Janice Dean Calls Out Cuomo for Murdering Her Husband’s Parents With Catastrophic Nursing Home Orders

Janice Dean is a FOX News weather forecaster who has been through hell and back during the coronavirus pandemic. She has been forced to bury both of her in laws after they passed away from COVID-19 related complications. Each of these in laws happened to be residing at an assisted living facility at the time. She is placing the blame on Governor Cuomo and his insane nursing home orders.

Anyone could see that these orders were going to cause major issues but that did not stop Cuomo. His actions led to the deaths of thousands. Dean is not going to let him off the hook. At its worst, New York state served as the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Over 30,000 died but Cuomo is not fazed by these numbers.

In fact, he feels like it is time to puff his chest out and do some bragging. We probably wouldn’t be willing to start bragging right now but Cuomo is a different type of governor. Taking a big picture point of view isn’t exactly his strong suit. He tends to have tunnel vision and a crisis like this one only serves to exacerbate that.

The mortality rate in the state of New York is worse than the mortality rate in various countries. That’s why Cuomo should probably keep his mouth shut but instead? He is taunting people like Dean, people who have endured unspeakable tragedies because of his gross incompetence. He essentially sentenced nursing home residents to their deaths but he still wants to crow about the “great” job he has done.

It’s beyond tone deaf. A whole new phrase needs to be invented here. When Janice Dean went on Tucker Carlson Tonight with Brian Kilmeade, Cuomo’s ridiculous response to the pandemic was discussed at length. Her husband was asked to bury his parents as a result of Cuomo’s decison making. Worst of all, the family was unable to have a wake or a funeral for their loved ones because of the pandemic.

The family did not even get the chance to offer them a proper goodbye. Meanwhile, Cuomo is on television discussing his love life and making sickening posters that seem to mock all of the people who have already died. It’s insane behavior to say the least. 6,000 COVID-19 patients were given the chance to head to nursing homes and further spread the virus.

It will take years to unpack the full extent of the damages that Cuomo has done. The entire clip is well worth watching and our hearts go out to Dean during this traumatic time. No one should ever have to go through the things that she and her husband went through. Cuomo may not care but there are some non ghouls out there who still experience basic human empathy.

There are already theories circulating about why Cuomo did what he did. Some believe that he was willing to let people die, so that the state could save some money when it comes to their nursing homes. We are of the belief that he is not this nefarious. That’s not said as a means of defending him from the slings and arrows, though.

We just think that he happens to be kind of dim. There is an old saying about never attributing things to malice when they can easily be explained away by stupidity. That’s where we are at with all of this. Cuomo led his ego lead the way and now the state of New York is being left to suffer because of it.

This is the same man who has turned the pandemic into a battleground, picking fights with President Trump on a regular basis. If Trump had been willing to remain shut down for a longer period of time, Cuomo probably would have been crying to reopen. His willingness to go against anything that the president says might work for the liberals but the rest of us are tired of his act.