Maricopa County Didn’t Have Admin Access To 2020 Election, Which Means They Ceded Ownership Of Election To Outside System Provider

(Liberty Bell) – The more time passes, the more evidence we seem to unearth that proves there was massive voter fraud happening in key battleground states around the country during the 2020 presidential election, especially in Maricopa County, Arizona. According to a new report published by Gateway Pundit, the Maricopa County Election Team recently stated […]

White House Admits It Shut’s Up Biden

(Liberty Bell) – Not only is Biden an illegitimate president, he’s not a very good one. As a matter of fact, he’s easily the worst president in US history. Of course, that opinion varies greatly depending on what side of the aisle someone is on. Gone are the days of US presidents actually being concerned […]

Scientists Are Using Scalps From Aborted Children To Make ‘Humanized Mice;’ The Real Shock: Fauci Is Funding It

(Liberty Bell) – You probably don’t need another reason to strongly dislike Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s supposed top medical professional when it comes to infectious diseases. After all, he’s gotten everything about the coronavirus wrong from day one and has joined in with the chorus of tyrannical voices in the government to stifle liberty […]

New Report Reveals ‘External Devices’ With Up-To-Date Vote Totals Were Allegedly Taken Offsite Every Night During Election By Maricopa County Or Dominion Employees

(Liberty Bell) – A new report coming from the Gateway Pundit has revealed even more corruption coming out of the Maricopa County election team or possibly Dominion Voting Machines. Dr. Kelli Ward posted a tweet on Wednesday that said devices that contained data during the election in Maricopa County were taken offsite on a nightly […]

Tucker Carlson Enrages The COVID Cult After Questioning Vaccine Death Rate

(Liberty Bell) – The COVID vaccines are controversial for a number of reasons but the most significant one is that they are causing otherwise perfectly healthy people to die. Every vaccine has risks but none quite like the emergency-use COVID vaccines that haven’t even been tested on animals. We don’t even know the full picture […]

California Town Bribes High School Students Into Getting Covid Shot With $10K Raffle

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that healthy, young people are not at any great risk for COVID-19, they are being urged to do their part and get the experimental vaccines anyway. They have a much greater risk of experiencing short and/or long term adverse reactions to the vaccines than they do from COVID, yet […]

AZ Sec. Of State Katie Hobbs Runs After Reporter Asks Her Why She’s “Working So Hard To Shut The Audit Down?”

(Liberty Bell) – The efforts Democrats and RINOs are going to in order to stop the 2020 election audit in Arizona should be raising some serious red flags for every single freedom-loving American. If the election was truly legitimate and the “most secure” in US history then why on earth would anyone want this audit […]

Honeywell Leaks Out Tech Details For Several Fighter Jets And A Bomber To China; Biden Gives Them A Gentle Rap On The Knuckles

(Liberty Bell) – Honeywell just received a $13 million fine for giving away the technical drawings for several jet fighters and a bomber to Communist China. The drawings were for the F-35, F-22, and the B-1 bomber along with several others. But, in a move that will not surprise a single soul who knows about […]

Viewers Notice Strange Spot On The Side Of Biden’s Head As He Goes Completely Blank For A Whopping 8 Seconds Straight During Press Conference

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president, it’s been clear as day that something is just not right with the man when it comes to his cognitive functions. We’ve seen many, many interview clips over the course of the last year where Biden went blank and forgot […]

“Aren’t You Tired Of This Tyranny?!” Maskless Man Being Thrown Out Of Costco Asks Crowd — They Respond “No!”

(Liberty Bell) – Over the course of the last year, the federal and state governments have been conditioning the masses into blind obedience and submission. The entire COVID ordeal has been blown epically out of proportion. Actual science has never justified the measures taken to supposedly “flatten the curve” or “stop the spread.” Not only […]

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