stop people from voting safely by mail during a deadly pandemic. https://t.co/T2bFuGtjgE

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 13, 2020

Hillary behaved as if the election was decided by 5 votes or less but in reality? She lost decisively in the Electoral College. Nevertheless, she persists. She will continue to peddle what insane conspiracy theory comes to mind and hope for the best. That’s really all she can do at this point, if we are being totally honest.

Trump and Republicans aren’t just trying to dismantle the USPS—a crucial American institution.

They’re trying to dismantle American democracy, and using a deadly pandemic they made even deadlier to do it.

We have to fight back and we have to win.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 14, 2020

Clinton and the Democrats want to sow fear and doubt wherever they can. They know that they are going to be unable to win the election in a traditional manner, so this is what they have resorted to. We wish that we could claim to be surprised but this is the least surprising development ever. This is one party that does not believe in playing fair or making the right decisions for their future.

Instead, they are becoming well known for being the sorest of losers. 4 years later and Hillary is still at it. If you read her Twitter feed, it’s chock full of all sorts of insane proclamations about Trump. She’s clearly obsessed with the man and it can’t be healthy. We just hope that she is able to get all of the help that she needs soon enough.