ALERT: Bombshell Emails Shows Milwaukee Elections Executive Laughing About Stealing The Election On Election Night

(Liberty Bell) – During the early morning hours of November 4, 2020, in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there was a large batch of ballots, around 143,379 of them, all for Joe Biden, were dropped (screen shot here). Since then, the folks over at the Gateway Pundit have uncovered a bombshell email that shows the […]

BOMBSHELL: Elections Expert Reveals National Fraud Numbers — 8.1 Million Excess Votes, Proves Trump Won Majority Of Key Battleground States

(Liberty Bell) – Elections Expert Seth Keshel, who is a retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst, officially released a report that reveals the final national fraud numbers over the weekend, and man is this thing full of bombshells. According to the Gateway Pundit, Keshel went on to examine the final vote counts in […]

BOMBSHELL: Second Eye-Witness Comes Forward — Confirms Trump Supporter Rosanne Boyland Was Killed By Capitol Police (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – Philip Anderson, a Trump supporter and political activist, recently told the Gateway Pundit that the Capitol Police are responsible for killing Trump supporter Roseanne Boyland during the riots at the Capitol back in January. Anderson went on to reveal that the reason he knows this is the truth is because he was […]

CAPITOL RIOT SHOCKER: The Third Officer Who Responded Has Committed Suicide

(Liberty Bell) – According to reports from WND, a third police officer who responded to the riot at the Capitol building back on January 6, 2021, has now committed suicide. This is becoming an actual trend right now, which means there’s something significant happening underneath the surface of all of this that we don’t have […]

BOMBSHELL: New Lawsuit Claims 45,000 Vaccine Deaths Being Hidden

(Liberty Bell) – Attorney Thomas Renz has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in the state of Alabama this week that makes allegations of an enormous government cover-up of vaccine-related deaths in the United States that number “at least 45,000.” A new report from WND reveals that the suit, which has been filed on […]

BREAKING HUGE: President Donald Trump Is Now Holding ‘Cabinet Meetings’ (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump is, according to reports from Gateway Pundit and Washington Examiner, holding what are being called “cabinet meetings” at his golf club located in the state of New Jersey. “Former President Donald Trump has been holding meetings with “Cabinet members” at his golf club in New Jersey this week, according […]

REVEALED: Both Maricopa County And Dominion Voting Systems Are REFUSING To Comply With Subpoenas Issued By AZ Senate

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from WND has revealed that officials in Maricopa County, Arizona have refused to comply with giving access to the election routers and other items listed on a subpoena that was issued by the Arizona Senate back on July 26. And that’s not all. The extremely shady Dominion Voting Systems […]

COVERUP: Feds Shut Down Database Showing Fauci Funded Wuhan Lab

(Liberty Bell) – A new report coming from WND has revealed that a federal database that tracked research grants, which included an award from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, can no longer be accessed as it’s been completely shut down. Gee, there’s nothing suspicious about that at all, now is […]

AUDIT UPDATE: HUGE Week Expected In 3 States (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – New reports from the folks over at Gateway Pundit are saying that this is going to be a huge week for the forensic audits that are happening across the country as both Arizona and Pennsylvania’s deadlines expire, while Wisconsin is expected to start making moves. Christina Bobb, a reporter for OANN, gave […]

COVID RULES HYPOCRISY: Obama Planning To Hold Lavish 60th Birthday Party For Himself At Martha’s Vineyard Featuring 200 Staff And 475 Guests

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of the United States and began wreaking havoc everywhere it went, conservatives and liberty-minded folk across the board have warned folks that the restrictions and guidelines put forth by the federal government and many Democrat mayors and governors was nothing more than an attempt […]

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