Breaking: Sidney Powell Reveals She Has Jaw-Dropping Evidence Of Paid Ballot Harvesting

(Liberty Bell) – The 2020 election was seriously compromised. I don’t think there’s any point in even bothering to deny it. After all, the best denial that there was widespread voter fraud that the Democrats and the mainstream media can come up with is to simply, well, flat-out deny it exists. They never bother to […]

Huge: The Major U.S. Ally President Who Hasn’t Yet Accepted Biden As President-Elect

(Liberty Bell) – Millions of American voters refuse to accept that former Vice President Joe Biden is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. If anything, he will not be the formal winner until the electoral college meets in December and casts their votes. And that’s if, and only if, the tenacious legal bulldogs who […]

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Seethes In Angry Attack On Police Who Don’t Enforce COVID Orders; Check Out What He Called Them

(Liberty Bell) – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has to be one of the most incompetent individuals to sit at the top of a state government. And given the fact that Michigan has Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, that’s really saying something. Cuomo has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that liberals, at any level of […]

Suspect In California Church Stabbing Was Illegal Immigrant — Guess How Many Times He’d Been Deported

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of grave dangers to our national security and to the security of private citizens in our country, but one of the most alarming is that of illegal immigrants and the support these lawbreakers seem to find in the form of sanctuary cities across the United States. How many […]

Corrupt: Trump Adviser Slams FBI, Says DOJ “Asleep At The Wheel” On Election Fraud

(Liberty Bell) – When President Trump was just a presidential candidate, he spoke in strong terms about ridding Washington DC of the widespread corruption that had infected the federal government. His rhetoric resonated with the American people and a movement was born. President Trump, his administration, and certain members of Congress spent the next four […]

New York Post Editorial Board Utterly Rips Joe Biden’s “Climate Envoy” Selection

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden has named former Sen. and failed 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry as his “special presidential envoy for climate.” As it turns out, maybe Joe Biden isn’t as far-left on climate change as we all thought. Why else would he pick someone who has literally accomplished nothing in his entire political […]

CNN Silent After Running Nurse’s Alleged Story Of Dying COVID Patients’ Denials

(Liberty Bell) – CNN ran with the wild tale of a nurse from South Dakota who has said that patients at the hospital she works at are largely in denial that they actually have COVID-19 even as they die from it. The entire story started on Twitter where nurse Jodi Doering from Woonsocket, South Dakota […]

Here’s The Proof About Lockdowns That Won’t Surprise You — But It Will Infuriate You

(Liberty Bell) – We all knew that a resurgence of the coronavirus come fall was inevitable. Power-hungry state overlords have wasted no time ramping up COVID restrictions and issuing a new round of lockdowns all over the country. While we are supposed to believe that lockdowns “save lives” and that we all must “sacrifice” for […]

Trump Gives GSA Go Ahead To Start Transition Protocol — But He’s Not Quitting The Fight

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump gave General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy the go-ahead to start transition protocols, which she did when she contacted Joe Biden Monday evening, informing him that the resources for the formal transition process are now going to be made available to him. The decision allows Biden access to $7.3 […]

Biden’s Pick For NSA Has Some Shady Ties To Hillary Emails And The Russia Hoax; Here’s What We Know

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the election not being officially certified yet, and tons of litigation still outstanding and recounts to be done, Joe Biden is going forward with putting together his administration. And boy are some of his picks super shady people. Then again, is that really all that surprising. Biden himself has quite a […]

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