VIDEO BOMBSHELL: Trump Calls For Investigation Into 2020 Election ‘Insurrection’

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump is still busy fighting for the rights of the American people, even after having the 2020 election stolen from him over a year ago, which goes to show you the kind of person he really is. He doesn’t have a whole lot to gain by continuing to fight for […]

FAUCI TRIGGERED! FOX News Sidelines Lara Logan After DR. EVIL Complains About Her Nazi Comparison

(Liberty Bell) – COVID is a sham and patron COVID saint Dr. Fauci is a fraud. We all know it and more and more Americans are waking up to it. Despite the fact that Fauci is clearly a liar and a fraud and has essentially asserted that he is science and to disagree with him […]

ALERT: San Francisco Restaurant Refuses To Serve Cops… Guns Make Them ‘Uncomfortable’

(Liberty Bell) – What they say is true, when businesses “go woke” they “go broke” and we can only hope that’s the case for Hilda and Jesse, a San Francisco restaurant that recently refused to serve on-duty police officers. One of the co-owners of the restaurant, woke leftist Rachel Sillcocks, has been busy defending their […]

BREAKING: Inside Look At Australia’s Covid “Prison” Camps

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of people, both in the GOP establishment and on the left, who constantly attempted to paint up concerned conservatives as being paranoid and out of touch with reality when it comes to expressing fears and worries over how rapidly we are losing our freedoms during the COVID pandemic, […]

BREAKING: President Trump DESTROYS General Milley, “That’s When I Realized He Was A F*cking Idiot”

(Liberty Bell) – President Trump slammed woke, CRT-loving US Army General Mark Milley over the weekend while addressing an audience at Mar-a-Lago Saturday night during a Turning Point USA event. It’s been no secret that President Trump does not like Milley. He’s made it clear he has zero respect for the man especially since finding […]

Obama Judge Orders Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, To Pay Enormous Fine

(Liberty Bell) – A new report coming from WND has revealed that a group of lawyers who filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan over the disputed results of the controversial 2020 election has now been ordered by a judge to pay about $175,000. U.S. District Judge Linda Parker, who was nominated for her […]

BREAKING: George Floyd’s “Nephew” Arrested In Connection With Intimidation Of Waukesha Jurors

(Liberty Bell) – In November, the folks over at 100 Percent Fed Up reported that a man who claims to be the nephew of George Floyd, Cortez Rice, allegedly issued threats to some jurors who were involved in both the Kim Potter and Kyle Rittenhouse trials. “George Floyd’s nephew, Cortez Rice, has issued veiled threats […]

THEY LAUGH AT YOU: After Telling The Peasants To Wear Masks, Biden Is Spotted Maskless At Posh DC Restaurant

(Liberty Bell) – Rules for thee but not the upper-elite ruling class. The COVID mitigation rules have primarily been for the American peasants while the upper echelon of society gets to pick and choose which rules and restrictions to comply with. Joe Biden is no exception. Friday night the usurper-in-chief was seen at Imperfecto restaurant […]

Report: World’s First Vaccine Murder Case Against Bill Gates Filed In India

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from Infowars has revealed that murder charges have now been filed against billionaire Bill Gates and the founder of the Serum Institute in a high court located in India for the role they played in promoting the coronavirus vaccine, which a 23-year-old man died from not long after receiving […]

CDC-Funded Study Confirms: COVID Shots Have No Effect On Virus Transmission

(Liberty Bell) – A CDC-funded study performed in a federal prison has confirmed what we all know to be true: the COVID vaccines do nothing to stop the transmission of the virus. “In this investigation, we found no statistically significant difference in transmission potential between vaccinated persons and persons who were not fully vaccinated,” the […]

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